The US' appeals against WTO rulings might seem normal, because all members are afforded the right to file appeals. But the move yet again lays bare the danger of the US' shameless hegemonic behaviors to the global free trade system.
By Global Times | 2023/1/28 22:20:01
  • US energy trade could fall victim to new partisan battle in Washington

    For the second time this month, the US House of Representatives has passed a bill to curb President Joe Biden's ability to tap the nation's petroleum reserves - a measure that has already drawn a White House veto threat. While the division and polarization in US politics continues to escalate, what happened in the highest hall of "US democracy" has become a political farce, leaving the US economy as the ultimate victim.

    By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/28 22:16:15
  • GT Voice: US chips ban won't deter China from technological cooperation

    While there will be no winners in the US-led technological war against China, it is still essential for China to consider the big picture with regards to how to strengthen cooperation and reduce losses.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/27 19:27:42
  • How will the Chinese yuan fare in 2023 as Fed keeps on tightening?

    In 2022, the US Federal Reserve aggressively raised interest rates and shrank its balance sheet, kicking off the fastest and steepest monetary tightening cycle in 40 years. Although the Chinese yuan exchange rate has undergone some adjustment and volatility, it has smoothly transitioned to two-way fluctuation now.

    By Guan Tao | 2023/1/23 11:53:30
  • China's economy to recover to a growth level of 5-6% in 2023

    Recently, market expectations for China's economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19 have been growing. The net inflow of capital into China's A-share market has continued to rise, and many international institutions have also raised their forecasts for China's economic growth, all indicating that investors and analysts are generally optimistic about rebounding China's economic growth this year.

    By Lian Ping | 2023/1/20 13:06:11
  • Strengthened cooperation with China can help promote Australia's energy transition

    The surge in the sales of Chinese-made EVs in the Australian market is a microcosm of the cooperation potential between the two sides in the field of new energy. Strengthened cooperation with China can help promote Australia's energy transition.

    By Wang Yi | 2023/1/19 11:10:11
  • GT Voice: China's festival consumption injects renewed impetus in economy

    With the global demand being hit, China may be one of the few countries that can offer support to the world economic growth in 2023. China provides a huge market for global consumer goods, while Chinese tourists play an important role in boosting overseas travel markets.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/19 11:04:33
  • Deviation from Asian cooperation takes toll on Japanese economy

    Japan has shown the tendency to blindly follow Washington's "decoupling" push, especially on the US chip ban, which is actually a sign that it is losing the ability to balance external cooperation.

    By Wang Jiamei | 2023/1/18 23:23:18
  • GT Voice: US unable to push 'reshoring' and 'decoupling' simultaneously with Europe

    Firm support for globalization and multilateralism has always been common ground between China and Europe.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/18 23:18:42
  • Chip competitiveness is the best defense to Netherlands' interests amid US pressure

    Before a visit to the US by Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday, top Dutch trade official said the Netherlands "will not summarily accept new US restrictions on exporting chip-making technology to China," and is consulting with "European and Asian allies," Reuters reported.

    By By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/17 23:26:18
  • GT Voice: US the biggest obstructer of global recovery in 2023

    The IMF said in its latest staff report that after decades of increasing global economic integration, the world is facing the risk of fragmentation, which could reduce global economic output by up to 7 percent. And with the addition of technological "decoupling," the loss in output could reach 8 to 12 percent in some countries, it warned.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/17 23:22:35
  • Politicians in Washington irresponsible in using debt ceiling for political aims

    With new leadership in the US House of Representatives, a clash between Democrats and Republicans over the debt ceiling faces a new round of crisis.

    By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/16 23:32:36
  • GT Voice: US disruptions cause energy woes, not China's recovery

    The degree to which China's economic recovery in 2023 will affect global energy market is now a topic of great concern as almost every media report on oil prices is mentioning the prospect of China's recovering energy demand, such as the Bloomberg report entitled "Oil's Advance Takes Breather as Investors Assess China Reopening" on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/16 23:29:34
  • GT Voice: Positive signals from Canberra bode well for improving ties

    Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese told reporters on Saturday that Australia aims to continue to boost relations with China as it seeks to fully restore trade ties with its largest export market.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/15 21:30:51
  • US monetary policy uncertainty will keep perplexing investors in 2023

    With Federal Reserve remaining strongly committed to lowering inflation by restraining economic growth, equity investors around the world will continue to be perplexed, scratching their heads in 2023.

