Li Qiaoyi
Reporter, Beijing
Global Times senior reporter focusing primarily on banking, capital markets, macro-economy, currencies and technology.
  • UM's development microcosm of institutional innovations, set to expedite Macao's economic diversification as grand plan kicks in

    In his second exclusive interview with the Global Times, weeks after a grand plan for building a Guangdong-Macao in-depth cooperation zone was unveiled, Song Yonghua, the rector of the University of Macau (UM), was thrilled at the prospect of UM ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Zhuhai | 2021/10/12 22:09:25
  • Hengqin cooperation zone eyes breakthroughs in analog chipmaking: researcher

    The new cooperation zone on Macao's next-door Hengqin island will take a more targeted approach to revving up the country's chip ambitions, with a focus on efforts that could lead to breakthroughs in analog chipmaking, a local researcher said, in ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Zhuhai | 2021/9/29 19:25:25
  • TCM on path to underpin Macao's indigenous industrial prowess

    Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), one of the main industries to diversify Macao's economy, will be riding the waves of an innovation-oriented testing ground connecting the special administrative region (SAR) with its neighbor Hengqin island to catapult the sector into a ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Tu Lei in Zhuhai | 2021/9/28 19:48:41
  • Macao to rise as regional financial hub: local banker

    There's a good chance that Macao is set to rise as a regional financial hub, a local bank executive said on Monday, expecting a recently announced backstop plan for the special administrative region (SAR) to pave the way for its ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Zhuhai | 2021/9/27 20:18:39
  • Chinese Big Tech vows to support SMEs at premier internet summit

    At the water town of Wuzhen in East China's Zhejiang Province where a high-level annual internet forum puts China's best and brightest tech talent on show surrounded by voices of confidence and resilience from tech luminaries from both home and ...

    By Zhang Dan and Li Qiaoyi in Beijing, Xie Jun in Wuzhen and Qi Xijia in Shanghai | 2021/9/26 23:03:39
  • Taiwan DPP blasted over using CPTPP bid to seek secession

    The island of Taiwan's application for membership of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), about one week after the Chinese mainland's, was met with stern warnings from the Chinese central government on Thursday.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Xu Keyue | 2021/9/24 1:11:32
  • Mainland-HK bond linkup to start southbound trading in landmark move for financial opening-up

    The long-anticipated southbound leg of the bond trading linkup between the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong will be launched next week, officials announced on Wednesday, ending the suspense of the last four years after the availability of the northbound trading.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Xie Jun | 2021/9/15 22:08:39
  • Vice premier Liu He vows unwavering support for private sector

    Chinese Vice Premier Liu He on Monday vowed unchanged and firm support to the country's private sector, a sign from the top of reassurance to businesses, clarified misinterpretations, and also fought back at foreign smearing of China's tightened regulatory measures ...

    By Shen Weiduo and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/9/6 21:49:28
  • High-tech elements showcased at 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services

    Advanced technologies related to the current hottest topics, such as virus prevention, carbon emission reduction, and the winter Olympics are now on display at the ongoing 2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

    By Li Qiaoyi and Shan Jie | 2021/9/5 19:17:25
  • Beijing stock exchange 'may start trade as early as year-end,' to form 'effective closed loop' with onshore, offshore capital capacities

    The blockbuster announcement of the setup of a new stock exchange in China's capital city, being referred to as the “third child” to the A-share market that currently bases trades in Shanghai and Shenzhen, becomes the focus of attention during ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Qi Xijia | 2021/9/3 17:27:01
  • China, Arabs eye closer green energy ties on solar panels, hydrogen

    China and Arab states, both tasked with a mission to ensure energy security while pushing for a transition toward renewables, have set their eyes on closer energy ties, notably in green sources such as solar panels, hydrogen and nuclear power, ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Yinchuan | 2021/8/20 19:52:57
  • China eyes strengthening law enforcement in battling monopolies, unfair competition

    China will strengthen and improve its antitrust and unfair competition law enforcement as part of efforts to create a fair, transparent and predictable business environment in accordance with legal principles, according to the country's five-yearly plan for building a law-based ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/8/11 20:58:39
  • HK market sees booming business due to dynamism brought by mainland stock links, IPOs

    The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) has reported record revenues during the first six months this year, driven by the momentum of Hong Kong-Chinese mainland stock link system and the recent trend of mainland-based companies seeking IPOs in Hong Kong.

