Yu Jincui
Reporter, Beijing
Global Times reporter and commentator on US politics and Asian affairs. She also writes under the pen name of Yu Ning.
  • Zibo's barbecue craze will not easily cool down amid China's booming holiday economy

    The holiday consumption market in China has experienced significant growth, and Zibo's rise in popularity as a result of its famous barbecue and the bustling Badaju market is a testament to the country's economic potential.

    By Yu Ning | 2024/2/18 18:26:49
  • Italian scholar asserts preference to use pseudonym amid silencing attempts by alleged pro-free speech Western media

    Italian scholar Eusebio Filopatro (pseudonym) never expected his pseudonym would make him the center of a news incident. When the Global Times (GT) was maliciously attacked and slandered by certain Italian and Western media outlets for publishing his signed article under the pseudonym Eusebio Filopatro, while being accused of fabricating "a fictional character" to create "fake news," this Italian scholar was confused: Anonymity should not be an issue - you can use Google searching the key words "anonymous" or "anonymous source" and "New York Times" or "Reuters," and you will see that almost all Western media outlets rely on anonymous sources routinely. So why does the use of pseudonyms become a problem when it comes to Chinese media?

    By Yu Jincui and Su Yaxuan | 2023/8/24 21:50:16
  • 'TikTok threat theory' reflects worsening Sinophobia in the US

    Suppressing social media app TikTok, banning the app from government devices, labelling it as "digital fentanyl" and a "CPC virus" - Sinophobia is getting worse in the US because some politicians and elites are taking every chance to spread an anti-China political virus.

    By Yu Ning | 2023/1/14 18:50:32
  • Presence of Made-in-China, popularity of Chinese language in Saudi Arabia indicate closeness of ties

    The more tangible benefits that made-in-China and China's constructions bring to local people, the more popular the China-proposed concept of win-win development and cooperation will become in the region.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing | 2022/12/14 0:41:22
  • Xi's visit leads China-Arab friendship to go deeper into local people's hearts

    Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia and his attendance at the first China-Arab States Summit and China-Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Summit have made “China” a word frequently mentioned in the Arab world in recent days.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing in Riyadh | 2022/12/11 23:00:27
  • Saudi, China see eye to eye on many issues of concern: Saudi foreign minister

    China as Saudi Arabia's main key partner is one of the Kingdom's priorities in the country's foreign policy and Saudi Arabia is very satisfied that it has a strong working relationship with China, said Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, responding to a question raised by the Global Times reporter in a press conference in Riyadh on Friday afternoon.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing in Riyadh | 2022/12/10 2:27:43
  • Press conference concerning China-Arab States Summit and China-GCC Summit to be held

    A press conference attended by Saudi Arabian officials including FM Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud will be held on December 9, 2022. Journalists in the conference room at the King Abdul Aziz International Conference Center are standing by.

    By Xing Xiaojing and Yu Jincui in Riyadh | 2022/12/9 18:43:35
  • Xi's Saudi trip to open up new prospects for China-Arab ties

    China's intensive head-of-state diplomacy is set to continue in December, and this time, the focus of attention is Saudi Arabia and the broader Arab world.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing in Riyadh | 2022/12/8 1:12:14
  • As BRI integrates with Saudi Vision 2030, Chinese firms expect a new peak in cooperation following Xi's visit

    Projects involving Chinese enterprises are seen in Saudi Arabia and across the Middle East. From the Mecca light rail in the kingdom to the magnificent Lusail Stadium, which is now the center of global attention as a venue of the ongoing 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, these iconic projects are a microcosm of the involvement of Chinese companies in the region. As Chinese President Xi Jinping is going to attend the first China-Arab States Summit and the China-GCC Summit in Riyadh and pay a state visit to Saudi Arabia from Wednesday to Saturday, the demonstration effect of Chinese enterprises will surely radiate to the entire Arab world.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing in Riyadh | 2022/12/8 0:30:12
  • Saudi Chinese learners welcome Xi's visit, vow to be friendship ambassadors, encouraged by reply letter from Xi

    Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Saudi Arabia is a special event for all Chinese learners and enthusiasts in Saudi Arabia, as they have just received a reply letter from Xi.

    By Yu Jincui and Xing Xiaojing in Riyadh | 2022/12/7 23:59:42
  • As global attention shifts to Indonesia for G20 summit, a troubled world 'waits' for China's leadership

    Bali, Indonesia, used to attract millions of visitors each year from around the world before the COVID-19 pandemic as a globally renowned vacation paradise, is now gearing up to host dozens of special guests, as leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) countries and other world leaders have arrived at the island to attend the G20 Leaders' Summit from Tuesday to Wednesday.

    By Wang Cong, Yang Ruoyu, Bai Yunyi in Bali and Yu Jincui in Beijing | 2022/11/14 0:24:05
  • Musk's peace plan challenges Western political correctness, showing no absolute freedom of speech

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk once said he is a "free speech absolutist," but he may soon find the grave reality that the US' absolute "freedom of speech" could be nothing but a pipe dream, as the freedom of speech in the US and West must be based on political correctness, and only on that.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/10/5 16:23:56
  • Be wary of Western flattery to turn the commissioning of India's aircraft carrier into a military event against China

    The commissioning of India's first home-built aircraft carrier on Friday received pretty much flattery from the Western media. A CNN report claimed the aircraft carrier has put India into "an elite league of the world's naval powers," and an AFP article hailed it as "a milestone in government efforts to counter China's growing military assertiveness in the region."

    By Yu Ning | 2022/9/3 16:36:22
  • Burns shows US' arrogance and self-centeredness by inciting confrontation in the Taiwan Straits

    On Friday, US Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns slammed China for 'overreacting' to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's reckless Taiwan visit and 'manufacturing crisis' in the Taiwan Straits, in his first TV interview since assuming office in Beijing six months ago. He said, 'The issue is - one government is going to react in an aggressive and violent way to disturb the peace? That has to concern everybody in the world.' He also claimed that China needs to convince the rest of the world it is not an 'agent of instability' and will act peacefully in the Taiwan Strait.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/8/20 21:37:00
  • US' 'cognitive warfare' over Taiwan futile in face of facts, China's strength

    The more the US puts on a posture of supporting Taiwan secessionists, the greater the humiliation it will bring upon itself if it loses the war or has to retreat.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/7/7 22:20:59
  • World scholars urge UN human rights chief to resist US disinformation, deliver factual Xinjiang judgment

    As UN human rights chief Michelle Bachelet's visit to China's Xinjiang region is coming to an end, overseas scholars, especially those who have visited the region, called on her to resist pressure from the US and anti-China forces' latest round of disinformation campaign against the region. They pointed out that the US' contradictory attitude and attack of Bachelet's visit showed it's freaking out, as the big lie of "Xinjiang genocide" is "absolutely ludicrous" and anyone with no malice intent will have different views of Xinjiang than the US' smear the minute they step on the region.

    By Liu Xin and Yu Jincui | 2022/5/27 21:19:17
  • Will Russia-Ukraine conflict prelude the end of US-led world order?

    The Global Security Initiative recently proposed by China has aroused strong resonance and support from the international community, and a security order that emphasizes common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security will become more popular with non-Western countries, which will serve as the biggest driving force to overthrow the unreasonable US-led order.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/5/15 16:47:08
  • ASEAN foreign ministers' visit to China a continuation of longstanding ties and tradition to discuss hotspot issues: experts

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had met with at least two foreign ministers from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in recent days, as they exchanged views on China-ASEAN friendly relationship, regional and international topics including the Ukraine issue.