    By Wen Sheng | 2023/1/15 20:40:38
  • GT Voice: Rising signs of US supply chain shift require vigilance

    As the US and India appear to move toward closer trade ties, it is essential for China to be vigilant as to Washington's plan to accelerate a global realignment of supply chains.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/12 22:53:48
  • China is opposed to West's playing power game in Africa

    Since Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang recently kicked off a tour of five African countries - Ethiopia, Gabon, Angola, Benin and Egypt, some foreign media outlets have launched another round of hype over the "great powers' escalating game in Africa."

    By Song Wei | 2023/1/12 19:04:46
  • Apple, facing softening demand, can hardly make India a manufacturing giant

    India has a huge potential in the manufacturing sector, but if the country wants to make its manufacturing ambitions a reality to become a manufacturing hub of the world, it shouldn't focus simply on attracting Western companies, but needs to pay more attention to make itself an attractive investment destination for companies from other Asian countries, including China.

    By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/11 22:05:00
  • GT Voice: US attempts to manipulate semiconductors to ruin sector

    There is no doubt that the idea of boosting North America semiconductor industrial chain is led by the US, which is "America First-driven." Canada and Mexico are nothing but subordinates in the US-dominated supply chain.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/11 22:00:22
  • US Big Tech lashes out at India; world needs coordinated digital rules

    The Asia Internet Coalition, an industry group that represents Meta, Amazon, Twitter, Google and other US big tech companies, has expressed dissatisfaction with the digital competition law recommended by the Indian Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance in December, arguing that it is "regressive" and "may dampen digital innovation in India," Indian media outlet Business Standard reported on Monday.

    By Wang Yi | 2023/1/10 22:10:59
  • GT Voice: US steps up pressure on allies over chip ban, but to no avail

    US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel said the US is in discussions with Japan, the Netherlands and South Korea over restricting semiconductor exports to China, and it needs all parties to agree on a deal, Bloomberg reported on Monday. That sounds more like another round of pressuring.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/10 22:04:48
  • Decarbonize transport figures prominently in fighting climate change

    There was some encouraging climate action in 2022, but the world remains far off track to meet the set goals of reducing global heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions and limiting future planetary warming to limit climate change. Environmentalists have called for a strong collective commitment and concerted efforts toward slashing emissions in 2023, if the world wants to keep climate extremes from becoming even more devastating.

    By Wen Sheng | 2023/1/10 18:12:55
  • US-India trade friction to increase despite communication mechanism like TPF

    The India-US Trade Policy Forum (TPF), a premier platform to resolve trade and investment issues between the two sides, will hold a meeting in Washington on Wednesday, the Economic Times reported. Coming at a time when Washington signals a desire for closer ties with New Delhi as tension with China builds, the upcoming forum has drawn attention to the discussion about how US-India trade relations will proceed in the future.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/10 0:02:35
  • GT Voice: US industrial goals clash with 'decoupling' from China hype

    Despite the Biden administration's efforts to adopt various measures and stimulus policies to promote the domestic production of electric vehicles (EVs) and other green technologies, Washington's political rhetoric of reducing dependence on China seems increasingly at odds with its ambitious industrial goals.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/9 23:57:03
  • GT Voice: Smearing Chinese economy won't help US tackle its own woes

    No matter how China adjusts its epidemic prevention and control measures, some in the US always seem to find ways to misinterpret them as posing uncertainty to global supply chains. However, such bias looks increasingly like a cover-up to blur the risk the US economy is about to unleash on the global economy.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/8 22:52:03
  • Chinese yuan gains appeal among global traders, investors

    China's currency has continued to rally, hitting a four-month high against the US dollar on Friday, apparently buoyed by the country's move to optimize its COVID-19 response and reopen its borders to revitalize the world's second-largest economy. On Friday, the country's central bank set the USD/CNY central parity rate at 6.8912, but the onshore and offshore currency markets saw USD/CNY both close at roughly 6.83 - exposing the strong buying of the yuan.

    By Wen Sheng | 2023/1/8 22:41:37
  • GT Voice: S.Korean firms can't deny cooperation trend despite challenges

    About half of the South Korean companies in China said their sales and profits are likely to have decreased in 2022 due to reduced local demand, fierce market competition and the ongoing epidemic, according to a survey released by the Korea Institute for Industrial Economic and Trade on Wednesday, South Korean business news portal Business Korea reported.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/5 23:07:31
  • Wage hikes amid high inflation dampen West's 'reshoring' push

    Some of London's biggest railway stations are shut on Thursday as strikes on the railway network reach a critical peak. Britain, once the leading great power, is mired in industrial action with workers ranging from trade drivers to nurses protesting against below-inflation pay offers, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.