    By Xie Jun and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/8/11 20:28:39
  • Ericsson's setback in China linked to Sweden's crackdown on Chinese firms: source

    Swedish telecom behemoth Ericsson scored poorly in a recent 5G radio tender in China, which is linked to the Swedish government's arbitrary crackdown on Huawei and other Chinese firms, according to a source familiar with the matter.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Shen Weiduo | 2021/7/22 22:40:48
  • 3 more internet firms scrutinized amid rising data security concern

    China's cyberspace regulator on Monday put three more internet platforms under scrutiny, three days after it announced a review of cybersecurity into the country's top ride-hailing platform Didi Chuxing, indicating the country's resolve to clamp down on data breaches and ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhang Hongpei | 2021/7/5 23:28:40
  • Chinese regulator orders app stores to remove Didi, shows resolve to enhance data protection

    China's cyber watchdog asks APP stores to remove ride-hailing app DiDi Chuxing due to user data collection violations  

    By Li Qiaoyi and Hu Yuwei | 2021/7/4 20:02:05
  • Mainland stock indexes end first half year on a high note

    Chinese mainland shares edged higher on Wednesday amid strong earnings estimates, notably from semiconductor chipmakers, with the tech-heavy ChiNext index scaling a new six-year high.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/6/30 20:18:40
  • Anti-foreign sanctions draft law proposed to top legislature

    The draft law for anti-foreign sanctions was proposed to the meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) Mon, providing strong legal support and guarantees for China's counter measures against foreign discriminatory moves in accordance with ...

    By Chen Qingqing and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/6/7 19:46:40
  • China lifts FX reserve requirement ratio to quell yuan rally

    China's central bank announced on Monday that it will raise financial institutions' required reserves for foreign-currency deposits by 2 percentage points starting from June 15, a move that's expected to pour cold water on the recent speculation-fueled yuan rally that ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/5/31 20:22:04
  • A shares rally on record northbound net inflows from HK as yuan gains strength

    Chinese mainland stock market posted a stellar rally on Tuesday, with the flagship Shanghai Composite Index finishing up 2.4 percent at 3,581.34 points. The gain was spurred by record net inflows into the A-share market via northbound trading linkups between ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/5/25 21:53:40
  • China will ensure supply of major commodities and curb unreasonable hikes on prices

    China will crack down on monopolistic practices, the dissemination of fake news and price gouging as part of efforts to ensure supply of major commodities and curb unreasonable price hikes, according to a State Council executive meeting on Wednesday.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/5/20 0:47:38
  • Meet with Biden a 'test' for Suga, open confrontation with China could cause consequences Japan 'cannot bear': analysts

    China is expected to be the topic that dominates the upcoming talks between US President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga. Observers see this meeting would be more of a test, rather than a diplomatic accomplishment for Suga, ...

    By Zhao Yusha and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/4/16 0:03:39
  • Ant Group to overhaul businesses after regulatory talk

    Ant Group will apply to transform itself into a financial holding company as part of a multifaceted rectification plan that touches on various aspects of the firm's businesses, including payment and consumer data, a senior Chinese official said on Monday, ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Tu Lei | 2021/4/12 21:48:39
  • China-Iran cooperation based on domestic devt requirement

    China has signed a 25-year agreement with Iran to enhance comprehensive cooperation, which however was interpreted by some Western media from a geopolitical competition perspective, claiming that China would invest $400 billion in Iran and the two countries sought to ...

    By Leng Shumei and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/3/29 1:19:38
  • China, in better position to manage monetary stance, unlikely to join rate-hike trend: economists

    Emerging economies including Brazil, Turkey and Russia have announced interest rate hikes in the face of soaring inflation, fueling speculation about a broader rate rise in emerging economies.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/3/23 20:48:39
  • Intel says it values diversity after removing ad using 'sexist' female stand-up comedian amid controversy

    Intel China's latest laptop advertisement triggered controversy on Chinese social media over the weekend as it used "sexist" stand-up comedian Yang Li, who caught her big break last year for sarcastic attacks on men during online gigs.

