As of Fri, more than 1.22 billion people in China are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. China has provided 2 billion vaccine doses to over 120 countries & intl orgs. Sadly, while developed countries stockpile vaccines, others desperately need them.

  • President Xi Jinping said at World Economic Forum in Davos in 2017 that China would strive to enhance the performance of economic growth. Between 2016 to 2020, China's energy consumption per unit of GDP dropped 13.2% and spending on research and development rose rapidly to $383.9 billion.

    2022/1/15 1:21:01
  • State Councilor and FM Wang Yi is visiting Eritrea, Kenya and Comoros from Jan 4 to 7. Africa has been the first destination of Chinese FMs in a new year for 32 years, a diplomatic tradition that symbols China-Africa friendship.

    2022/1/5 0:31:23
  • 2021 marks the centenary of the Communist Party of China when the two centenary goals met at the juncture of history. The year has witnessed multiple crises rarely seen in history, bringing arduous tasks and challenges to the Chinese people. In the past year, Chinese President Xi Jinping has led the Chinese people in making new progress and creating new achievements with strong confidence, bold initiatives and solid actions. The country has also made several promises to the world, demonstrating an image of a responsible major power.

    2021/12/31 0:23:17
  • China's exports and imports topped $6 trillion for the first time in 2021. The growth volume in 2021 hit $1.4t, equivalent to the annual foreign trade volume in 2005, customs data showed Friday.

    2022/1/14 10:53:59
  • Entrepreneurs from China, Japan and South Korea shared in a survey their views on the changes in each country's economic situation, business risks faced by enterprises and the RCEP's effects. Their verdict? China's economy has the most optimistic forecast.

    2022/1/13 23:21:21
  • The Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games will start from February 4. More than 200 technologies, including 5G, high-speed rail and new energy, have been tested and used in various aspects of the event to offer smart and convenient experiences for athletes and other guests. The use of advanced technologies will also ensure a green Olympics with 100 percent green power supply, the first time in Olympic history.

    2022/1/13 18:52:33
  • China's COVID-19 prevention supplies support global recovery: -China has contributed one out of every three vaccines outside of the country -China has provided 350 billion masks, equivalent to nearly 53 masks for everyone outside China Check below for more:

    2022/1/14 20:20:46
  • North China's Tianjin Municipality, which is home to 15 million people and also a major gateway to Beijing, is facing China's first real battle against Omicron, with Omicron-infected domestically-transmitted cases discovered in local communities for the first time.

    2022/1/9 21:29:44
  • Editor's Note: Official data show that more than 1.2 billion people on the Chinese mainland have been fully vaccinated as of Dec 28, accounting for more than 85.6 percent of China's population. The country is steadily approaching herd immunity against SARS-CoV-2 amid Western doubts over its dynamic zero-COVID strategy. It has quickly contained outbreaks of COVID-19 in several cities during the past year which has repeatedly proved the effectiveness and correctness to applying a double insurance policy of mass vaccination under the dynamic zero-COVID.

    2022/1/5 22:40:22