Video >> Hu Says

No threats from the US will stop China from passing National Security Law for Hong Kong

China will respond firmly if India really wants to fight against the odds

Beijing is firmly resolved to safeguard the "one country, two systems" principle

It's the commonly shared attitude between China & India to handle border disputes peacefully

Conspiracy theory that outside forces try to “poison” China never becomes the mainstream

Beijing will control the epidemic at a lower cost to society

US cannot dominate the situation in HK, nor can it determine the future of HK

It's very likely the US will experience intermittent chaos over the next few months

US is nowhere near strong enough to sustain the White House's messing around

What's pitiful about the vulnerable groups in the US is they're extremely marginalized

Hope US notice China's restraint that Chinese govt hasn't shown any support for US riots

The US system has deteriorated so much that the govt can engage in brazen misconduct