    By Leng Shumei and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/3/21 22:41:05
  • EU essentially motivated to set in motion investment treaty with China: observers

    The mega investment treaty between China and the EU may legally come into force next year, regional affairs observers said Saturday, expecting a painstaking ratification effort to clear some roadblocks along the way.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/3/20 22:10:23
  • Beijing court vital to protect investors' interests overseas, part of push for extraterritorial application of Chinese financial legislation

    China's second financial court was officially launched in Beijing on Thursday, setting in motion a specialized tribunal to take up cases that relate to damage to domestic investors arising from overseas listings or overseas financial institutions' offerings.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/3/18 22:53:39
  • Favorable policies prompt HK professionals to pursue careers in Chinese mainland

    More Hong Kong professionals, ranging from young entrepreneurs to middle-aged academics, are choosing to pursue their careers in the Chinese mainland, whether starting a business or working for mainland companies and institutions, as they are aware of the mainland's huge ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Xie Jun | 2021/3/10 19:58:40
  • Regulator moves to tighten grip on commercial banks' internet loans

    China's bank regulator has tightened its grip on commercial banks' internet loan business with new rules issued over the weekend that crystallize limits on online loan extension, including a minimum 30-percent funding from the banks' partner institutions in a collaborative ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/2/21 22:08:40
  • Central bank injects $1.55 billion liquidity to meet rising market demand

    China's central bank injected 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion) on a net basis into the financial system on Monday, allaying woes over a cash crunch after its open market operations largely fell short of market expectations for ample liquidity provision ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/2/8 18:32:40
  • China-US trade ties at turning point as world awaits new teams' contact

    With the first anniversary of the China-US phase one deal's signing falling on Friday, the entire world is glued to how the incoming Joe Biden administration will mobilize his brand new negotiating team to reach out to the US' most ...

    By Wang Cong and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/1/15 13:10:53
  • Goods trade growing in China only

    With China's exports in full swing, and helping mend the coronavirus-fractured global supply chains despite intermittent threats and hostile moves from the US and Australia, the country's exports have proven to be a tower of strength for its economy with ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/1/14 21:50:55
  • For China and the world, 2021 may bring a few pleasant surprises

    Anti-coronavirus battle, economic revival, high-technology endeavor, a new Five-Year plan, and building China's own space station…so what are the much hoped for events that will shape China's upcoming 12 months of 2021?

    By Wan Lin and Li Qiaoyi | 2021/1/1 21:06:26
  • China unveils zero-tolerance delisting rules

    China's two main stock bourses have unveiled revised delisting rules in a zero-tolerance approach to problematic firms that taint the world's second-largest stock market.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2021/1/1 18:12:54
  • S&P indices to drop 21 Chinese companies

    S&P Dow Jones Indices, a division of US financial services conglomerate S&P Global, announced on Wednesday the impending removal of 21 Chinese companies from its equity and fixed-income indices, becoming the second index provider this month to translate a Trump ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/12/10 20:13:40
  • Lam's bank woes show risk of US dominance of global finance system

    The revelation that the Chief Executive of China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Carrie Lam, who was among 11 officials sanctioned in August by the US, can't use a bank account is a reminder that China's national sovereignty and ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/11/29 22:26:44
  • China pushes test-based health code, eyes global mechanism

    More Chinese embassies have joined the push for pre-departure health codes based on coronavirus nucleic acid and antibody tests, a prerequisite for China-bound travels, which can shed light on how a global mechanism for mutual health code recognition will look ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhang Han | 2020/11/26 20:23:41
  • Global COVID-19 QR code key to restart

    One of China's distinct solutions to combat COVID-19 pandemic is setting up an international mechanism consisting of a QR health code as proposed by China's top leader over the weekend.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhang Dan | 2020/11/24 20:53:40
  • Digital prowess the only silver lining in COVID-19 recession

    Amid intermittent drizzles that add to the beauty of the water town of Wuzhen in East China's Zhejiang Province, where the annual World Internet Conference (WIC) is being held, voices are growing louder that China's digital prowess renders the global ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Wuzhen | 2020/11/23 22:59:21
  • China showcases digital know-how at World Internet Conference

    China showcased cutting-edge technologies ranging from artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing to big data and blockchain at an expo on Sunday in Wuzhen, a town in East China's Zhejiang Province, a day before the opening of the 2020 World ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Wuzhen and Xie Jun in Shanghai | 2020/11/22 19:43:40
  • Pudong's opening-up unmatched globally: influential banker

    In the eyes of Pei Yigen, a Shanghai native turned international banker, the present Pudong New Area – a glittering skyscraper hub of China's “magic capital” – was once beyond his wildest dreams.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/11/12 21:38:41
  • Markets see Biden surge

    A coming Joe Biden US presidency is sending global markets higher and injecting notable optimism into China's equity market, as he is expected to move away from a financial decoupling with China, market observers said.

