In the wake of global disruptions caused by the coronavirus, the unique role of China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in combating the virus and promoting economic recovery for countries along the route has been prominent and evidential, delivering shining results that smash some western slights against the initiative.
By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/23 19:16:24
  • China's airlines actively expand 'red tourism' routes to meet growing demand

    After celebrating the 100th anniversary of Communist Party of China, Chinese airlines, including Air China and Southern Airlines continue to expand the aviation network for travelers seeking "red tourism" holidays.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/22 21:28:39
  • Mooncake sales witness global growth

    China's traditional mooncake export orders have seen a substantial increase with some companies achieving an up to 70 percent increase in exports ahead of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/21 18:13:40
  • Global Gateway scheme underscores the effectiveness of China-propsed infrastructure program: analyst

    The Global Gateway scheme, which some observers believe aims to compete with the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), is likely inspired by the success of the BRI and will serve to fully demonstrate the effectiveness of Chinese-initiated global infrastructure program, Chinese analysts said on Thursday.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/9/16 19:18:39
  • South China's Guangzhou aims to become global aviation hub

    Guangzhou, the capital city of South China's Guangdong Province, is planning to complete a national-level Airport Economic Demonstration Zone by 2025, including building its airport into an international aviation hub and integrating in the transport construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA).

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/15 18:48:39
  • Deepening opening-up gives Chinese market better prospects: Jim Rogers

    This is the first installment of the Global Times' new commentary series - Top View, in which global influential business leaders and prominent economists share their views on China and the geo-economic landscape.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/14 18:03:03
  • Artistic talent in rural China boosts common prosperity push

    It's hard to imagine rural Chinese villages' daily lives surrounded by creative art galleries, hand-made miniascape decorated with seashells, and various handcrafts made of wood.

    By Yu Xi in Ningbo | 2021/9/12 17:33:39
  • Clearer path to China's carbon neutrality mapped out: industry insiders

    China's pledge to be carbon neutral by 2060, a mission with a tight schedule for a country still being industrialized, suggests tremendous restructuring and funding efforts over the coming decades to carve out an China-specific approach to green growth, industry insiders said at a just-concluded major services trade fair in Beijing where a clearer path to the would-be central pillar of economic growth was mapped out.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/7 18:03:41
  • Tesla launches Yunnan-Tibet electric vehicle supercharging line

    Tesla launched a special 2,800-kilometer supercharging line linking Southwest China's Yunnan Province and Tibet Autonomous Region, setting up 14 supercharger stations along the route, the US electric vehicle maker announced on social media platformWeibo on Tuesday.

    By Global Times | 2021/9/7 17:08:40
  • Chinese tech giants aim high in creating a version of 'metaverse'

    The word "metaverse" may still a new concept for the general public, but it's already a project high on agenda of many big tech firms around the world ranging from US' Facebook, Microsoft, to China's ByteDance and Tencent.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/9/5 18:28:39
  • Will TSMC become a 'US weapon' to contain China's semiconductor sector?

    As the global chip shortage drags on, the world's largest contract chipmaker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is reportedly raising prices by as much as 20 percent, a historical high.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/31 18:33:40
  • New technology and investment needed for virtual idols to compete with real life stars

    McDonald's unveiled its own virtual idol, Happy Sister, as its new brand ambassador in China in January, following the success of virtual idols in the country where young generation's purchasing power and demand for interactive entertainment experiences continues to skyrocket.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/29 17:53:42
  • China's air cargo price to rise as Shanghai airport reports new COVID-19 cases: industry body

    Air cargo prices are expected to rise in China as two cases were confirmed at Shanghai Pudong International Airport resulting in the immediate tightening of epidemic prevention and control measures. Industry insiders and analysts said the freight rates are likely to rise in short term, but will not remain high in the long run.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/25 18:33:39
  • China's high-speed rail, 5G, nuke generators used by more countries

    The US' crackdown on China's technology sector will not dampen China's cooperation on science and technology innovation with countries joining the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    By Xiong Xinyi | 2021/8/19 18:43:40
  • Charter flights providers woo students amid ticket price spike

    Market demand for flights between China and the US is up after the US government has moved to loosen restrictions on international students entering the country from August. Charter flight is also becoming an option for international travelers amid rising demand and surging fares.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/18 18:51:02
  • Shipping disruptions, material price spike squeeze profits of China's textile makers

    After reaping the benefits from the large amount of personal protective equipment (PPE) exports in 2020, textile mills in China now face an export dip as disruptions in global shipping industry are causing prices to spike, squeezing the profits of the low-margin clothing and textile sector.