    By Yu Jincui and Liu Caiyu | 2022/4/2 17:20:31
  • Ukraine crisis a catalyst for the burial of American hegemony

    It remains to be seen what fundamental changes and far-reaching impact the Russia-Ukraine crisis will bring. But one certain thing is that with the East rising and the West falling, the existing international order has already started to change.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/4/1 21:55:50
  • 50 years after Nixon's historic visit, China to be more connected with world 'but US could be more isolated'

    Monday marks the 50th anniversary of former US president Richard Nixon's icebreaking historic visit to China, which kicked off the normalization process of the China-US ties and laid the foundation of the formal establishment of bilateral diplomatic ties in 1979. However, on this day, the atmosphere in China and the US is very different.

    By Yang Sheng, Wang Wenwen and Yu Jincui | 2022/2/21 23:57:08
  • Attempting to kidnap US media to serve his own anti-China agenda, Rubio further jeopardizes US media's crumbling credibility

    Infamous US anti-China senator Macro Rubio is spouting his trademark nonsense again. In an op-ed for Fox News Friday, Rubio hit out at the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) for what he believes favorable coverage of China during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/2/12 16:40:10
  • Will EU allow an instance of the tail wagging the dog?

    Most Lithuanian people even don't know where the Taiwan island is, but they will have to bear the risk of livelihood due to the government's wrong course on the Taiwan question. The anti-China foreign policy has aroused great dissatisfaction among Lithuanian people.

    By Yu Ning | 2022/1/11 17:30:34
  • Lithuania as US agent poses threat to EU unity

    Two days after Lithuania asked the EU to intervene on its behalf to deal with the alleged Chinese political and economic pressure amid the diplomatic row caused by the Baltic country's relations with the island of Taiwan, the European Commission, the bloc's executive branch, on Wednesday put forward what it called an "anti-coercion instrument" related to what it views as unfair trade pressure. The next day, the EU confirmed it was investigating Lithuania's accusations against China, saying "if the information received were to be confirmed, the EU would also assess the compatibility of China's action with its obligations under the World Trade Organization."

    By Yu Ning | 2021/12/11 13:23:11
  • FT's influential women list a laughing stock by glorifying China secessionist, rioter

    Attacking China has become an ulterior motive of Financial Times influential women list. None of the Chinese figures listed plays an active role in China's development. It has no credibility at all, will only become a laughing stock as Nobel Peace Prize did.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/12/3 19:21:51
  • CPC's success lies in modernizing China's traditions rather than transplanting Western system: Chinese scholar

    The reason why the Communist Party of China (CPC) can succeed is that it has truly realized that China's modernization is modernization of the country's traditions rather than a process transplanting the Western modern stuff to China.

    By Yu Jincui and Bai Yunyi | 2021/11/12 21:03:39
  • Harris' France visit won't solve trust crisis within US alliance system

    As the AUKUS deal has led to worsened relations between France and the US, Kamala Harris is now in France to mend the rift. However, this cannot solve the lack of mutual trust in the US alliance system.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/11/10 23:25:26
  • Price tag of Western politicians' support to DPP: ractopamine pork, economic coercion

    In exchange of external support, the DPP has constantly sold out Taiwan interests.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/11/9 20:09:09
  • Afghan drone strike report tries to shield US president, military chiefs

    After all, the US is a country that used “washing power” as evidence of weapons of mass destruction and launched a war against Iraq, what can the outside world expect from it?

    By Yu Ning | 2021/11/4 20:35:54
  • Radical MEPs whip up anti-China agenda, serve US interests

    The European Parliament has increasingly become an accomplice of the US in flaring up the Taiwan question and escalating tensions in the Straits. During the process, the role of a group of radical MEPs deserves attention.

    By Yu Ning and Li Qingqing | 2021/11/2 19:51:15
  • Thunberg needs a better education and more knowledge to avoid being exploited by West

    No matter how the West hypes, China won't set its emissions reduction targets based on the West and the US. China's pace won't be affected by Western public opinion. When the West can do nothing to advance their climate governance and solve their problems, they can only resort to slamming China to cover up their deficiencies, a symptom of the “China-cursing addiction.”

    By Yu Ning | 2021/11/1 20:25:27
  • Dutton's prospect of war with China rhetoric inexplicable

    Some senseless Australian politicians have been talking about a potential military conflict with China and pushing Australia to make war preparations. Hyping the possibility of war is easy for a reckless politician, and may help score some cheap political points. But does it make any sense?

    By Yu Ning | 2021/10/25 23:23:40
  • 'Defend Taiwan' can hardly be seen as a slip of the tongue, but Biden has yet to say how or dare to 'stand against 1.4b Chinese'

    The US would come to Taiwan's defense if the island faces a Chinese mainland "incursion," US President Joe Biden confirmed on Thursday. The strongest comments from the 79-year-old leader were believed as challenging Chinese mainland's redline and also deviating from Washington's "strategic ambiguity" on the Taiwan question.

    By Wang Qi and Li Aixin and Yu Jincui | 2021/10/22 18:15:17
  • It makes no sense for US to try and defend Taiwan: former US Marine Corps intelligence officer

    I like to believe the American military is populated by sane people – we can't defend Taiwan, and it makes no sense to try and defend Taiwan, because it is a losing proposition.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/10/21 9:08:39
  • Striketober: Workers' anger snows US, demonstrating its irreversible decline

    "America is a rich country that treats many of its workers remarkably badly," said Paul Krugman.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/10/20 20:53:41
  • Xi, EU's Michel stress strategic independence in phone talk; EU 'never changed its policy on Taiwan island'

    Chinese President Xi Jinping and European Council President Charles Michel spoke on the phone on Friday, and they stressed the significance of increasing the strategic independence. Michel noted that the EU's stance on the one-China policy has not changed and is willing to manage disputes with China.

    By Liu Xin, Yu Jincui and Zhang Changyue | 2021/10/15 22:21:46
  • Korean War film breaks records, has implications for today's China-US competition

    One day after Chinese war epic film The Battle at Lake Changjin about the Korean War (1950-53) debuted on Thursday, its box office has surpassed 431 million and broke five film history records as of press time.

    By Liu Caiyu and Yu Jincui | 2021/10/1 15:04:57
  • French senators' planned Taiwan visit a silly move as US just stabbed France

    France, as a country that advocates European strategic autonomy, has no reason to act as cannon fodder for the US to provoke China over the Taiwan question. But the planned trip only proves France's spineless diplomacy.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/9/28 23:42:17
  • How US evades responsibility for war crimes in Afghanistan

    More efforts are needed to hold the US to account for the war crimes it committed in Afghanistan and other countries. The vast human rights groups and non-governmental organizations can provide extra help to gather evidence. They can also help guide public opinion to focus more on this issue to exert a certain degree of pressure on the US.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/9/27 19:58:41
  • Anti-China MEPs pulling stunt with report on upgrading EU-Taiwan ties

    The EU has neither the audacity nor capacity to give the island substantive support and it cannot afford crossing the line of the Taiwan question.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/9/2 20:09:02
  • Subramanian Swamy advocates border war with China without considering consequences

    Pro-war political madness will bring nothing but catastrophe to India.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/8/30 21:26:56
  • Canadian media dares not face up to online petition for justice over Meng case

    Canadian media mostly turned a blind eye to the petition that demands Meng Wanzhou release, as if they dare not face up to the call for justice. It's time for the Canadian government & media to respond, or perception that Canada is the US 51st state will deepen.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/8/20 21:16:53
  • Filipino scholars petition WHO to probe Fort Detrick, breaking 'wall of silence' imposed by US

    After 25 million Chinese signed an online petition asking the World Health Organization (WHO) to probe the US' Fort Detrick biolab, a group of Filipino scholars, including political commentator Herman Laurel, launched a similar online petition on Thursday to break the wall of silence around the suspicious lab, with more ASEAN members expected to join.