    By Zhang Dan and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/11/9 19:41:20
  • Ant Group's Shanghai IPO put on hold

    Tougher regulation on China's white-hot fintech business has arrived, after the Shanghai Stock Exchange surprised market investors with an abrupt announcement late on Tuesday that it will suspend Ant Group's IPO in the STAR Market, as regulators and the public ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/11/3 21:50:46
  • iFlyTek largely unaffected by US blacklisting: chairman

    The US-instigated technology war with China has forced homegrown artificial intelligence (AI) firms to focus more on core technological innovation, the founder and chairman of iFlyTek said on Friday, noting that the top Chinese voice recognition firm, underpinned by its ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Hefei | 2020/10/23 19:37:10
  • HK financial businesses eyeing opportunities in Shenzhen

    With the central government's new policy boost providing tailwinds for Shenzhen, the city in southern Guangdong Province where a special economic zone (SEZ) was created 40 years ago will be in-creasingly a goldmine for the financial business community in Hong ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Shenzhen | 2020/10/15 17:33:42
  • Digital push to power economic shift

    China's push to digitize its economy, a pivot of the nation's economic resilience despite the virus assault, is envisioned to power its shift from being a global factory floor to the world's trendsetter in innovation, officials and business executives said ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Fuzhou | 2020/10/12 21:48:40
  • New UNCTAD data justifies China's trade and economic prowess

    China's unshakable position as a global trade and economic powerhouse is once again justified by the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), which put China's economic growth at the top of the range over 2020-21 in its annual trade ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Beijing and Xie Jun in Yiwu | 2020/9/23 21:26:02
  • TikTok, WeChat face new risks after 'win'

    Popular Chinese mobile apps TikTok and WeChat encountered fresh new challenges and risks on Monday just a day after their plight in the US made what some called a positive turn, as US President Donald Trump threatened to block a ...

    By Wang Cong and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/22 0:31:39
  • HSBC shares sink on scandal report

    HSBC's shares plunged to their lowest level since 1995 in Hong Kong on Monday, as its reported involvement in a dirty money scandal utilizing the bank's accounts in Hong Kong dealt a fresh blow to its already sagging reputation.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/21 22:22:52
  • Megvii unveils latest algorithm training framework version

    Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) firm Megvii Technology, known for facial recognition platform Face++, on Friday unveiled the 1.0 preview version of its proprietary open-source deep learning framework MegEngine, in a fresh move to close China's gap in the AI ecosystem ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/18 23:13:41
  • US maximizes pressure on TikTok ahead of deadline

    With the US Commerce Department announcing Friday a ban on the use of WeChat and TikTok, the Trump administration has gone to extremes to turn the US market into a slaughterhouse for Chinese firms. Industry observers said this shows President ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhang Dan | 2020/9/18 22:09:20
  • Megvii unveils latest version of open-source deep learning framework for algorithm training

    Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) firm Megvii Technology, known for its facial recognition platform Face++, on Friday unveiled the 1.0 preview version of its proprietary open-source deep learning framework MegEngine, in a fresh move to close China's gap in AI ecosystem ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/18 18:03:52
  • Greater opening-up predicted for China's aviation market

    There's more to expect from China's aviation market, not only its peer-surpassing domestic recovery, but a deregulation of the market to enable greater access for foreign businesses. The views were expressed by government officials, industry executives and market watchers during ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/8 18:34:06
  • Digital economy reshapes Chinese life, boosts devt amid pandemic

    Amid a confluence of factors behind China's economic recovery from the COVID-19 pan-demic, including robust anti-virus measures and the resilience of the country's economy, the rise of China's digital economy could be one of the biggest stabilizers for life and ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Wang Cong | 2020/9/7 20:55:08
  • Domestic anti-virus vaccine on public view for 1st time

    Chinese people's confidence in domestic COVID-19 vaccines has grown higher as two Chinese companies presented their candidate vaccines at this year's China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) in Beijing over the weekend, which demonstrates the country's leading position ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Leng Shumei | 2020/9/6 23:38:40
  • China to expand the scope of eligible securities for trade under stock linkups as part of financial opening-up

    The securities regulator pledged to encourage overseas securities, funds and futures institutions to expand their footprints in the Chinese market and support domestic financial institutions in exploring overseas opportunities.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/6 13:32:16
  • Chinese vaccine firms show COVID-19 candidates at Beijing tradeshow

    Two of China's vaccine front runners – among the most attention-grabbing at this year's services trade fair in Beijing – offer some insight into the country's leadership in pharmaceutical research against the COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/4 19:58:40
  • New rules make it easier for foreign investors in mainland bonds

    Three Chinese government bodies have announced draft measures that will further equalize treatment for overseas and domestic bond investors, while offering convenience for overseas institutional investors to allocate yuan-denominated bond assets.