    By Zhang Dan | 2021/8/17 16:03:39
  • More efforts are called for management of smart driving: analysts

    Sitting in the driver's seat with breakfast in one hand while the other on the steering wheel, driving at 70-80 kilometers per hour along Beijing's Fourth Ring Road, has become a new habit for Jia, a 30-year-old white-collar worker. The move of putting one hand on the steering wheel is to let the bulky machine know that the driver is still in charge instead of totally letting go.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/16 16:28:39
  • Amazon blocks top Chinese sellers, forcing industry to seek new pathways

    The move to block Chinese sellers by US-based e-commerce giant Amazon may speed up the pace for the Chinese companies to develop more direct selling channels and construct their own platforms, online vendors said.

    By Qi Xijia | 2021/8/15 17:07:43
  • Afghan party leader lambasts US for leaving a devastated land tainted with hatred, eyes stronger role for China

    The situation in Afghanistan has entered a crucial period after the US pulled out most of its forces and peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government are in a stalemate. In a recent exclusive interview with Global Times reporters Zhao Juecheng and Hu Yuwei (GT), Dr. Latif Pedram (Pedram), leader of the National Congress Party (NCP) of Afghanistan and a former Member of Parliament, said that the hasty withdrawal of the US and NATO troops from Afghanistan left “a devastated land and political system tainted with blood and hatred.” Pedram believes that the former Soviet Union and the US both failed in the country, and China is eyeing a constructive role in the future economic and social reconstruction of the war-torn country.

    By Hu Yuwei | 2021/8/13 3:48:03
  • Short-term setbacks cannot mask growth momentum of Chinese aviation market

    A new outbreak of COVID-19 infections has cast a shadow over Chinese aviation industry. As of Thursday, China had designated 139 medium-risk and 27 high-risk areas based on the number of new infections, and multiple airports including Nanjing, Yangzhou, East China's Jiangsu Province had been closed forcing airlines to cancel a large number of flights due to the travel restrictions around the country.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/12 17:18:39
  • More Chinese mainland equity fund managers eye Hong Kong amid market slide

    More Chinese mainland equity fund managers are including shares listed in the Hong Kong stock market in their investment portfolio, in hope to capitalize on a market where valuations have somewhat "touched down" amid policy uncertainty and sliding market confidence.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/11 16:33:39
  • Chinese private education sector eyes public schools following policy shift

    China's vast private education sector has been dealt a "fatal blow" after sweeping measures were introduced in July, including a ban preventing curriculum-based tutoring agencies from raising funds through stock listings, in a bid to address unhealthy competition and ease the burden on Chinese students and their families.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/10 17:58:40
  • China's top carbon market expects more trading entities to facilitate trading

    China's national carbon market is running smoothly since its launch on July 16, attracting the attention of an increasing number of enterprises, and the pricing for carbon quotas has been in line with expectation. However, industry insiders call for the introduction of institutional investors to facilitate overall transactions.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/8 16:53:40
  • Luxury brands embrace Chinese Valentine's Day

    As China's Valentine's Day of Qixi approaches, a laundry list of luxury brands has launched a series of special-edition collections for the festival, turning this romantic festival into new fierce battleground for the luxury sector.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/8/4 16:02:21
  • China's Pudong eyes breakthrough tech innovation

    When Lu Xiaowei started her career in Zhangjiang, a 17-square-kilometer farmland in Shanghai's Pudong New Area in 1993, there was little more than a deserted reed marsh, with no roads and little traffic.

    By Li Xuanmin and Xie Jun in Shanghai | 2021/8/3 16:47:48
  • Aviation industry facing headwinds

    Global aviation market has displayed more signs of a roaring recovery, supported by government policy support and airlines' booming confidence.