    By Yu Jincui and Zhang Han | 2021/8/6 16:38:39
  • Short-sighted UK politicians gamble by lifting pandemic restrictions

    scientists generally believe that solely relying on vaccines is far from enough to defeat the virus. COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted in England, but it's very likely they will be re-imposed again soon. As scientists have warned, the UK's policies will certainly represent a threat to the entire world during this period, as it will provide the ideal breeding ground for vaccine-resistant variants. The UK has become a stumbling block in the global pandemic fight.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/20 0:48:39
  • US should allow WHO teams access to its facilities, says renowned Singaporean scholar

    Singaporean political scientist Kishore Mahbubani voiced his objection to politicization of the tracing of coronavirus origins and called for the US to allow WHO teams to access its own facilities, in a recent interview with the Global Times.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/7/17 0:51:35
  • Chinese ship in international waters near Australia not provocative

    The Chinese ship has no intention to provoke Australia. But Canberra needs to understand, the activities of Chinese ships have become a new normal. Australia should learn to adapt to the new normal.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/15 22:53:40
  • Shameless for US to question Taliban on China's Xinjiang policy

    Obviously, Washington wants to drag China's Xinjiang into a quagmire that plagues Afghanistan to create trouble for China. Fortunately, this reality has been seen through by an increasing number of countries, especially Muslim countries.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/12 22:18:40
  • Western propaganda tool Adrian Zenz shuns Canadian genocide

    Adrian Zenz has an obsession with making an issue of Xinjiang to earn "fame" and benefits from the West.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/5 23:16:21
  • Pseudo-scholars unsuccessfully call for boycotting Chinese academics out of political vanity

    A team of pseudo-scholars called on Western medical journals to reject Chinese academics in the name of caring about Xinjiang human rights. They have politicized science to satisfy their shallow political vanity.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/3 1:03:21
  • Former president Karzai slams 'US legacy in Afghanistan of total disgrace and disaster,' hails China's role in bringing stability

    The US and its allies in NATO came to Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism and extremism and to bring stability to Afghanistan, but are leaving nearly 20 years later after they failed at both and with an attempt to shift the burden to the Afghan people, Afghanistan's former president Hamid Karzai said.

    By Wang Wenwen and Yu Jincui | 2021/7/2 13:59:01
  • HRW report aims to turn Aussie universities into anti-China bases

    The real aim of the Human Rights Watch is to turn Australian universities into a haven for "Hong Kong secession" advocates.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/7/1 0:04:12
  • Pentagon whistleblower publishes open letter to Biden, calling for averting war over Taiwan

    Gayl told the Global Times he thought the open letter may be his “last chance to have any impact on preventing war,” emphasizing he is certain that he is now in big trouble, but he wants to do the right thing while still has the opportunity.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/6/23 17:16:43
  • Is Sanders' prescription for US woes better than that of Washington hawks?

    Can the US summon its strength and pull itself together? However, instead of mulling over how to tackle domestic headaches, US politicians and policy elites are more keen on shaping countries like China and Russia as enemies and advocating a confrontational approach. It's unclear how politicians such as Sanders can help correct the US' reckless China policy.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/6/21 22:28:14
  • Pentagon whistle-blower under US govt probe for publishing op-eds at Global Times

    Franz Gayl, a 64-year-old retired US Marine major who is now working at the Pentagon, is under a counterintelligence investigation by the Marine Corps for his two articles published in the Global Times that criticized the US policy toward the Taiwan Straits.

    By Wang Wenwen, Yu Jincui and Guo Yuandan | 2021/6/12 17:56:40
  • China-CEEC cooperation forges ahead amid noises

    China on Tuesday kicked off a major trade expo aimed at boosting trade with Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) with widespread participation by heads of state and businesses from the region, shrugging off recent disruptions and noise instigated by the US in Europe that has cast some uncertainty over massive China-Europe economic and trade ties.

    By Chu Daye in Ningbo, Wang Cong and Yu Jincui in Beijing | 2021/6/8 23:13:39
  • Out of anxiety, US elites eager to drive a wedge in China-Russia ties

    The increasingly close China-Russia relationship is partly driven by pressure from the US. However, as Washington now has become more aware of the risks it would bring to the US, Washington intends to play tricks to create a rift between Beijing and Moscow. But the China-Russia partnership is strong enough and won't be easily divided.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/6/7 22:08:40
  • CPC's people-centered governing philosophy spoken highly of at the World Symposium for Marxist Political Parties

    As the world is facing grave challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, unilateralism, hegemony and a looming new cold war, representatives of Marxist political parties of some 20 countries discussed on Thursday evening via video links over how to promote the development of Marxism in the new era and how they can better work together to jointly cope with those challenges.

    By Yu Jincui and Bai Yunyi | 2021/5/28 0:03:43
  • Lame Indian media and politicians resort to 'lab leak' lie to shift focus

    Some Indian media outlets and politicians are requiting kindness with ingratitude. They have slandered China's help, tried to play the Taiwan card, attempted to sow discord between China and neighboring countries, and devilishly spread rumors and lies to discredit China.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/5/20 20:38:40
  • Westerners sowing discord between China, Islamic world will be to no avail

    The US has taken a wanton and reckless behavior toward Muslim countries. In addition to stirring up Middle East region, Washington is withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan hastily and irresponsibly. Terrorism is no longer a serious threat to the US, but the 20 years of war have turned Afghanistan into a mess.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/5/19 22:07:14
  • Why Indian strategists try to make China a permanent enemy

    If the epidemic situation is hard to improve or the Indian people's dissatisfaction with the government aggravates, the cases that China-related topics will be hyped to divert people's attention will increase. Anti-China figures like Chellaney will take advantage to stir up more trouble.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/5/13 21:20:46
  • Afghan tragedy proves US a humanitarian disaster maker

    US belligerence and obsession with hegemony have inflicted considerable pain on people in war-torn countries. Its troops are leaving Afghanistan, but the humanitarian disasters it has caused won't disappear with their withdrawal, but will only become worse.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/5/10 23:02:53
  • China urges Japan to rethink all safe ways of disposal of nuclear-contaminated water; legal battle considered even without US cooperation

    Despite wide opposition, Japan has not compromised over its decision to dump Fukushima nuclear-contaminated water into the sea. China's environmental authorities on Sunday again urged Japan to rethink all safe ways of disposal to deal with the nuclear wastewater in a timely and transparent manner, while observers said that uniting stakeholders to launch a legal battle against Japan is one option.