    By Xie Jun and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/9/2 21:38:40
  • Ant Group poised for record dual listings as US exchanges lose allure

    Chinese fintech giant Ant Group is on track for a record-setting dual listing in its home markets, observers said, and they anticipate the nation's stock exchanges will attract more local technology heavyweights amid China-US tensions.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/26 22:03:41
  • Alibaba investors reportedly swap ADRs for HK stock amid US regulatory tightening

    Multiple major shareholders of Alibaba have reportedly swapped the e-commerce giant's US-listed shares for Hong Kong stock to shield their holdings from potential sanctions targeting US-traded Chinese technology firms.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/24 22:58:41
  • HKEX sets records in turbulent H1

    A turbulent first half of the year turned out to be record-breaking in terms of revenue and earnings for Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX), the operator of the Hong Kong stock market, attesting to the Asian financial hub's resilience ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/19 21:41:08
  • A shares to align with int'l peers

    China's flagship Shanghai Composite Index is on course to hit its year-to-date high as the market prices in an imminent move to align A shares with their global counterparts, parts of a broad effort to match the nation's economic muscle.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/18 17:13:40
  • Retail sales seen resuming growth

    China's retail sales are likely to return to growth in July for the first time in 2020, underpinning a consensus that the economy is headed for an annual expansion despite a deep global recession, market observers said ahead of a ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/12 19:43:40
  • New GBA intercity rail plan set to boost economic growth in Hong Kong, Macao

    A massive intercity rail plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has been revealed. It will provide a much-needed boost for cities in one of the world's biggest metropolitan areas, particularly the two special administrative regions (SARs) which are ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/5 20:53:41
  • Former Chinese banker urges that digital currency substitutes all currencies

    Digital currency should substitute all currencies as much as possible to support profound monetary operation reforms, an influencer in China's financial sector said over the weekend.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/2 21:58:40
  • China's STAR Market underpinning indigenous tech push amid US crackdown

    The STAR Market in Shanghai, a tech and innovation-heavy board envisioned to fund the Chinese economy's shift to technology and financial sophistication, has been running for slightly over a year, underpinning the nation's push for indigenous prowess despite the multifaceted ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/8/1 18:03:08
  • V-shaped rebound expected

    After turning in its first contraction on record in the first quarter amid the epidemic, China's economy is back on a growth track in the second quarter, market estimates collected by the Global Times show, a feat that sets the ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhang Dan | 2020/7/14 21:43:41
  • No need for US consent on LERS regime: HK financial chief

    There is no need to ask for US consent on a decades-old exchange rate system linking Hong Kong's local currency and the US dollar, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said Wednesday, as the recent investors' chase after Chinese ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/7/8 23:48:40
  • HK doesn't need US consent for its exchange rate system: HK financial chief

    There's no need to ask for US consent on a decades-old exchange rate system linking Hong Kong's local currency and the US dollar, Hong Kong Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po said on Wednesday, as the recent chase after Chinese assets ...

    By Chen Qingqing, Zhao Juecheng and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/7/8 13:57:03
  • Chinese A-shares soar as bull run sets in

    Chinese mainland shares rocketed on Monday, turning in the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index's biggest one-day gain in five years, as a continued surge in securities stocks ignites investor confidence for the start of a bull run in the world's second-largest ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/7/6 19:03:40
  • It's unwise if India gives up Chinese telecom equipment: analysts

    India cannot bear the consequences of losing the participation of Chinese companies in its infrastructure and 5G rollout, and the scrutiny leveled at Chinese technology products may decouple the country from global 5G development, analysts said.

    By Zhang Dan and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/7/2 20:33:40
  • Intel temporarily suspends supplies of chips to Inspur

    Intel, which has halted shipments to Chinese server major Inspur, will resume supplies at a later date, the largest US chipmaker confirmed with the Global Times on Wednesday. The suspension, albeit short-lived, could spill over to affect other companies, and ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/7/1 21:38:40
  • Chinese economy may have grown as much as 3% in Q2, no huge monetary stimulus seen

    China's economy is expected to have expanded as much as 3 percent in the second quarter as it gradually emerged from the shadow of the COVID-19 outbreak, said veteran market watchers, who played down the possibility of any drastic monetary ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/30 20:18:40
  • Microsoft's plan to close retail stores won't affect performance in Chinese market

    Microsoft's decision to stop operating many of its brick-and-motor retail stores won't affect its business in China, a company spokesperson told the Global Times on Sunday.