    By Tu Lei | 2021/7/22 17:33:40
  • Chinese internet firms bow to public pressure, easing work length

    A flurry of internet firms providing services ranging from search, e-commerce to mobile games were born in China since 1994. Ever since their birth, the interest-based companies have sustained an incredibly fast growth, driven by the doctrine that "it is not the big fish that eats the small fish, but it's the fast fish that eats the slow fish."

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/7/21 15:38:39
  • Global tech firms eye opportunities under China's carbon goals

    The World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) is a platform for global tech giants to showcase their latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies, but at this year's event that concluded on Saturday, a new theme emerges among foreign companies: potential opportunities under China's bold goals to cut carbon emissions.

    By Qi Xijia in Shanghai | 2021/7/11 17:33:40
  • Airlines welcome summer surge as travel season helps boost traffic

    The summer travel season for civil aviation has kicked off and tourism has seen a sharp upswing boosted by travelers, providing welcome relief for the country's major airlines and airports.

    By Global Times | 2021/7/8 17:13:39
  • China's AI sector rushes for new chips with all-out efforts to counter US ban

    As investment pours into the cash-burning chip sector amid China's all-out efforts to become independent and counter the US threat, domestic semiconductor companies that specialize in artificial intelligence (AI) are among the first to see major progress.

    By Qi Xijia in Shanghai and Shen Weiduo in Beijing | 2021/7/7 22:14:11
  • Young Chinese eye billions yuan worth of near-expired products

    It is possible to buy Beingmate milk powder products worth 888 yuan ($137.4) for only 7.5 yuan on Chinese e-commerce platforms. The only reason is that the products are near the end of their best-before date. The huge discount has sparked heated discussion on nearly-expired food - food that has nearly reached its sell-by date.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/7/6 18:21:41
  • China's infrastructure plan in Tibet to benefit regional economy beyond border

    From airports to high-speed rail, China has been beefing up efforts to build up a complete transport system in the Tibet Autonomous Region, an area situated on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau where transportation has long been a bottleneck inhibiting its development.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/7/5 18:10:49
  • Chinese supercomputers hold onto supremacy despite US squeeze

    Despite the US government's technology squeeze, Chinese scientists remain confident that the country's supercomputing industry will "get back on track" once the semiconductor manufacturing problem is addressed.

    By Xie Jun and Xiong Xinyi | 2021/7/4 16:08:39
  • CPC leadership leads to stronger, more efficient business sector

    The centennial of the Communist Party of China (CPC) is approaching and a grand celebration will be held on July 1. The 100th anniversary marks an important milestone in the CPC's leadership, which has helped build the world's most populous country into the world's second-largest economy, and created a model of corporate governance that has injected a new dynamic into China's vibrant business environment.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/29 15:44:26
  • Chinese companies leverage new technology to protect environment under the BRI

    Inside the construction area of the Kompong Dewa Resort in Sihanoukville, Cambodia, Chinese builders from the China Eighth Engineering Bureau, a subsidiary of the state-owned construction giant CSCEC, have implemented a green construction concept to the ground.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/6/28 17:11:40
  • Australian cotton exports to China are plummeting

    The quantity of Australian cotton that passed Chinese customs clearance remained low, while price quotation and purchasing remained sluggish for the commodity as Chinese businesses had become cautious about importing Australian cotton amid the two countries' fraught relations.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/27 16:18:39
  • China's EV battery recycles to peak in 2025, requiring policy support

    With the sale of electric vehicle (EV) in China is rising significantly, battery recycling has become another industry challenge, with analysts stating that government support is necessary to ensure recycling becomes an indispensable part on the EV industrial chain.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/22 17:18:40
  • G7's infrastructure plan mostly for purpose of propaganda: analysts

    The G7's newly-hatched "Build Back Better World" (B3W) plan aims to help poor countries build up infrastructure and counter China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/21 19:08:39
  • Policy tightening for after-school tutoring

    China's after-school education institutions are anxiously waiting for further government instructions with many adjusting their business models to comply with policy changes, as the government's regulation of the lucrative industry continues.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/6/20 18:30:42
  • Cargo flight routes will expand