    By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/5 22:54:15
  • Chinese supply chain props up, not weighs on, Apple stock amid US tech rout

    US technology company Apple's share price fell 3.7 percent on Tuesday, the first trading day for the US stock markets in 2023, as the tech rout hit the iPhone maker, pushing its market value below $2 trillion.

    By Wang Yi | 2023/1/4 23:44:27
  • GT Voice: US chip restrictions on China to harm Japanese companies

    Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yasutoshi Nishimura is set to visit the US from Thursday to discuss issues such as cutting-edge semiconductor technology cooperation as well as US restrictions on selling advanced chip technology to China, the Sankei newspaper reported on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/4 23:40:18
  • India should not be envious about cooperation between China, Nepal

    After the Pokhara Regional International Airport (PRIA), the third international airport of Nepal, comes into operation from Sunday, Indian media outlets have given special attention to the newly-built project.

    By Hu Weijia | 2023/1/3 23:38:27
  • GT Voice: Tesla's pressure highlights more competitive market

    While it has become common to see Western media outlets blame Chinese supply chain problems partially for the sluggish stock performance of Tesla and Apple, it may be time for the two US giants to face up to the challenges of a more competitive Chinese market.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/3 23:34:17
  • If a global trade war is provoked by US, Europe should join forces with China

    In an article titled "sleepwalking into a global trade war," Anne O. Krueger, a former World Bank chief economist, noted that the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and CHIPS and Science Act, which came into effect on January 1, 2023, will inflict so much damage on major trading partners and allies that they will almost certainly have to retaliate.

    By Zhao Yongsheng | 2023/1/3 18:40:35
  • GT Voice: Need for China-Philippines cooperation overwhelming despite external noise

    The history of friendly exchanges between China and the Philippines shows that China is a good neighbor and partner of the Philippines for economic development. Staying committed to making the cooperation pie bigger is in the best interests of both sides.

    By Global Times | 2023/1/2 23:43:59
  • New Year to bring new, higher horizon for stock market investors

    China's stock market wrapped up one of the bumpiest year in 2022 with the benchmark Shanghai composite index finishing with a loss of 15 percent from 2021. However, investors are starting to rebuild confidence thanks to the government's move to optimize anti-COVID responses.

    By Wen Sheng | 2023/1/2 20:56:56
  • GT Voice: Political bias unhelpful to benefit from China's outbound tourism

    As the world has entered a period of turbulence and transformation, cooperation will be critical to promote economic recovery in the post-epidemic era.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/29 0:42:24
  • US trade policy toward China should come back to rational in 2023

    The Biden administration has escalated its economic war against China to a new level and expanded its crackdown and restrictions from trade to technology, and financial sectors.

    By Huo Jianguo | 2022/12/29 0:33:54
  • GT Voice: Lack of adequate supply chain underlines problems for India

    There is no shortage of media reports claiming that Apple Corporation's major contractors have been planning more production capacity in India, which has been widely seen as an important indicator reflecting Apple's supply chain shift away from China.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/28 21:09:56
  • Developing nations need stronger cooperation to control risks

    Looking back to the passing year of 2022, a majority of emerging market economies have suffered a complex crisis of food shortages, energy crunches, elevated inflation and higher unemployment. The combination of these economic problems has even triggered political upheavals in some of the economies.

    By Wang Youming | 2022/12/28 21:06:03
  • China-India-Nepal cooperation conducive to regional growth

    China and Nepal have continued to strengthen cooperation, making progress particularly in areas including vaccines, infrastructure building, investment and trade.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/27 22:54:16
  • GT Voice: US politicians get jittery about TikTok's tech, rising influence

    Some Biden administration officials are pushing for the sale of TikTok's US branch, citing the so-called security concerns over the company's operations in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/27 22:50:17
  • Beijing's traffic jam adds to evidence of nation's resilience

    China's economic resilience has been fully demonstrated amid the global economic downturn caused by the pandemic over the past few years. Now, we have reasons to believe that despite some challenges ahead, the Chinese economy will eventually emerge from the cloud of COVID-19 pandemic.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/26 23:13:08
  • GT Voice: Signal on tighter scrutiny of US-listed Chinese firms unwise