    By Liu Caiyu, Wan Lin and Yu Jincui | 2021/4/18 22:11:51
  • China should actively consider legal battle against Japan's wastewater plan: experts

    China should proactively prepare a legal battle against Japan, as it will likely be the biggest victim if Japan dumps more than a million tons of radioactive wastewater from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant into the Pacific Ocean, experts said on Saturday at a symposium.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/4/17 22:11:04
  • Elite US groups accomplices of crimes against Asian Americans

    Some Western media outlets and scholars, as well as some anti-China think tanks, also played an ugly role in fanning hate against Asian Americans. They spread rumors and stigmatize China over a broad scope of issues.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/18 20:58:40
  • Tolerance for police brutality in Everard vigil shows UK's inner decay

    The police could have worked with the mourners to support a safe COVID-19 vigil. Instead, they disgracefully brought more violence. It's more shameful that there is even tolerance for such police brutality. The UK, once an empire on which the sun never set, is seeing its inner decay.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/15 22:42:05
  • Nomadland director controversy shows clash of opinions among Chinese

    Zhao's case, in fact, is not an issue about censorship. It's about how the audience of her home country will judge her past comments and fame today.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/10 14:53:14
  • West needs to adapt to a more confident China

    China has been on an equal footing with the rest of the world. The West is bound to face a more confident and dignified China in the world in the future. It is hoped that the West could adapt itself to facing a growing China, and won't misjudge or deliberately twist China's development intentions.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/8 23:23:40
  • US hegemony lingers even without military intervention

    The US is used to seeking interests through military interventions under the disguise of democracy, whether it drops military intervention or not, the country is only changing ways to realize its own interests. Do not expect the US to abandon its hegemonic habit of interfering in other countries' affairs.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/3/4 21:08:39
  • US, in relative decline, retakes human rights tool to unite allies

    Human rights are gaining more weight in US diplomacy, and this to some degree reflects the US' decline in strength. The US is in relative decline and the tools at its disposal against China have become more and more limited. The human rights card has been given more attention. It can be used to suppress China, and also unite its Western allies.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/2/25 23:02:40
  • BBC ban a sharp measure to defend country from false spin

    Banning BBC World News from airing in China is reasonable and the British media outlet deserves it. It must be pointed out that it's only one of the countermeasures China can take. If the BBC and other Western media outlets continue to go further on their way to discredit China, they will be met with more determined punitive measures from China.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/2/18 15:48:39
  • China shows zero tolerance for fake news by banning BBC World News

    China has sent the outside world a clear signal that it has zero tolerance for fake news Thursday by banning the broadcast of BBC World News in Chinese mainland. The decision comes as no surprise. For quite a while, BBC has been no longer a news organization that upholds objective reporting, but has degraded into a rumor mill with no bottom line. It's fair to say it has become a vanguard in the West in concocting and spreading rumors and lies about China. BBC also views almost everything concerning China with double standards. And now, it is paying the price for what it has done.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/2/12 0:19:33
  • Xi, Biden phone call on Chinese New Year's Eve 'tone-setter' for future bilateral ties

    The phone call between Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Joe Biden on Chinese New Year's Eve serves as a tone-setter for future bilateral relations in short term and shows that the two sides are willing to push bilateral ties forward in a more positive direction that can manage ties through constructive dialogue and cooperation. Chinese observers said the phone call, arranged on Chinese New Year's Eve, shows the Biden administration's goodwill toward the Chinese government and the Chinese people.

    By Zhao Yusha and Yu Jincui | 2021/2/11 10:35:25
  • Philippines shouldn't be fooled by US on SCS issue

    The stability of the South China Sea is not in the interests of the US, but it's what the regional countries need for the sake of their own interests. China and the Philippines shouldn't let small frictions affect the overall situation, nor should they give any chance for forces with ulterior motives to make waves in the region.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/1/28 22:03:07
  • Sanctions on former cabinet members send powerful deterrent message

    This is not the first time China has sanctioned US politicians. But it is the first time China imposed sanctions on the US side not as a tit-for-tat move.

    By Yu Jincui | 2021/1/21 21:58:39
  • Is the US falling apart? Many Americans think so

    Why has the US come to such a situation? Many Westerners attribute the current US crises to President Donald Trump and his administration. Such a view is too simplistic.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/17 19:29:22
  • Internal crises, not external threats, can cripple the US

    The US since the Cold War has been the only superpower in the world. No matter how hard it tries to portray alleged foreign enemies, no external forces can cause such a big country to collapse.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/13 20:58:39
  • NYT piece 'propaganda for China?' US elites too fragile to face reality

    Western media outlets are too accustomed to using their standards and definitions to judge freedom. Driven by ideological prejudice, they paint China as an authoritarian and repressive country.

    By Yu Ning | 2021/1/6 22:38:39
  • 'End of history' obsession links to West's problem with democracy

    The obsession with the “end of history” prevents Westerners from facing up to their system's problems. It is very likely the degradation in the Western system will worsen.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/12/30 21:58:39
  • Paris Agreement a tool for American politicians' gain

    It is costing the US' reputation and undermining its international status. It leaves the world with the impression that international promises made by the US are unreliable.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/11/5 21:23:42
  • US senators should fix epidemic if they care about human rights

    US politicians who introduced the Xinjiang resolution should stop expressing their deceptive concerns on Xinjiang. Their hypocrisy is disgusting.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/10/28 22:11:43
  • Idea of boycotting Beijing Winter Games exposes Australia's narrow-mindedness

    Some Australian politicians think they could showcase their and Australia's political power by boycotting the Beijing Winter Olympics. But what they show is their political narrow-mindedness and surrender to the US influence.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/10/22 19:30:36
  • China backs UN in post-pandemic global governance: FM

    Although the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the dilemma of global governance, the United Nations is still the most complete system in the international order, and international law the most perfect legal framework, China's State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said in a keynote speech at an international forum in Beijing on Monday.

    By Wang Wenwen and Yu Jincui | 2020/9/28 21:48:40
  • Greening the desert

    In Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, where desertification accounts for 43 percent of the region's land mass, local people have never stopped fighting against desertification.

    By Yu Jincui in Kashgar, Cao Siqi in Karamay and Hu Weijia in Aksu | 2020/9/27 18:21:59
  • Families in Xinjiang embrace diversity, showcase multi-ethnic harmony

    Xinjiang has been a multi-ethnic region since ancient times. Many different ethnic groups have entered Xinjiang over different periods, bringing technology, cultures and ideas, folk customs, and other aspects of their lives into the region. The region's history is one of economic and social development through exchanges and integration.

    By Liu Xin in Turpan, Cao Siqi in Tacheng and Yu Jincui in Bayingolin | 2020/9/24 21:28:40
  • Stable lives of trainees from Xinjiang vocational centers counter Western liars

    Stable, improved lives of graduates from #Xinjiang vocational education and training centers counter Western liars. Thanks to the exploration of this new governance path, people there have been able to live and work in peace.

    By Yu Jincui in Artux | 2020/9/24 17:38:41
  • Divisions of XPCC contribute to social stability, promote residents' income

    The practice of stationing garrison troops to cultivate and guard border areas is a tradition of China's history in developing and safeguarding its frontiers. The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps (XPCC), which was established in 1954, has since made strenuous efforts to fulfill the responsibilities of cultivating and guarding the border areas.