    By Yin Yeping and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/28 20:18:43
  • Realme eyes 100m smartphone sales in 2-3 years

    International economic shifts won't deter overseas expansion of realme, the founder of the upstart Chinese smartphone brand said, eyeing global sales of 100 million units over the next two to three years.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/24 19:08:22
  • Shanghai bourse to revise A-share benchmark index

    The Shanghai Stock Exchange announced Friday it would revise the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index, in a major move to align China's A-share market with its global counterparts.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/19 22:53:41
  • New COVID-19 outbreak in Beijing will be contained: experts

    A sudden spike in COVID-19 infections in Beijing linked to Asia's largest wholesale market struck a sudden blow to the capital city's seafood business, especially the salmon trade, and sounded the alarm about any lowering of the guard against the ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/14 22:03:40
  • US offers boost to HKSAR in financial war with China: analysts

    Top US officials have threatened to impose sanctions on the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) if China implements the National Security Law in the city, but by wading into a new battleground in its trade and economic war with ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Wang Cong | 2020/6/11 20:18:41
  • heads for Hong Kong listing

    It's just days before China's e-commerce giant gets a listing on the Hong Kong bourse, the second mega IPO of a Chinese mainland-based technology powerhouse following Alibaba's secondary listing in Hong Kong last November.

    By Xie Jun and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/6/8 21:03:40
  • 600m with $140 monthly income worries top

    A group of figures stood out from Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's remarks at an annual press conference on Thursday as offering a sobering reminder of challenges to prop up the economy amid the raging pandemic.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/29 21:58:40
  • China eyes 15-year R&D development plan to get ready for a tech contest with US

    Minister of Science and Technology Wang Zhigang said Tuesday that China will draw up a 15-year roadmap for science and technology development, and he called for international cooperation in the technology sphere, despite mounting concerns over a looming tech cold ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/19 18:43:40
  • Huawei ban drags China, US into tech cold war

    The latest US ban on Chinese high-tech firm Huawei Technologies has officially dragged the two countries, which have seen bilateral ties sour amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, into a prolonged cold war in the tech sector, as such a ...

    By Chen Qingqing and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/17 22:13:40
  • China's timely policy response has proved effective in propping up coronavirus-hit economy: top financial influencers

    China's timely macroeconomic policy response to the coronavirus outbreak has proved effective in propping up its economy that's on track for positive growth in 2020, top Chinese financial influencers said Saturday at a high-profile online forum.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/16 14:11:50
  • China's 2020 fiscal deficit target to exceed 3%: economists

    China is on track to set its annual fiscal deficit target beyond 3 percent for 2020 – one of the most-watched economic goals to be unveiled at the forthcoming annual two sessions –to pump more support into its coronavirus-hit economy, ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/14 20:03:40
  • China stops beef imports from four Australian companies, due to inspection and quarantine breaches

    China said on Tuesday that beef from four Australian companies failed to meet import standards set by both governments and posed a safety risk to Chinese consumers, explaining an earlier decision by Chinese customs to temporarily halt beef imports from ...

    By Wang Bozun and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/12 21:03:40
  • April new yuan loans stronger than expected as support continues for virus-ravaged economy

    China's new yuan-denominated loans were stronger than expected in April, central bank data showed Monday, as the nation maintains monetary support for its coronavirus-ravaged economy.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/11 20:29:42
  • More US-listed Chinese firms to 'come home' as regulations get tougher

    Chinese companies are abandoning pursuit of listings at the US stock market, with many shifting to bourses at the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong due to an excessively regulatory toughening targeting Chinese firms, according to market watchers.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/5/6 19:28:41
  • Chinese stocks listed on US exchanges to take a battering from SEC rebuke: industry insiders

    Chinese stocks listed on US exchanges will inevitably take a battering from the recent US regulatory rebuke, Chinese industry insiders say, noting more Chinese firms are expected to consider IPOs closer to their home market.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/25 0:14:02
  • China could lift deficit-to-GDP to highest on record amid COVID-19

    In the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic that has subdued its economy and led to a contraction of 6.8 percent in the first quarter, China is expected to raise its budget deficit to 3.5 percent of GDP this year, economists ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/19 22:48:40
  • Norway sees rising salmon exports to China as demand recovers

    Norway's government and seafood industry are finding solutions and overcoming hurdles to ensure a smooth logistics chain for export markets including China, with demand in the world's largest seafood consumer market recovering as the coronavirus gradually comes under control.