    In less than one week, a number of Chinese cities have witnessed the launch of international cargo routes.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/17 19:13:39
  • One step closer to World Cup final tournament

    China secured a spot in the final round of FIFA World Cup Asian Qualifiers after beating Syria on Tuesday, which analysts said will give a boost to the country's rapidly developing football industry, although businesses involved in football are taking a wait-and-see approach.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/6/16 19:08:40
  • Theme parks witnessing throngs of visitors in China

    With the COVID-19 pandemic battering the tourism industry throughout the globe, theme parks in particular, those located in the Chinese mainland have, however, witnessed the fastest recovery in the world.

    By Xie Jun and Chi Jingyi | 2021/6/15 19:44:01
  • Efforts made to regulate the livestreaming market in China

    A company related to Viya, China's millionaire livestream queen, was recently fined for violating advertising laws, sparking concerns over quality of products sold through livestreaming e-commerce platforms, and revealing what could be the tip of the iceberg for counterfeit products selling chains on livestreaming channels, a booming business valued at 193 billion yuan ($30 billion) in China.

    By Qi Xijia | 2021/6/8 17:43:40
  • Chinese wig producers run short of hair as pandemic hits Asian supply line

    Many Chinese wig producers are running short of raw material - genuine hair, which they used to import in large quantities from neighboring countries including India, but the surging coronavirus pandemic cut both production and transportation from those countries, industry insiders told the Global Times.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/6/1 17:55:53
  • Infant and elderly care shares surge after China allows couples to have third child

    Birth and elderly care shares surged on Monday after China announced to loosen birth restrictions and allow couples to have a third child in a bid to boostdwindling fertility rates and prevent future pressure on China's supply of labor.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/31 17:43:40
  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor faces new opportunities to boost industrial cooperation

    Since being officially launched in 2015, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Belt and Road Initiative's (BRI) flagship project, has begun to bear fruit. As the construction of the CPEC project has come into the new stage of promoting industry and industrial park cooperation, Pakistan is facing new opportunities to fast-track the development of its industries which can help it compete globally.

    By Liu Zongyi | 2021/5/31 17:18:40
  • East China's inland town Caoxian becomes second largest e-commerce cluster in the country

    When young people in Caoxian County, East China's Shangdong Province get married, some of them will inherit online stores from their parents as a wedding gift, a unique custom in the second largest e-commerce cluster in China.

    By Qi Xijia in Caoxian | 2021/5/30 18:21:59
  • Chinese airlines launch 'red tourism' services as CPC celebrates centenary

    "Red tourism" which refers traveling to historical sites with a modern revolutionary legacy, is gaining in popularity for domestic tourists. Seeing growing demand, Chinese airlines are making their efforts to launch more services to cater to a new market opportunity.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/27 17:53:39
  • Small inland Chinese county makes 90% of coffins in Japan

    Caoxian county, a little-known inland county in East China's Shandong Province has become China's latest internet fad built on making 90 percent of coffins sold in Japan.

    By Qi Xijia | 2021/5/26 17:53:42
  • Livestream e-commerce to continue reaping benefits in China

    When America's top influencer Kim Kardashian saw how fast popular Chinese livestreamer Viya sold 1,5000 bottles of perfume in 2019, the gap between the Chinese and US livestreaming e-commerce industry was brought into sharp relief.

    By Zhang Dan in Hangzhou | 2021/5/25 16:59:51
  • Specific plan, timetable needed to pursue green BRI projects with international cooperation: forum

    Coming to the eighth year since the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed by China in 2013 with the aim to build a trade and infrastructure network connecting Asia with Europe, Africa and beyond, the master program has recorded significant achievements made via unremitting efforts, and it has embarked on a journey featured by green and sustainable development.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/24 17:59:36
  • Turning to be a piano hub, Luoshe of Zhejiang shines in home and overseas markets

    There is a small town in East China's Zhejiang Province where most villagers can not only play the piano but also make a good fortune by making pianos. The town accounts for one seventh of pianos made in China.