    By Liu Xin in Urumqi and Yu Jincui in Tumxuk | 2020/9/23 21:23:40
  • US legislation against Xinjiang companies hurts local workers

    The US has continued the use of affairs related to Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region to interfere with China's domestic affairs, as it proceeded with the latest legislation in the name of "forced labor" protection to sanction Chinese companies related to Xinjiang.

    By Liu Xin and Yu Jincui | 2020/9/23 20:58:40
  • US malice to fail to drive wedge between China and Europe

    In an attempt to badmouth China-Europe relations, a New York Times article on Wednesday deliberately and maliciously exaggerated the differences between the two sides in terms of trade, Hong Kong, human rights and other issues. It claimed that "Beijing's hopes of using Europe as a counterweight to the United States have faltered" as country after country confronts China over the above-mentioned issues. It portrayed China as a nation drawing "growing popular animosity" from European countries and also stressed that "China's authoritarianism is fundamentally at odds with Europe's political values despite continued pledges that Beijing seeks peaceful collaboration."

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/9/18 18:55:43
  • Australia foregoes interests, reputation for US anti-China bandwagon

    Can the Australian government figure out what Australia's best interests are?

    By Yu Ning | 2020/9/18 0:13:40
  • Czech Republic's complaint against FM's warning nonsense

    Vystrcil attempts to gain attention by taking advantage of the Taiwan question. He is a selfish politician that disregards his country's interests. China will not allow any force to interfere in its domestic affairs & cross its bottom line without paying any price.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/9/1 21:23:40
  • To China critics, vlogging village life is propaganda

    Some Westerners and media disparage Chinese personal content creators, saying they are controlled by the government, largely because they are afraid of the improvement of China's soft power. They probably hope that China could stay backward so that they can always maintain their psychological superiority.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/8/14 9:23:40
  • More Americans should be encouraged to learn Chinese

    Let more Americans learn Chinese, then they will be able to tell right from wrong, and grasp the real picture of China that is completely different from the demonization in the election campaign.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/8/12 23:03:40
  • 'America First' versus 'China First'

    It's not wrong for the US to make slogans like “America First” and “Make America Great Again.” What's wrong is the means it has adopted to realize these goals. “Make America Great Again” cannot be a one-man show. It cannot be separated from cooperative interactions with the world.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/8/12 19:13:40
  • Absurd for Trump to assume China wants to 'own' US

    No matter how hard they try to throw mud at China, it wouldn't cause a substantial impact on China. China's development mainly depends on its firm insistence on the path of reform and opening-up, and the diligent work of the Chinese people. China will never pin its development on the policy change of a new US president.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/8/10 23:28:40
  • US hegemony unsustainable under disguise of values

    The US will continue to make an issue of the so-called threats China poses in values and ideology to justify its crackdown on China. But the US hegemony can hardly be sustained in such a barbaric way.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/8/3 19:53:40
  • Zuckerberg mimics politicians' tune to fend off competition

    Ironically, when Zuckerberg addressed Tsinghua University in Beijing five years ago, he praised “great Chinese companies” such as Alibaba and Xiaomi, and China's history as “a story of innovation.” But now, he accuses China of stealing technology from the US.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/7/30 22:44:48
  • US hegemonic ambition in S.China Sea cannot be concealed

    With the US strengthening its crackdown on China, it will continue to make an issue of the South China Sea and instigate others to confront China over the issue. But its goal cannot be easily realized.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/7/29 22:47:59
  • Global Britain vision needs cohesive, credible Post-Brexit kick start

    The UK has taken a back-and-forth attitude toward China. It has followed the US's campaign against China. Why has Britain changed its course in such a short time? What should be a wise choice for the UK when pressured by the US to pick sides?

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/7/28 10:44:06
  • India needs rational foreign policy to boost its economy

    Although facing arduous tasks in boosting its economy, India has great economic potential. It's hoped that India could take a more rational foreign policy to serve its economic development. India's development will also be conducive to South Asia and broader region.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/7/22 20:24:03
  • Wrong for India to think provoking China is countering a 'Wolf Warrior'

    Verbal support from the West won't give India any real advantage, nor will it change the nature of the Galwan Valley clash. If India, deluded by Western public opinion, is stubbornly determined to act as a “wolf” that provokes China, China will firmly respond and won't yield an inch in safeguarding its sovereign integrity.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/7/4 18:43:40
  • Washington feeds off New Delhi's impulsiveness

    India, the largest democracy in the world, seemingly gets the support of Western democracies when there is a dispute between New Delhi and Beijing. But “the largest democracy” is just a label Western countries gave to India.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/6/17 22:28:40
  • Australia disregards rule of law in Gilespie's verdict

    Australia, among other Western countries, always touts itself as country under the rule of law, yet when China tries to uphold the rule of law, Australia wants to politicize China's court ruling.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/6/14 22:08:40
  • Anti-China US lawmakers making excuses on vaccine development

    Ugly politicians like Scott have become the source of rumors and lies about China. It seems they would like to make false accusations against China as long as they can fool Americans, even if only a small group of voters, to gain votes.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/6/8 19:03:40
  • Trump adds fuel to fire as racial tensions reach boiling point

    Under US electoral politics, the Trump administration has no interest in hearing their voices or finding a solution to the ingrained social woes.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/6/3 21:43:40
  • 'D10' 5G club an outdated idea with Cold War mind-set

    If the UK allies with the US against Huawei, that means taking sides between the two biggest economies and blindly following the US in a technological Cold War with China.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/5/31 22:05:08
  • US virus death toll a new stain on its human rights record

    Now, it's impossible for the US to count on Trump's leadership to contain the epidemic. The inflection point won't appear until a miracle drug or vaccine is developed, or the novel coronavirus naturally becomes less infectious, or Trump loses the election. Before that, more Americans will have to struggle.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/5/28 8:23:40
  • Western media loses high ground with biased HK reports

    Like the Western system, the Western media has slipped from the moral high ground.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/5/27 21:18:40
  • Pompeo promotes US interests at Australia's cost

    China's importance to Australia is much bigger than that of Australia to China. Australia should stop blindly following the US and make itself caught up in China-US competition. Many Australian observers try to convince China that Australia is not a lapdog of the US. But if Australia follows its current path, the conclusion is not convincing.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/5/21 21:08:18
  • Previous disasters prepare China for COVID-19 fight

    The effectiveness of China's epidemic prevention and control work has been proven in the first phase of China's virus fight. There is no doubt that China will sustain the anti-virus outcome, and achieve success in defeating the virus while resuming work and production.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/5/12 20:53:07
  • Political bias prevents Westerners from fairly assessing Jack Ma's philanthropic efforts

    The latest weapon by some Western media outlets and observers to politicize China's COVID-19 related donations is to attack Jack Ma.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/4/30 22:03:49
  • China's foreign aid shouldn't be bridled by controversy

    Beijing has the responsibility to offer medical support to those countries ravaged by the coronavirus. Any responsible global power prioritizing people's lives would make the same choice as China.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/4/19 21:33:40
  • Racist attack on China's COVID-19 measures groundless

    Any claim that suggests requiring Africans to cooperate with China's anti-virus work is unfair treatment or discrimination is a trap set by some Western media and politicians who intend to drive a wedge between China and Africa. China-Africa relations and time-tested friendship between the two sides won't be disrupted by some malicious hype.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/4/13 17:33:40
  • Rising gun sales could be more deadly than COVID-19