    By Shen Weiduo and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/16 20:48:40
  • Warnings pile up as pandemic hits profits

    Profit warnings from Chinese companies are piling up as many businesses took a hit in the first quarter, a clear sign that the coronavirus outbreak has sent shockwaves through the world's second-largest economy.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/16 19:03:40
  • Yuan's global role set to rise

    China's push to transform the yuan into a global currency is set to gain momentum alongside efforts to continue opening up its financial markets, analysts said, noting that the nation's effective containment of the coronavirus outbreak is helping to stabilize ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/15 18:33:40
  • Geely vows greater commitment to mitigating future local risks

    Geely, the largest private automaker in China, has vowed greater support for local suppliers where its factories are based, under efforts to cushion the coronavirus-induced impact on global supply chains, a company executive said.

    By Li Qiaoyi in Ningbo | 2020/4/14 22:03:40
  • Supply chains going nowhere

    Conversations with locals in the port city of Ningbo were on most occasions filled with down-to-earth thinking about how the local economy, essentially underpinned by the city's manufacturing prowess, could better weather the coronavirus storm.

    By Li Qiaoyi in Ningbo | 2020/4/14 21:58:40
  • Crisis becomes opportunity for Chinese exporters to focus on domestic market

    Beleaguered Chinese exporters are making shrewd moves to focus more on the domestic market and turn the coronavirus pandemic into an impetus for their climb up the value chain.

    By Feng Yu and Li Qiaoyi in Ningbo | 2020/4/13 22:18:40
  • Can China's exports survive pandemic after surviving domestic outbreak?

    After Wuhan, capital city of Central China's Hubei Province hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, lifted its city lockdown after 76 days in isolation to contain the novel coronavirus spread, China officially entered the next stage of ...

    By Li Qiaoyi in Ningbo and Wang Cong in Beijing | 2020/4/12 21:02:52
  • Market volatility to ease amid containment efforts

    With the coronavirus pandemic stoking unprecedented volatility across varying asset classes globally, a galaxy of investors has lately felt at sea with future directions. Hard-won life lessons of Wall Street influencer Stephen A. Schwarzman (Schwarzman) therefore instantly seem to be ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/11 3:18:40
  • 9 in Hurun top 100 seeing wealth rise in 2mths from China

    Rupert Hoogewerf's eponymous Hurun Research released a special report on Monday revealing changes to wealth rankings of the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs who make the Hurun Global Top 100 list in the two months ending on March 31.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/4/6 23:38:41
  • Luckin investors prepare class action response against upstart coffee chain

    Starbucks' China rival Luckin Coffee confessed to fabricating transactions, following Muddy Waters' short thesis from February.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Zhou Zheng | 2020/4/3 6:48:46
  • Navigating economy in 2020

    To set an annualized GDP target or not, that's the question for the world's second largest economy in 2020, a year that seems tougher than ever, touched upon by some influential Chinese economists interviewed by the Global Times.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Ma Jingjing | 2020/4/1 2:31:33
  • Xi's Zhejiang tour boosts companies' confidence

    Nationwide efforts to restart the coronavirus-battered Chinese economy seem to have proceeded by fits and starts amid an explosion in confirmed cases in Europe and the US, with authorities and industry insiders voicing concerns over the plight of life services ...

    By Li Qiaoyi and Shen Weiduo | 2020/3/30 17:43:40
  • China must prepare for shocks as massive US rescue package adds urgency

    An unprecedented $2.2 trillion rescue package envisioned to save the US economy from a free fall highlights a massive downward pressure on US economy hit hard by the spreading coronavirus, market observers said.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/26 21:03:40
  • Now is not the time for unrestrained optimism

    The unrelenting swings over the past few days across almost all types of assets seems a surreal experience for investors across the globe betting on risky assets. In a sign of self-mockery among Chinese investors that have lately taken a ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/25 22:49:03
  • As virus spreads worldwide, China's economic growth outlook dims

    The Chinese economy remains under immense pressure from the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, although effective virus containment by the government lays the basis for revival hopes, Chinese analysts say.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/25 20:43:41
  • US Fed's all-in loosening may brew greater risks

    An unprecedented quantitative easing package rolled out by the US Federal Reserve to save a slumping economy may ameliorate fears in the global markets for the moment, economists said, but the US central bank's historical show of force could set ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/24 21:38:40
  • Yuan to remain under control: analysts