    By Qi Xijia in Deqing | 2021/5/23 16:18:39
  • More Chinese cities are mapping out cargo business

    For a long time, air cargo has been the business area of large cross-border logistics companies including FedEx and some airlines based on key air cargo hub airports, and most airlines have taken cargo a supplement to the passenger transport business.

    By Global Times | 2021/5/20 18:48:40
  • Single-aisle jets get more popular, as wide-body planes phased out amid COVID-19

    Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, major airlines around the world have adjusted their operating models on a large scale. In recent days, many airlines announced new arrangements for their large wide-body passenger aircraft.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/5/13 19:23:40
  • China's local infant formula brands rise to compete in an int'l arena

    Leading foreign private equity (PE) firms and Chinese home-grown infant formula brands are reportedly fighting for purchase of Reckitt Benckiser Group's infant-nutrition business in China, which reflects fierce competition in China's infant formula market and that local brands will likely usher in their golden era for growth.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/5/12 18:18:40
  • Fruit trade boom between China and BRI countries, supporting local economy

    Cambodia delivered its first batch of fresh mango exports directly to China on Friday, as the agricultural cooperation between the two countries has increased year by year. This was one of the latest examples of fruit exports from countries under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to China, indicating the fruit trade is now effective and has become a driver of trade growth.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/5/11 18:33:40
  • Infrastructure giants seize business in ecological civilization buildup in China

    As the COVID-19 pandemic crippled international travel, a growing number of Chinese infrastructure companies are eyeing on projects related to the "Beautiful China" strategy, believing such projects possess huge potential given China's vast domestic market and growing domestic appetite for greenness and sustainability.

    By Chu Daye in Jiaxing | 2021/5/10 19:43:40
  • Australian exporters hope rift with China will ease, eye opportunities in Chinese market

    Despite a downward spiral of bilateral relations between China and Australia that have caused rising difficulties for Australian exporters, they hold hopes that the rift could be eased as their commitment to the world's second largest economy remains.

    By Zhang Hongpei and Zhao Juecheng in Haikou | 2021/5/9 17:23:39
  • Global market relies on China to secure supply chain as Indian industries hit by COVID-19

    Affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, many enterprises in India cannot guarantee normal delivery, including textiles, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and electronic devices. In order to ensure the supply of goods, European and American retailers have transferred many orders originally produced in India to China.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/28 18:53:40
  • China develops self-made brain-computer interface chip, curbing tech 'bottleneck' amid US tension

    Chinese research teams are striving to build self-developed chips for brain-computer interface (BCI), a critical bioscience sector that could collect and analyze human brains' electronic signals, paving way for a breakthrough in this next-generation technology in industry, aerospace and medicine, whose markets are valued at trillions of dollars.

    By Li Xuanmin and Qi Xijia | 2021/4/27 17:29:48
  • Chinese airlines hope to narrow loss by coming holidays

    Mrs Xiong has been feeling slightly anxious for the past few days, she can hardly book a train ticket from Beijing to Nanchang, capital of East China's Jiangxi Province in the coming holidays.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/22 17:43:39
  • Lack of experimental monkeys unlikely to affect development of COVID-19 vaccine: experts

    As the COVID-19 pandemic ravages large swathes of the world, global pharma have been racing to develop vaccines since 2020. For ordinary people, the challenges of developing vaccines seem to be a scientific miracle. However, perhaps only few people noticed that the shortage of monkey test subjects became a major bottleneck for many firms throughout the testing of potential vaccine candidates.

    By Wang Bozun and Liu Zhongyin | 2021/4/21 17:13:39
  • China's electric-vehicle market gets crowded as luxurious competitors jump in

    China's EV market has been white-hot this year as more foreign brands have stepped up their activities in China.

    By Qi Xijia and Xiejun | 2021/4/20 19:31:24
  • BRI a cornerstone for growth in Pakistan

    In a recent story posted in early April, Hindustantimes online said that signs of unease emerging between China and Pakistan over the future of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), citing a report published in Modern Diplomacy. However, experts based in Pakistan told the Global Times a different version of the story.