    The proliferation of guns could be even more fatal than the virus. The US inaction on gun control and the green light given to the firearm business amid the epidemic fully demonstrates its disdain for the right to life – the most basic human right – which also partly explains why the US has so poorly handled the growing coronavirus epidemic.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/4/8 19:33:40
  • US scholars call for cooperation while 'erecting barrier': Chinese expert

    Song Luzhen, a researcher at the China Institute of Fudan University, criticized the US side's groundless accusations of China's epidemic response in the joint statement for erecting a new barrier for cooperation. It enforced the blame game while calling for solidarity, Song noted.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/4/4 19:38:40
  • Senator Rubio blind to fact that Tibet is a part of China

    Refusing the fact that Tibet is part of China, Rubio-like Westerners have no interest in knowing a real Tibet. No matter how hard they attack China and try to confuse right from wrong, different ethnic groups in Tibet will form a closer bond and the region will become better under the leadership of the CPC.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/1/15 21:53:40
  • Western NGOs seek attention through China bashing

    Facts and history will eventually prove China is on the right path of human rights development. Western NGOs will gain nothing from their accusations and smear campaign of China in the long run.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/1/13 20:53:40
  • Striking a balance in parent-teacher relationship

    When my kid starts his school life, I hope I could be a mother who can stick to principles, support and cooperate with the school on an equal footing. I will show the greatest respect to teachers, and I expect them to do so too.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/1/10 18:48:40
  • As US creates chaos, China must maintain stability

    China must see through the US' real intention of escalating tensions with Iran and messing up the Middle East. China has urged calm as geopolitical tensions escalate in the Middle East, which shows it's a responsible power.

    By Yu Ning | 2020/1/8 21:48:41
  • US won't succeed in driving a wedge between China and Central Asia

    Mutually supporting each other in terms of counter-terrorism and deepening cooperation between China and Central Asia is in line with all sides' interests. The good momentum of mutual trust and cooperation won't, and shouldn't, be impeded by the US.

    By Yu Jincui | 2020/1/1 20:15:58
  • Rioters call their nemesis by assaulting Global Times reporter

    In no case should violence be tolerated anywhere in the world. This is the bottom line of a modern civilized society. As Hong Kong rioters have vented their rage at and attacked innocents, no excuse can exonerate them of the blame for violent crimes. Any attempt, especially by some biased Westerners, to defend them is nothing short of being an accomplice in the violence.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/8/14 14:03:39
  • Radical Western extremists threaten global security

    Believing their ideologies and civilizations were superior, the British colonists slaughtered indigenous Australians. They even thought the massacre removed the inferior people. Such an ideology of Western superiority was similar to that of Adolf Hitler.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/8/8 20:55:08
  • Why the US is more anxious for a trade deal than China

    There is a consensus in the US to get tough on China, but opinions differ on whether the US should resort to a trade war. The longer the trade war lasts, the more the US economy will suffer.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/7/18 19:53:40
  • China should continue to enroll more foreign students

    China over the past decades has cultivated generations of outstanding students for foreign countries, be they from developing or developed countries.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/7/14 20:10:07
  • Western countries should learn to adapt to Chinese standards

    With China rapidly progressing in innovation and advanced technology, its capabilities of standardization have also been growing. This should be viewed in a positive light, as it could drive the standards in certain areas to a higher level.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/7/11 19:42:11
  • China, Western countries can partner in African development

    Africa is no longer the colony of the West. African countries have the right to conduct economic cooperation with any country they want. The deepening China-Africa cooperation and growing Chinese presence attest to the success of the China model.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/3/26 21:28:41
  • Terrorist issue could be better addressed by India

    China and Pakistan are not enemies of India in countering terrorism. Despite the India-Pakistan dispute, New Delhi has common interests in fighting terrorism with Islamabad and Beijing. It's suggested India abandon suspicions and the three countries enhance consultations on regional security and strengthen anti-terrorism cooperation.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/2/17 20:23:39
  • Turkey should shed blinkers on Xinjiang

    As Turkey continues to look Eastward amid strained relations with the West, China's peaceful rise and its Belt and Road initiative both provide Turkey an opportunity for healthy development. Turkey would be much better off if it focused on its strategic partnership with China while trying to gain realistic understanding of the Xinjiang issue, avoiding its Muslim leadership aspirations being misused.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/2/12 17:43:40
  • As development dawns, New Year customs wane

    The country's biggest festival is apparently losing its traditional flavor. Loss of traditions with economic development and higher standard of living is a reality facing almost every society in the process of modernization

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/2/1 18:58:40
  • Will US tech cold war against China's 5G split world?

    Worries are rising that the US campaign will lead to a split of the high-tech world, which may have a far-reaching impact on international relations.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/31 20:43:40
  • China-Cambodia relationship scales new heights

    The ongoing visit of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to China, his first overseas trip of 2019, will mark another milestone in bilateral relations.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/21 20:47:44
  • US hysterics shown in viewing TikTok as security threat

    TikTok is an entertainment app for people around the world looking for fun and relaxation. When Tiktok is considered a new security concern by the US, isn't that a sign that the US is becoming too hysterical about China's tech development?

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/16 21:03:40
  • Is China-US rivalry spreading to internet?

    The development of the internet cannot be divided. But should the West view China's internet development and governance with bias, global internet development will be held back.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/14 21:54:55
  • The truth behind China's presence in Djibouti

    The Horn of Africa nation has garnered a lot of attention from the Western countries in recent years due to the establishment of a support base of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) there.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/10 12:08:39
  • Despite rift, China and US can work together

    A constructive China-US relationship is in line with the interests of both peoples and the whole world will benefit from China-US cooperation. It's expected the US could work together with China for the greater good.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/8 17:53:39
  • Why the US cannot suppress Huawei's development

    As long as China continues to innovate, carry out global and open collaboration and stick to further opening-up, it will provide the international market with more superior technologies and products that will benefit other countries.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/7 20:38:10
  • Bangladesh can unleash more potential by overcoming partisan politics

    Stabilizing politics and reducing partisan confrontation will help reduce the political risks Belt and Road projects face in Bangladesh. The most effective way for political parties and politicians to win support is not political struggle, but to improve the well-being of the people.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/3 19:13:40
  • Rational solution needs to be explored to sort out capital-labor relations

    We need to prioritize the protection of legitimate rights and interests of workers and other grassroots groups and actively promote the cause under the rule of law.

    By Yu Jincui | 2019/1/1 18:53:39
  • 'On Protracted War' teaches China to be persistent with reform

    In spite of external pressure from the US, we will promote reform and opening-up in accordance with our designed pace and timetable. In this sense, the significance and application of On Protracted War nowadays lie in that it has taught us to be persistent – in meeting our targets through continuous reform and opening-up.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/24 19:28:39
  • Beijing starts buying US soybeans, Washington needs to reciprocate

    China will never yield to such political blackmail.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/20 18:28:41
  • Does Google matter to development of China's internet?