    The Chinese currency has lately come under downward pressure as a dollar funding squeeze is siphoning liquidity away from global markets, market observers said, adding that the yuan won't get out of control as the economy will stabilize ahead of ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/23 21:39:43
  • China has more monetary leeway than global peers amid coronavirus pandemic: market watchers

    China's central bank on Friday surprised the market with its decision to keep its benchmark lending rate steady in March, despite a global race to cut rates amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/20 20:28:40
  • Nationwide business recovery unlikely before May: experts

    Under the most optimistic scenario, China's economic activity will fully rebound in the second half of the year, as vigilance against imported coronavirus infections has complicated arrangements to get the economy quickly back in motion.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Shen Weiduo | 2020/3/19 22:03:40
  • China stocks are poised for bull run

    China's shares are still one of the "best performers" among global stock markets, which mostly tumbled in a coronavirus-triggered market selloff, although mainland markets are also under pressure amid rising global risk aversion, Chinese analysts said on Tuesday.

    By Xie Jun and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/3/17 22:23:40
  • China's manufacturing sector faces contraction

    Activity in China's factory sector is expected to contract in February due to the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak on the world's factory, according to market observers.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/26 23:04:50
  • China repels US bullying at WIPO

    China on Wednesday vigorously pushed back a US attempt to block the Chinese nominee from leading the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which oversees the massive global IP system, slamming Washington for interfering in the elections and bullying other countries ...

    By Liu Xin in Geneva, Wang Cong and Li Qiaoyi in Beijing | 2020/2/26 22:06:49
  • Phone shipments to drop over 10% in 2020 if virus turns a pandemic

    Global smartphone shipments are likely to fall 10 percent or more this year due to the fallout of the coronavirus outbreak on industrial supply chains and inhibited consumer demand, an industry analyst said on Tuesday.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/25 19:28:18
  • Spike in COVID-19 infections outside China casts shadow over supply chains

    A spike in COVID-19 infections outside China, notably in South Korea and Japan, is sending shockwaves through semiconductor supply chains, darkening prospects for the Asian economy, an enabler of growth across the globe, market watchers said.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/24 21:23:40
  • Contractors deny Western reports that Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway construction hindered

    Chinese contractors on the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway project in Indonesia on Thursday denied Western reports saying that the construction of the project has hit obstacles amid the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in China.

    By Ma Jingjing and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/20 21:07:39
  • Virus biggest strain on Bay economy on first anniversary of development plan

    The disruption and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is the biggest strain on the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, which was officially set in motion one year ago.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/18 20:33:40
  • China, US carry out phase one deal despite complications

    China and the US on Friday moved to implement the phase one trade agreement, as both sides cut by half some tariffs on tens of thousands of each other's products for the first time since Washington initiated the tit-for-tat tariff ...

    By Wang Cong and Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/14 22:57:57
  • Nation ups ante in front-loaded quota for local govt bonds amid NCP

    China's finance ministry announced Tuesday plans to bring forward 848 billion yuan ($121.59 billion) of this year's quota for local government bonds, in the latest sign of efforts to prop up the economy amid the fallout from the novel coronavirus ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/11 22:59:04
  • Mastercard gets off races in China with clearinghouse JV

    US credit card giant Mastercard Inc has gotten off to the races in China, with its online clearinghouse joint venture in Beijing gaining regulatory approval on Tuesday as the world's second-largest economy continues with its financial opening push.

    By Li Qiaoyi and Ma Jingjing | 2020/2/11 19:58:37
  • 'Market appears oversold'

    The Chinese mainland equity market bled on Monday, the first trading day of the Year of the Rat, despite a slew of measures announced over the weekend to allay investors' fears over the spread of the novel coronavirus.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/3 21:58:40
  • China market wrap-up

    An extended Spring Festival holiday break has proven ineffective in allaying panicked investors, with the Chinese mainland stock market opening on Monday with a precipice fall that was seen largely continuing into the end of the first trading day of ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/3 20:03:40
  • Battered sectors in Hong Kong get another blow from coronavirus

    The spread of the novel coronavirus is dealing a new blow to the battered hospitality, tourism and retail sectors in Hong Kong after months of social unrest that has roiled the city, local industry participants said on Sunday.

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/2/2 22:48:40
  • Wuhan-based memory chipmaker maintains normal operations despite novel coronavirus

    While the city of Wuhan in Central China's Hubei Province remains under quarantine due to the novel coronavirus, the operations of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co (YMTC), one of China's most advanced memory chipmakers, has been unaffected, a company spokesperson told ...

    By Li Qiaoyi | 2020/1/28 23:44:05