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US Congresspeople's real job is protecting Americans from police violence

HK will surely restore its peace and prosperity after the National Security Law enacted

The US cannot use Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy to its advantage

The US shouldn't go too far on the Taiwan question, otherwise China will take serious countermeasures

Trump-led US is parading hooliganism shamelessly around the world

If coronavirus did not originate in China, Trump team's campaign strategy will collapse

China must have enough strength to ensure that US wouldn't dare to launch military attacks on it

Western public opinion should hardly be pointing fingers over Wuhan for incomplete data

US government is so stupid and Mr. Navarro is the poster boy for this dumb administration

The new cases in China should serve as a reminder to the US and Europe of the risks ahead as they resume work

The US, the most powerful nation, resorts to treating the world like a villain would

The Trump team are a bunch of political gamblers