    By Dong Feng | 2021/4/19 19:25:04
  • BRI empowers recovery from pandemic and will refuel growth in post-COVID-19 world

    Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, trade volume among countries within the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) remained stable in general and was better than expected. Bucking the trend, China-Europe Railway outperformed other freight expresses and helped the global resource supply and transport alongside the road.

    By Chi Jingyi in Boao | 2021/4/19 17:48:39
  • Rising regional competition causes a slowdown in Chinese fabric exports orders

    China's textile machine production accelerated while overseas factories were trapped amid the coronavirus pandemic last year, but the trend seems to have turned in recent weeks, Chinese customs data showed.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/4/18 18:23:39
  • Vaccine passport is ready, with resumption of global travel on the horizon?

    With the large-scale vaccination rollouts on a global scale, the concept of vaccine passport is also gaining support in more governments, in a bid to gain confidence for global travel.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/8 18:18:40
  • BRI supply chains embraced amid Suez Canal jam

    The Suez Canal jam, caused by a stranded container ship, has posed an unprecedented challenge to the global supply chain, pushing businesses to look for new options to diversify their trading routes, especially along the Belt and Road, which during the pandemic has become a major channel for cargo transportation and anti-virus supplies from factories in China to the markets in Europe.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/4/5 18:42:51
  • Core vaccine ingredients in market spotlight

    China's capital markets should boost investment in core materials and technologies for making vaccines, including lipid nanoparticles (LNP) - which are scarce around the world right now - for making COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, according to the head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/3/31 19:38:39
  • China's hair business growing amid pandemic and industry irregularities

    Customs in Kunming, capital of Southwest China's Yunnan Province, has recently arrested 10 real hair smuggling groups in partnership with multiple customs. The smuggled hair has a total value of more than 1.1 billion yuan ($167 million), with 230 million yuan of taxes being evaded, reported the China Media Group.

    By Xie Jun | 2021/3/30 17:48:39
  • Gwadar Port: A hallmark of peaceful development of CPEC projects

    The development of Gwadar Port seen by many as the flagship project of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been praised by nations across in the Arabian Sea for its smooth and well-planned operationalization.

    By Muhammad Zamir Assadi | 2021/3/29 18:33:39
  • China's civil aviation capacity to rise by 43% to 2 billion passenger trips within 5 years

    As the year 2021 marks the beginning of China's 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25), industries make their plans in line with the country's development. The civil aviation sector is aiming to increase capacity, accelerate airport construction and the integration with other transportations including railways, highways and waterways.

    By Chi Jingyi and Liu Zhongyin | 2021/3/25 18:53:39
  • Solar parks turn desert to 'ocean' in Ningxia, boot China's final push to alleviate poverty

    Driving all the way to the east from city center of Yinchuan, capital city in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, on the eastern banks of the Yellow River, millions of midnight blue solar panels that stretch to the horizon would suddenly come into view on the slopes of gullies, like a blue ocean.

    By Shen Weiduo in Yinchuan | 2021/3/24 20:39:11
  • US crackdown on Chinese firms dims hopes for future trade engagement

    In a move apparently timed to strike a tough tone ahead of a key dialogue on Thursday, the US government took a couple of moves against Chinese telecommunication companies, continuing a Trump-era crackdown on Chinese firms that has drawn ire in Beijing.

    By Wang Cong and Shen Weiduo | 2021/3/18 22:43:39
  • Scientists unearth meteorite from the birth of the solar system

    Scientists believe they have identified a meteorite formed in the first million years of our solar system, making it the oldest known meteor of volcanic origin.

    By Reuters | 2021/3/18 16:33:40
  • Life origins unearthed

    The emergence of the Earth's first living organisms billions of years ago may have been facilitated by a bolt out of the blue - or perhaps a quintillion of them.

    By Reuters | 2021/3/18 16:33:40
  • Oscar-nominated film 'Do Not Split' lacks artistry, full of political bias: observer

    The film Do Not Split, which recorded the protests and violence in Hong Kong in 2019 and was nominated for an Oscar for the best short documentary, should not win the award as it lacks artistry and is full of biased political stances, Chinese film industry observers said on Wednesday.