    At a time when China and the US have already won hard-earned results in bilateral auditing cooperation, it is unwise for the US to signal that more political pressure may be coming for US-listed Chinese companies.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/26 23:08:49
  • Chinese economy to regain momentum seen before 2020

    China is currently optimizing COVID-19 responses and making a transition to the managed exit from mass nucleic acid testing - a decisive step toward bringing normal work and life back. The timing for the policy change is well calculated and deemed opportune now.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/25 23:00:43
  • GT Voice: Innovation key to China's confidence in 2023 recovery

    Over the past three years, many have focused only on the impact of the pandemic on the Chinese economy, while overlooking the fact that leading Chinese companies such as telecom giant Huawei have recorded continuous progress in innovation, which is where China's confidence lies in when it comes to recovering from the Omicron outbreak.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/25 22:57:26
  • GT Voice: Renewed dialogue encouraging for China-Australia relationships

    China and Australia agreed to commerce or restart dialogue in six areas, according to a joint statement released after an "ice-breaking" meeting between Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong on Wednesday.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/22 22:55:36
  • India's halt on futures trade calls for urgency on inflation curb

    India's growing population means the country has to pay special attention to food security. In the process of economic growth and its integration into the global industrial chain, how to deal with imported inflation is a subject that India must consider.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/22 22:51:59
  • WTO members should jointly safeguard the authority of the multilateral trading system

    The Trade Policy Review Mechanism (TPRM) is one of the three major mechanisms of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which helps to increase the transparency of the multilateral trading system.

    By Su Qingyi | 2022/12/22 22:01:02
  • Survey of auto executives sounds alarm for US reshoring push

    Auto executives aren't as confident in electric car adoption as they once were. The survey of auto executives should sound alarm bells for Washington's “reshoring” push.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/21 23:06:10
  • GT Voice: Divergence of growth forecasts shows need for coordination

    The divergence of economic forecasts about the Chinese and US economies points to the challenges ahead, which call for more cooperation than confrontation pushed by Washington.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/21 23:10:46
  • Gallagher's 'decoupling' push to backfire on US companies

    The US has tried to “decouple” itself from China economically. However, this is self-inflicted harm to its own economy. The last example is Gallagher's remarks saying he plans to focus scrutiny on US investments in China.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/20 22:14:07
  • GT Voice: Australia can be East-West bridge, not US pawn to contain China

    Even if there are some specific issues that cannot be resolved in the short term during the process of warming China-Australia relations, efforts in continuously moving forward the relationship remain worthwhile.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/20 22:19:27
  • Western media's 'China collapse' fearmongering aims to cover up crises at home

    Jonathan Tepperman, former editor of Foreign Policy magazine, wrote that the US should adjust policies to deal with a “collapsing China.” Many Western media reports have intensified “China collapse” fearmongering, which is an attempt to cover up crises in the West.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/12/20 0:23:53
  • GT Voice: Fairer investment rules will be a boost for developing economies

    More than 110 WTO members reportedly signed and participated in the negotiation of the IFD, which shows that promoting development through opening-up and cooperation remains the mainstream of the global economic development.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/19 0:11:57
  • GT Voice: Vigilance against protectionism needed in EU's carbon border tax

    The EU's move marks a big step forward for the bloc in accelerating emissions cuts, which is an encouragement in terms of joint efforts in tackling climate change. But vigilance is needed as to whether the carbon border tariffs will lead to more protectionism.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/19 23:28:08
  • Kejriwal's call to boycott Chinese goods to result in little economic effect

    Amid a period of uncertainty for the global economy, it is crucial for China and India to enhance economic cooperation rather than hinder the development due to border disputes. But, it is regrettable to see some Indian politicians do not understand this simple truth.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/19 23:33:50
  • China and the US make different choices amid global challenges

    As the world is facing major changes unseen in a century and the repeated impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the theme of the era of peace and development is facing severe challenges from the forces of unilateralism and protectionism.

    By Wu Jinhuai | 2022/12/19 10:39:01
  • China prioritizes innovation as pillar of transport upgrade

    China has been leading in researching and developing high-tech transport systems, such as high-speed railways and intra-city smarter driving, which sets the launchpad for economic takeoff.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/18 23:27:13
  • Intensifying US chip export restrictions violate market rules

    The chip export control measures adopted by the US in Oct are in direct violation of the WTO's obligations and market rules. All countries should unite and use existing international mechanisms to fight against the US hegemony.