    Whether Google comes back or not is of little influence to China's future internet development, nor will China interfere in Google's decision。

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/12 20:42:26
  • Diplomatic naiveté puts Canada in awkward position

    Canada shouldn't have made itself an accomplice in containing China's tech development. This is no good to its interests as China will react powerfully to any efforts to thwart the country's development.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/9 20:26:33
  • Blind anger won't help France out of economic woes

    Today's France is more known as a country resistant to change. Street protests cannot bring the French people what they want. France has a glorious past built upon the hard work and spirit of sacrifice of predecessors. But the young generation is seemingly forgetting these virtues.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/4 22:03:42
  • Gun control tests effectiveness of country's governance

    A modern country has to explore a governance model that best suits itself. Gun control is just one example. Government must take proactive measures to sort out entangled interests and advance governance.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/12/2 21:53:41
  • US passport can't obstruct Chinese police investigation

    The Western media always criticize China for lack of rule of law. But when China tries to hunt down corrupt officials and improve governance, these same media go to a great length to shelter them using the excuse of China's human rights situation. Their logic of human rights can hardly convince anybody.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/11/28 22:53:41
  • West misses big picture viewing China via Orwellian lens

    Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four is a classic to Westerners, but it is just a work of fiction to Chinese and they are fed up with Orwellian style preaching from Western elites. This kind of conversation will lead nowhere.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/11/26 22:03:39
  • A challenge to maintain authority of law in internet era

    Western accusations, formed out of either a lack of understanding of Chinese laws or deliberately neglecting China's own conditions, shouldn't influence judicial independence in China.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/11/21 22:28:40
  • China-Vatican rapprochement good for Catholics

    Those who are making an issue of China's religious freedom to create obstacles for the improvement of China-Vatican ties do not care about the development of the Catholic Church. It's believed the Holy See will not be affected by them.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/9/19 23:28:42
  • China criticizes Swedish police not because of Dalai Lama

    Recent years have seen the Dalai group increasingly marginalized in international society with its separatist nature fully exposed. A growing number of Western countries have snubbed the Dalai Lama. It's hoped Sweden and the three other countries that the Dalai visits this time recognize the trend and follow suit.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/9/17 22:53:40
  • What does a chaotic White House mean to China?

    The US, under the presidency of whomever, will take more means to suppress China. We must prepare for this.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/9/6 22:23:40
  • Students struggle with rich-poor gap in top universities

    Receiving higher education so far has still been acknowledged as the most effective ladder for upward social mobility. Those graduating from top universities, poor or rich, are more likely to find decent and high-paying jobs. But windows will certainly be closed if the poor students idle themselves complaining about the disparity with the rich.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/9/6 21:26:56
  • China, India need to coordinate in face of US pressure

    Beijing and New Delhi should enhance coordination so as to develop more balanced relations with Washington. Coordinated Sino-Indian ties are essential to the stability of Asia.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/9/3 22:48:39
  • War games cast shadow on fragile peninsula peace

    The current détente on the Korean Peninsula is hard-won. Washington shouldn't render all the recent peace efforts in vain.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/8/29 22:33:40
  • Will McCain's legacy linger in China-US relations?

    Whether such a confrontational posture can be changed will be key to determining whether China and the US can co-exist in peace and whether the two countries can build mutual trust and a new type of major power relationship.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/8/26 22:33:39
  • What does 'Crazy Rich Asians' say about race in the US?

    The significance of Crazy Rich Asians not only lies in that it has made history for Asian-American representation, but also in that it reminds the US to pay attention to cultural integration under globalization and harmony among different races.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/8/20 21:18:39
  • Pyongyang's efforts to develop economy deserve applause

    International society should protect the economic enthusiasm of North Korea and create a peaceful and favorable environment to encourage it to further reform and open. Neighboring countries should also offer necessary assistance.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/8/19 21:38:47
  • Don't view Maldives from lens of sphere of influence

    Indian companies can also benefit from the infrastructure projects under the initiative. The Maldives can be an opportunity for cooperation between China and India, as long as India can drop its unnecessary wariness.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/8/12 21:10:50
  • Will Sino-US relations get better if GOP loses midterms?

    The China-US relationship is the most important bilateral relationship for China. Chinese should properly handle it.

    By Yu Jincui | 2018/8/8 22:23:40
  • Concept of nation must be enhanced in religious people

    Flying the national flag at religious sites is a good way to do so. Without a stable country as the foundation of religious belief, religion will only cause division.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/8/1 22:08:39
  • Political stability badly needed for Pakistani development

    Despite Pakistan's domestic political wrangling, the country's political circles have basically reached a consensus on support for the corridor. It's not difficult to predict that the new Pakistani government will continue to promote it.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/7/26 22:08:40
  • Africa boasts great potential for China-India cooperation

    In a third-party market like Africa that does not involve each other's core interests, China and India should particularly explore opportunities for cooperation, build mutual trust and achieve a win-win-win situation for the three sides.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/7/23 21:33:40
  • Rising nationalism in US biggest threat to the world

    US President Donald Trump's hard-line immigration policy of separating children from their parents on the US-Mexico border has drawn the ire of a chorus of organizations, institutions and high-profile individuals. However, the US president doubled down on Monday claiming “the US will not be a migrant camp, and it will not be a refugee holding facility.”

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/19 22:08:40
  • Chinese model enriches global governance philosophy

    Now it's the time for the West to seriously reflect upon its own problems and reconsider its values. What it needs to do is to improve and move forward, rather than be obsessed with past success. If it continues to defend its internal decay by fabricating external threats, liberal democracy and institutions will face a bigger crisis.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/18 22:48:40
  • Stars should stop 'acting smart,' start paying tax

    China has planned to develop the cultural industry into a pillar of the national economy by 2020. It's imperative to regulate the distorted and scandal-ridden business. Strong action is needed to pull it back onto the right track.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/8 0:03:39
  • Chinese college exam mirrors future competition with US

    Educational investment in rural and remote areas should be a long-term endeavor upon which the authorities insist. Global competition will be fiercer in the future and we have to prepare better for it.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/5 23:18:39
  • Banning religious garments in public boosts social cohesion

    Local or nationwide bans on hijabs, niqabs and burqas have been implemented in countries from Africa to Asia. That's what secular countries are supposed to do. And more countries such as the United Kingdom and Germany are likely to follow suit.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/4 23:33:40
  • Foul-mouthed insult reflects debased US media culture

    There have been degrading standards in the US media and among media persons. The prevalence of slurs and foul language is a further stain on the media industry.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/6/3 23:03:40
  • Dealing with cyber terrorist content needs iron fist policy

    One effective way is to intensify surveillance, better police what is available online, severely crack down on content that promotes terrorism and strengthen anti-online terrorism legislation. This is what China is doing now.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/5/29 22:48:39
  • As Taiwan loses allies, we must be wary of desperate moves

    A detailed plan should be made to deal with independence forces step by step and not give them a break. The mainland should also prepare for reunifying Taiwan by force while making continuous efforts to seek a peaceful reunification. Beijing will never allow any separatists to split Taiwan from the country. The Tsai authorities had better return to the correct track of abiding by the 1992 consensus, not misjudge the situation and not push things into a worst-case scenario.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/5/27 22:33:41
  • China's demographics merit policy adjustment

    China's understanding of population has been changing and a growing population is now being considered more of an asset than a burden.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/5/22 22:28:40
  • School shooting shakes foundation of US social stability

    With the death tolls from mass shootings creeping higher and higher in recent years, some international students will be deterred from studying in the US.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/5/21 22:23:39
  • China can offer lessons to US in protecting human rights

    If the US does not control its guns, problems caused by firearms in the foreseeable future will continue plaguing US society.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/22 22:43:40
  • Investment from multiple sources good for Pakistan

    Reports that Pakistan turned down investments from third countries under China's pressure is empty rhetoric.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/21 22:58:39
  • Trump's infrastructure plan offers road to nowhere

    Washington's ability to mobilize resources has never been more constrained than it is now. The prospects for Trump's infrastructure plan are gloomy.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/13 22:33:40
  • Why did Lobsang Sangay meet local protests in South Africa?