    By Cao Siqi and Chi Jingyi | 2021/3/17 23:28:40
  • Uzbekistan eyes Pakistan's Gwadar Port as gateway for seaborne cotton exports

    Uzbekistan, one of the world's leading cotton exporters, sent a high-level delegation earlier this week to the Chinese-invested Gwadar Port in Pakistan to look for logistics opportunities that might help it export its cotton, the Global Times has learned.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/3/17 23:23:39
  • Cross-border e-commerce embraces challenges under COVID-19

    Shanghai Ymatou Network Technology Co (Ymatou), a Chinese cross-border e-commerce platform, bagged hundreds of millions of investment in its D-round funding in March led by China's CGP Investment.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/3/10 19:49:16
  • New trend brings vast opportunities for countries to cooperate with China in post-pandemic era: analysts

    As the pandemic situation in China was brought under control, the number of overseas business activities of Chinese firms has witnessed an increasing trend as companies from different sectors including Hisense, Midea and Sinopec have struck new deals with overseas partners.

    By Wang Bozun | 2021/3/9 19:33:14
  • China-Europe freight trains jump 96% in Jan-Feb, a steady pillar for BRI trade in hard times

    Driven by a resilient global demand for Chinese goods ranging from personal protective equipment (PPE) to home appliances, China-Europe freight trains, which have become a pillar for the trade for countries along the Belt and Road when other transports were disrupted by the COVID-19 outbreak, have seen record growth in the early two months of the year.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/3/8 18:12:48
  • China's de-carbonization drive to unleash huge market potential

    China's goal to hit peak emissions before 2030 and realize carbon neutrality by 2060 will unleash huge market potential in the new energy sector, on both the demand and supply sides. Experts encourage foreign governments to remove trade barriers to allow Chinese and foreign companies to focus on cooperation in the battle against climate change.

    By Yin Yeping and Zhang Dan | 2021/3/7 19:13:39
  • General aviation industry toward development

    China's general aviation industry has seen stable development over the past five years from 2015 to 2020, with official data showed that the average annual growth of business volume was 13.7 percent.

    By Global Times | 2021/3/4 18:03:39
  • Chinese EV brands gaining a foothold in Europe

    Different traditional vehicles powered by internal combustion engine, new-energy vehicles (NEVs) have provided a fresh opportunity for Chinese auto brands, which have found it quite hard to make a solid footprint in developed markets for years. In the fast-growing NEV market in Europe, Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are ramping up their efforts to take a share of the growing market.

    By Zhang Hongpei | 2021/3/3 18:38:39
  • China's Insight finds source of detected fast radio burst

    China's Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT), the country's space science satellite also known as Insight, has found that a fast radio burst (FRB) signal detected last year came from a magnetar in the Milky Way, Chinese scientists announced recently.

    By Xinhua | 2021/2/26 21:03:40
  • BRI delivers growth and protection amid pandemic

    Despite logistic hurdles and global complexity posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Chinese medical and personal preventive equipment (PPE) to countries and regions along the routes of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) have been on an upward trend since early last year, another example of China's efforts to support its partners in fighting against the odds.

    By Yin Yeping | 2021/2/8 18:43:39
  • China's infrared thermal imagers thrive globally amid pandemic

    After years of staggering under the shadow of a Western dominance, Chinese infrared thermal imaging device producers have finally walked into the spotlight, with global market share increasing by up to a quarter in 2020, following a timely response to explosive needs worldwide, while other countries, such as the US, have been plagued with production halts and capacity inadequacies due to the uncontrolled epidemic.