    By Han Liyu | 2022/12/15 23:23:14
  • GT Voice: China's economic recovery no scapegoat for Western energy crunch

    The potential increase in Chinese demand for energy products doesn't necessarily mean China will exacerbate the global energy crunch. Imbalance in the global energy supply is the root cause of the current energy crisis which appears likely to continue into 2023.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/15 22:56:31
  • 'Voluntary alliance' won't affect China's advantage of critical minerals

    The US and some other Western countries recently announced an alliance to produce and buy critical minerals from countries with “stronger environmental and labor standards,” Reuters reported, saying that the voluntary alliance is expected to “reduce business with market leader China.”

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/15 23:17:06
  • GT Voice: Germany's interests harmed by hardliners' irrational claims

    At a time when both China and Germany have shown their willingness to further deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, it is selfish of a few German politicians to choose to play tough with China, which only reflects their disregard for Germany's overall interests.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/14 23:53:22
  • 'National security' has become a shield for the US to trample on WTO rules

    In particular, the "guardrail provisions" are suspected of violating the WTO's requirements for most-favored-nation treatment and national treatment, and also does not conform to the policy logic emphasized by the US to maintain the resilience of the global chip industry supply chain. In essence, this is to eliminate the so-called "threat" to the US from actual or potential systemic competitors by creating "technological nationalism" in the era of globalization, and to ensure that the US always maintains an intergenerational advantage over its main competitors.

    By Zhang Yugui and Xia Shufang | 2022/12/14 22:43:21
  • Grocery, services prices continue to impact US Fed's policy-making

    Though November CPI came in at 7.1%, it doesn't indicate the US Federal Reserve has succeeded in controlling inflation, as the central bank will be haunted by persistently elevated grocery prices and cost of services.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/14 14:32:38
  • China's economy will again prove Western doubters wrong

    We Chinese people have reasons to believe we are well positioned to move into a new chapter. When we eventually emerge from the cloud of COVID-19 stronger, all the Western media headlines desperately wishing for a "China collapse" will again just look foolish.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/12/14 1:42:59
  • GT Voice: China's renewed economic vitality to offer certainty to Asia

    Among the discussions surrounding how much vitality China's further optimization of COVID-19 response will unleash for the Chinese economy, one thing seems certain that China's economic recovery will inject more certainty into Asia's economic development in 2023.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/13 23:54:36
  • US-Africa partnership requires more than Biden's $55 billion

    US President Joe Biden is hosting leaders from across the African continent in Washington, with plans to unveil $55 billion in economic, health and security support, as part of a renewed bid to win back influence across the continent.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/13 23:34:23
  • US should not politicize Africa's development demands with upcoming summit

    The US strongly demanded that China reduce or cancel the debts of underdeveloped countries, but at the same time, it did not increase its support for Africa's development. As a result, African countries had to go to international capital markets for loans, resulting in a more serious debt burden. How Africa, whose development demands are politicized by the US can control its own destiny is a thorny issue leaders of African countries face today.

    By Song Wei | 2022/12/13 1:19:19
  • GT Voice: Blackstone warning liquidity crunch deserves due attention

    The recent financial events, such as Blackstone's limits on redemptions, are the inevitable results of Americans' excessive innovation in the financial sector over the years, which could be seen as a sign of a liquidity problem surfacing in the US.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/12 23:46:06
  • Blaming swap lines futile in face of yuan internationalization

    Amid a global push toward de-dollarization, the Chinese yuan's internationalization has made strides, but, obviously, this is not what US politicians want to see.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/12 23:54:33
  • Global oil market volatility likely to continue despite less COVID disruption

    Global oil prices have started to slide, after plateauing for a couple of months following the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine military conflict in February, and the prices have nearly halved now from their peak as this year rapidly draws to an end.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/11 23:14:29
  • GT Voice: Japan bound to get hurt in American 'chip war'

    The US is ratcheting up pressure on its allies, including Japan, to follow Washington's lead in controlling exports of semiconductor-related products and technology to China.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/11 23:20:30
  • China poised for a spectacular economic recovery; here is why

    As China moves decisively to get out of the haze of the COVID-19 pandemic, a battle to boost the economic recovery has also begun. The rebound will be nothing short of spectacular.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/12/10 20:37:26
  • Canberra creates barriers to growth with moves against Beijing