    With China growing stronger, its policies and principles will gain more support and its determination to defend the one-China policy will win more respect in the future. The Western elites and media should correctly understand the deepening interaction between China and the world.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/11 22:56:02
  • Why Mercedes-Benz's Dalai ad irritates Chinese audience

    It is hoped Mercedes and other foreign companies will become more cautious in selecting advertising slogans in future and avoid any other controversial behavior that can be interpreted as supporting Tibet's independence.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/7 22:23:40
  • Misguided academics promote China-EU confrontation

    An adverse current is emerging in EU intellectual circles with the potential to divert China-EU relations toward a devastating confrontation.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/5 23:13:39
  • Despite airport rage, majority respects rules when abroad

    With more and more Chinese going abroad, it's of vital importance that they maintain rationality and act in line with rules and laws. This is not only related to better safeguarding their rights overseas, but also closely related to the image of China.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/1 22:43:41
  • Parody of patriotic songs not music to the ears

    Spoofing can bring people laughter and happiness. But spoofs of classic historical works and figures should be firmly opposed.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/2/1 22:15:23
  • Independent policy in best interests of India

    To strengthen cooperation with China is not to stand against the US. From China's perspective, India doesn't need to take sides between China and the US. It holds an open and welcoming attitude toward normal cooperation between India and the US and other countries. It's expected India can continue to stick to the principle of non-alignment in developing foreign relations.

    By Yu Ning | 2018/1/29 22:48:39
  • US harms itself viewing China's high tech surge as a threat

    The US is in fact harming itself by viewing China's high-tech development from a zero-sum mentality and banning exports to China.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/23 23:08:39
  • Hindu nationalism risks pushing India into war with China

    India is weaker than China in terms of national strength, but its strategists and politicians have shown no wisdom in preventing India's China policy from being kidnapped by rising nationalism. This will put India's own interests in jeopardy. India should be careful and not let religious nationalism push the two countries into war.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/19 23:43:39
  • Guarding against financial risks key to ensuring social stability

    Only by taking stronger initiatives to curb financial risks, can a systematic financial crisis be avoided, economic sustainable development and social stability be maintained.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/16 23:18:39
  • Hoh Xil as heritage site can better protect Tibetan culture

    Hoh Xil belongs to all of China and the Chinese people will protect it as they cherish every inch of their land. Some overseas Tibetan groups have ulterior motives to split China, regardless of the benefits the UNESCO designation will bring to the region.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/13 22:58:39
  • Parents trying to be helpful may turn kids into snobs

    If what your kids learn is a sense of superiority, you may have offered them the worst in your efforts to give them the best.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/13 18:51:48
  • Constructive engagement marks China's policy in South Sudan

    We hope South Sudan can achieve peace and start reconstruction at an early date. During the process, China will offer the necessary help based on the country's needs.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/12 0:28:36
  • New Delhi must resist using Dalai Lama card amid border spat

    New Delhi should think more about how to de-escalate the border face-off at this moment. China is India's biggest trading partner. For India, with a vast population living in poverty, peace and opportunities of development are of vital importance. New Delhi cannot afford to mess up the China-India bilateral relationship.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/9 21:58:39
  • Will Trump-Putin meet see new start for US foreign policy?

    Major power relations in the 21st century can no longer be a hegemonic pattern, nor can it be that of two against one, as the interests of the three countries are already tied together.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/7 0:07:17
  • Fate of WSJ China Real Time marks end of an era

    In the farewell note, China Real Time stated that "the China story has changed, and so have the tools for telling it." If the Western media really wants to tell a good China story, it needs more than a change of platform - it also needs a fairer attitude when it looks at China.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/4 23:57:45
  • American liberals, not the Chinese, take Trump as a chump

    "Those who say Trump is a chump are the real chumps. They say so out of their demands to oppose Trump," said some Chinese WeChat users - they have sharp eyes.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/7/2 23:43:39
  • Despite foolish flyers, plane safety is not a matter of luck

    Coins are symbols of wealth and luck. Throwing a coin into a wishing well traditionally is thought to bring you good fortune. But throwing coins into the well of a jet engine just before takeoff for good luck - that's another story.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/6/29 21:47:40
  • Being a pawn for US containment strategy a trap for India

    Indians might feel a sense of pride as the strategic importance of their country in counterbalancing China was hyped by US think tanks and media outlets. However, being a "key piece in the jigsaw for the US" is nothing to be proud of. Instead, it is more likely a trap that deserves India's vigilance.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/6/26 23:28:39
  • Ending gender discrimination starts at birth

    Boy or girl? At nearly five months pregnant, my husband and I have become more and more curious over the gender of our baby. We have been trying to guess what we are having based on all the old wives' tales and also discussed whether we should find out our baby's gender ahead of childbirth.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/4/14 5:03:41
  • Gulf of Aden rescue demonstrates mission of PLA Navy

    The growing role and contribution of the Chinese navy in the international crackdown on non-traditional threats facing the world deserves objective evaluation.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/4/10 23:48:39
  • Myanmar needs more time for ethnic reconciliation

    Accusations about an "ethnic cleansing" of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar have been swirling in the West in recent months. Responding to this, Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, in an exclusive interview with the BBC on Thursday, acknowledged problems in Rakhine state but denied there is ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

    By Yu Jincui | 2017/4/6 23:08:39
  • Canberra's engagement with Beijing won't undermine ties with ally

    Chinese Premier Li Keqiang kicks off his visit to Australia Wednesday, his first overseas visit this year. This visit is widely expected to lift the China-Australia comprehensive strategic partnership to a new height.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/22 0:43:39
  • Rwanda shows Chinese model of assisting African growth

    The horrific Rwandan genocide in 1994 shocked the world, but later, the country has taken on an entirely new path, becoming one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/20 0:33:39
  • Chinese youth values patriotism over South Korea glitz

    The latest display of patriotism saw young Chinese putting their country before South Korean idols.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/17 0:28:48
  • Why Bishop is wrong on China's domestic democracy

    In an address in Singapore titled "Change and Uncertainty in the Indo-Pacific" on Monday, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop warned China of the importance of democratic institutions.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/14 23:58:39
  • Japan hyping China's defense budget for its military ends

    Japan making an issue of China's military spending is mainly because of its ambition to become a major political power.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/13 0:48:39
  • Northern Myanmar fighting calls for Beijing's tactical involvement

    Fighting has erupted in northern Myanmar again. According to the office of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's de facto leader, rebels from a local armed ethnic group launched a surprise attack early on Monday against police and military posts in Kokang, a region bordering China.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/8 0:48:39
  • India using Dalai Lama card risks worsening bilateral ties

    Despite objections by China, India will host the Dalai Lama in a disputed region on the China-India border in the coming weeks.

    By Yu Ning | 2017/3/6 0:38:39