    By Yin Yeping | 2021/2/7 17:22:18
  • Belt and Road projects fight winter virus spike as workers remain at posts

    Hundreds of thousands of Chinese engineers and project managers working on the many overseas projects under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are planning to spend this year's Chinese Lunar New Year at project sites around the globe, giving up what is a major holiday and opportunity for family reunion, to ensure project progress and alleviate burden of domestic epidemic control efforts at home.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/2/1 18:13:39
  • China's ports could not be blamed for the stockpile of cold-chain containers

    In interviews with the Global Times, industry insiders and businesses describe a domino effect across the globe, in which cold-chain shipments face serious delays and uncertainties, given the raging epidemic in many parts of the world which has led to a shortage of containers that has disrupted cold-chain commerce.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/1/31 17:43:40
  • Aviation industry monitoring imported COVID-19 cases from both logistics and passengers as Spring Festival begins

    The 40-day Spring Festival travel begins on Thursday. Different from previous years, there will be strict measures targeting COVID-19 cases from people and chilled or frozen goods.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/28 19:23:39
  • Hubei Province's 2021 GDP growth rate expected to surpass 15%

    With a thriving atmosphere and the hard-working spirit of local people and local enterprises, the economy of Hubei Province contracted 5 percent last year to 4.34 trillion yuan ($669.45 billion), but all major indicators have pointed to a roaring recovery as local consumption returned to growth in December.

    By GT staff reporters | 2021/1/24 17:08:40
  • China's medical suppliers break records in 2020

    As the time for the release of annual fiscal reports is coming, the domestic medical industry participants are to present their year-round achievements against the backdrop of a record breaking 2020, with several of them ranging from masks and ventilators to nucleic acid products and vaccines have already confirmed very promising results in the annual performance forecasts on the back of an unprecedented jump in production capacity.

    By Yin Yeping | 2021/1/19 18:19:54
  • China's rare earth exports plunge to record low in 2020: GAC

    China's total export volume of rare earths dropped 23.5 percent year-on-year in 2020, China's customs authority said on Thursday, registering the lowest figure in five years, according to media report.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/14 15:58:39
  • China's luxury sales estimated to grow 48% in 2020, fueled by online sales and a consumption 'comeback'

    Bucking the global downward streak amid the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, China's luxury sales last year rose by a stunning 48 percent to around 350 billion yuan ($54 billion), buoyed by a consumption comeback as travelers were unable to shop overseas, a boost in online sales and duty-free policies in South China's Hainan Province, observers and industry reports said.

    By Li Xuanmin | 2021/1/13 12:08:39
  • China's luxury market set to become world's largest

    Bucking the global downward streak amid the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, China's luxury sales last year rose by a stunning 48 percent to about 350 billion yuan ($54 billion), buoyed by a consumption comeback as travelers were unable to shop overseas, a boost in online sales and duty-free policies in South China's Hainan Province, observers and industry reports said.

    By Li Xuanmin | 2021/1/11 21:48:39
  • Imported cherry prices drop following oversupply

    Imported cherry prices have sunk 20 percent resulting from an oversupply as exporters eye a rebound in Chinese consumption amid the COVID-19, industry insider said.

    By Qi Xijia | 2021/1/11 19:22:39
  • Mandalay-Kyaukphyu railway to create economic benefits for China and Myanmar

    Steady Continued cooperation on regional integration between China and Myanmar gave a sharp contrast to India, which turned a blind eye toward such development trend and let go opportunties, a Chinese analyst said on Monday.

    By Chu Daye | 2021/1/11 17:53:39
  • Chinese authorities solicit public opinions on tougher laws against epidemic rumors

    The Cyberspace Administration of China on Friday solicited public opinions on a draft law on measures for the administration of internet information services, aiming to further crack down on illegal activities such as rumor spreading about the pandemic with greater punishments.

    By Global Times | 2021/1/8 16:23:35
  • Chinese aviation industry preparing for vaccines transport amid global competition

    Nearly a year after the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic began, more news about coming vaccines is emerging. Global demand for vaccine transportation will present a challenge to the existing global civil aviation capacity.

    By Tu Lei | 2021/1/7 17:03:39
  • Chinese smartphone vendors eye global markets

    The sluggishly growing smartphone industry, both domestically and globally, was expected to bottom out in 2021, however, with the market further rocked by the spread of a global pandemic.

    By Zhang Hongpei | 2021/1/6 16:58:39
  • Reporter's diary: one building that witnesses the transformation of the world's factory

    One six-story-high factory building in Dongguan, a manufacturing powerhouse in South China's Guangdong Province, sees China's industrial transformation firsthand.

    By Chu Daye in Dongguan | 2020/12/29 17:28:40