    In recent weeks, some banks have received mandates from Chinese companies looking at Australian assets, in a move which could be seen as evidence that Chinese firms are showing renewed interest in Australian acquisition targets, but “the signs are still tentative,” Reuters reported on Wednesday.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/9 0:50:42
  • GT Voice: Hyping China's 'impact' on prices exposes West's anxiety

    Some Western media outlets have showed signs of blaming China for the inflation problems facing the global economy, but it only reflects their anxiety and lack of confidence in the West's ability to clean up their own mess.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/9 0:42:44
  • Concerns about India's market will continue to haunt its economy

    Indian authorities have reportedly prevented Vivo from exporting 27,000 smartphones, once again raising concerns among businesses. India should address such concerns in a timely manner, or it will continue to haunt its economy.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/12/7 21:41:59
  • GT Voice: Some in Canada seek 'decoupling' from China, but trade data say no

    As costs inevitably rise for their businesses and consumers, many Western politicians find themselves in an awkward position of having to warm up to China again. This has been the case for a growing number of Western countries, we don't see how Canada will be the exemption.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/7 21:49:32
  • Cooperation in S.Pacific best response to Washington's games

    Washington's rebalancing strategy did not achieve its expected effect; on the contrary, the US-initiated geopolitical tensions has caused anxiety among Pacific island countries.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/6 22:47:39
  • GT Voice: Pointing finger at China won't make US-EU trade divide disappear

    If the US and EU can only reach a coordinated approach in dealing with the so-called China challenges, then their shaky "friendship" will be far from enough to bridge their divide exposed by Washington's pursuit of its own interests.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/6 23:06:20
  • US Inflation Reduction Act stirs up trade row across Atlantic

    After several months of silence, the 27-nation European Union has begun to recognize the true intentions of the Biden administration's much-trumpeted legislation passed by the US Congress, the so-called US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/6 16:37:53
  • Western oil price cap to intensify conflict with Russia, undermine global recovery

    Affected by the crude price cap on Russian seaborne oil imposed by G7 countries and worries that the US Federal Reserve could continue its aggressive monetary tightening policy, global oil prices saw sharp fluctuations on Monday. Brent crude futures were down $2.57, or 3 percent, at $83 a barrel after touching $88 during trading.

    By Wang Yi | 2022/12/6 15:48:55
  • GT Voice: Misuse of trade indicator misses bigger picture of China-US ties

    It is far-fetched and disgraceful for some Western media outlets with ulterior motives to play up China-US trade setbacks and place the responsibility on Beijing, which actually is due to the geopolitical pressure caused by Washington's suppression on the Chinese economy.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/5 22:56:09
  • China-India farm cooperation can grow amid global shortages

    If India wants to pile up grain reserves, the country has no choice but to achieve an increase of grain production. China and India have broad space for cooperation in the fields of agricultural infrastructure, finance, and agricultural technology.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/5 23:01:36
  • GT Voice: More China-India economic cooperation than competition

    Western media outlets are hyping up South Asia as a “battleground”, alleging India and China have been locked in a tussle for geo-economic influence, which only reflects the West's narrow-minded zero-sum game mentality.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/4 21:30:48
  • China, EU should always be two strong poles of a multipolar world

    Facing “deglobalization” and “decoupling” headwinds orchestrated by the US, it is imperative for the EU and China to stand together and say no to Washington's attempt to debilitate our world.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/12/3 13:13:59
  • 'Decoupling' rhetoric won't hinder China's high-tech progress

    It is understandable that some US politicians may soften their tone to appease the market at time when the US is facing serious economic headwinds, but China will follow its own speed and rhythm in economic development and modernizing the nation's strategic industries.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/12/2 0:07:27
  • GT Voice: Surge of US-listed Chinese stocks shows confidence

    When Western media outlets and politicians warned about the so-called global impact of China's anti-COVID-19 measures on supply chains, investors appeared totally unimpressed, an ironic contrast that reveals the real level of market confidence in the Chinese economy amid Western badmouthing.

    By Global Times | 2022/12/2 0:02:26
  • Will positive signs for China-EU investment deal lead to progress at last?

    As more European leaders are coming to China for talks in what appears to be a clear shift in approach to China, many are keenly watching for signs of breakthroughs in bilateral ties that have been strained over the past couple of years due to multiple factors, including internal differences and external meddling by the US. For the business communities of both sides, progress on economic and trade cooperation is of paramount importance. In this regard, the China-EU Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) is arguably one of the thorniest and yet most important items. The sweeping deal has been stuck in the ratification process within the EU and faces mounting challenges, but some positive signs are emerging.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/12/1 23:15:00
  • Looming rail strike underlines deep-rooted problems US faces

    The labor dispute on the rails highlighted yet again the challenges facing the US economy. How to solve the deep-seated problems such as inflation, rising labor cost, and supply chain disruption is a key issue that needs to be properly dealt with.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/11/30 23:46:35
  • GT Voice: UK's economic strength weakens further as investment climate deteriorates

    With the baffling move taken by the British government to cite the so-called national security as a reason to leave national interests and commercial credibility behind, Britain's economic power is weakening further as its domestic investment climate deteriorates.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/30 23:41:57
  • UK govt's $839m buyout may be best exit for Chinese firm from troubled nuclear plant

    The UK government confirmed on Tuesday that it would spend 700 million pounds ($839 million) of its taxpayers' money amid the worst cost-of-living crisis in decades simply to buy out a Chinese firm's stake in the Sizewell C nuclear power plant, which has been plagued by massive delays, uncalculatable costs and serious pushback from some UK groups.

    By Wang Cong | 2022/11/30 23:13:58
  • US economy likely to be persistently hampered by high inflation

    Days after flocking to stores on Black Friday, American consumers are turning online for Cyber Monday to score more discounts on gifts and other items that have ballooned in price due to high inflation, the Associated Press (AP) reported on Monday.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/11/29 23:17:57
  • GT Voice: China's NEV sector needs precautions, but 'honeymoon' not over yet

    As concerns over whether China's NEV sector will be pressured by the rise of Western protectionism, there is a need for China to take precautions. But “honeymoon” for sector is not over yet.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/29 23:12:19
  • G20 should be an opportunity for China-India engagement

    If India wants to assure that its G20 presidency will be “inclusive, ambitious, decisive and action-oriented,” the country should have a more positive attitude toward its cooperation and interaction with other G20 members, including China.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/11/29 0:03:14
  • GT Voice: EU needs to counter American protectionism with globalization

    When it comes to dealing with the US' protectionist measures against European interests, Europe needs to counter with a more open approach for globalization, instead of falling into a trap of protectionism.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/28 23:56:11
  • NEV innovation can help sector stay ahead of competition

    Production and sales of new-energy vehicles (NEVs) have soared in China since the beginning of 2022, thanks to the central government's persistent efforts to accelerate high-quality manufacturing and build up the nation's industrial competitiveness in the global marketplace. At the same time, China is committed to green and sustainable development in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lead in the worldwide push to combat climate change.

    By Wen Sheng | 2022/11/27 21:57:14
  • GT Voice: Enhancing resilience of supply chains a top priority for China

    As a restructuring of the global industrial chain seems to have accelerated amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the US' "decoupling" maneuver, there is a rising need for China, the world's largest manufacturing hub, to stabilize and promote a rapid recovery of the country's industrial chain from the fallout of a recent coronavirus flare-up.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/27 21:51:03
  • US selfishness seen in TSMC manufacturing outflow, to hollow out Taiwan's economy

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is in the spotlight once again after Morris Chang, the founder and former CEO of the chipmaker, confirmed that the company plans to produce its most advanced 3-nanometer chips in the US.

    By Hu Weijia | 2022/11/24 21:20:47
  • GT Voice: Asia must jointly tackle external risks amid looming US-EU 'subsidy war'

    At a time when the US and the EU are likely to be locked in what has been described as a looming "subsidy war" aimed at propping up local industrial chains, jointly preventing the potential loss of manufacturing jobs should become a top priority for economic and trade cooperation among Asian economies in the near future.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/24 21:15:13
  • China, S.Korea have a lot to gain through continued trade

    More than 400 industrial and business elites, including representatives from over 300 Chinese and South Korean enterprises attended an economic forum in Seoul on Tuesday to discuss ways to promote pragmatic economic cooperation, South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reported.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/23 23:16:48
  • GT Voice: Exports a top priority for Japan, and China can help

    As Japan is facing the most important tasks of keeping the COVID-19 epidemic under control and restoring economic vitality, how to expand its exports has become key to boosting the country's economic recovery, highlighting the importance of further improving its economic and trade relations with China.

    By Global Times | 2022/11/23 23:12:29