Liu Rui
Cartoonist, Beijing
Liu Rui has been a cartoonist for Global Times since 2003. She is interested in political cartoons and illustrations.
  • Growing fear

    59 percent of public K-12 teachers say they are at least somewhat worried about the possibility of a shooting ever happening at their school.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/14 20:29:58
  • Japan's shortsightedness

    'Relying on US to contain China' brings illusions and dangers to Japan

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/10 18:50:30
  • Bound to fail

    DPP's “dollar diplomacy”

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/9 19:45:46
  • Money overflow

    The overflowing money in the US presidential election

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/7 19:33:52
  • Aiding war

    The US is aiding the war in Gaza.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/6 21:48:56
  • Blocking free trade

    The US is hindering global free trade.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/1 19:40:35
  • Behind the scenes

    Guess who's directing this drama behind the scenes?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/31 20:17:03
  • Barbaric treatment

    The UK High Court announced on March 26 that it has adjourned its final decision on the appeal of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange against his extradition to the US. The world is watching what will happen to Assange's human rights conditions.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/28 22:40:29
  • Double-dealing

    The UK and the US falsely accuse China of carrying out cyberattacks despite their own long history of misconduct in terms of cybersecurity.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/26 23:02:32
  • Hindering exchanges

    Incidents of Chinese students being interrogated in "small black rooms" at the US airports are still ongoing. The frequent occurrence of such incidents will hinder the normal cooperation, and impede the healthy and sustainable development of China-US relations.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/25 22:44:46
  • Which one is free market?

    US inhibition vs China openness

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/24 20:07:06
  • Grand delusions

    Following the US' hype about "national security risks", Canada targetsChinese cargo cranes.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/20 19:45:14
  • Under US' influence

    The US incites the Philippines to stir up the South China Sea.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/19 21:06:16
  • Democracy farce

    Summit for Democracy exists in name only, with little interest or attention.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/18 21:39:38
  • Facilitating criminality

    America is rife with gun trafficking.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/17 19:46:15
  • Misplaced priorities

    The US State Department is applying for a $40 billion budget to "compete with China" and to "change the game rules" in international infrastructure.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/12 20:24:08
  • Preying on the world

    The world can no longer allow whoever has the biggest fist to have the final say, nor can we allow some countries to be at the table while others are on the menu.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/11 18:32:41
  • Overlooking principles

    Openly robbing TikTok? American politicians have completely tarnished the face of the market economy.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/10 19:04:33
  • Double-dealing

    While the US claims that it does not seek to suppress China, it is preparing various suppression tools.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/7 19:55:29
  • Blatant lies

    The Philippines accused Chinese fishing vessels of using cyanide to destroy the sea recently.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/6 21:05:54
  • Two-faced

    The behavior of the US and Europe toward China's EVs is contradictory and ridiculous, they promote the development of clean energy while trying to prevent the public from purchasing the electric vehicles from China.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/5 20:34:38
  • The hypocrite-in-chief

    The US has airdropped humanitarian aid for Gaza.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/3 19:05:06
  • Inciting tensions

    The US sees China-Kiribati security cooperation with an obvious bias.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/28 21:33:22
  • Self-isolation

    For the US, keeping building a "small yard, high fence" is not self-protection, but self-isolation.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/27 21:14:21
  • Contaminated

    Japan's dumping of nuclear-contaminated wastewater continues to poison the world.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/26 21:19:57
  • Hindering peace

    Who is hindering the efforts to achieve peace between Russia and Ukraine?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/25 20:37:32
  • Increasingly delusional

    The Biden administration announced a plan to invest billions in domestic manufacturing of cargo cranes, citing concerns that Chinese-made cranes could "pose a potential national-security risk."

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/22 20:33:24
  • Destroyer of peace

    The US on Tuesday again vetoed a draft UNSC resolution on the Israel-Hamas conflict. This is the fourth time the US has used its veto on the Gaza cease-fire.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/21 20:48:13
  • Trampling on the free market

    The European Union will launch formal investigation into TikTok.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/20 21:19:35
  • The federal bureau of lies

    The director of the FBI Christopher Wray claimed China is increasingly inserting "offensive weapons" within their critical infrastructure during the Munich Security Conference.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/19 22:13:15
  • Self-destruction

    The EU has launched an unprecedented probe into a subsidiary of CRRC for allegedly using subsidies to undercut European suppliers for an electric train contract in Bulgaria.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/18 21:42:04
  • Milked dry

    The US State Department and NATO's secretary general urged member countries to take steps to increase defense spending to 2 percent of GDP.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/17 19:48:29
  • Futile pursuit

    The "China collapse" theory keeps collapsing.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/7 21:13:36
  • Self-harm

    The EU's anti-dumping investigation into China's photovoltaic products hurts its own green deal.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/6 20:36:03
  • Trouble abound

    America needs luck to avoid a recession.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/2/1 23:06:28
  • Profiting from war

    The US as a non-stop war machine has delivered yet another “outstanding” year-end performance review of foreign military sales: a record $238 billion.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/1/30 19:56:06
  • A walking war machine

    NATO is a walking war machine.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/1/29 20:17:55
  • Blocking aid

    Eight countries have paused future funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East

    By Liu Rui | 2024/1/28 21:02:44
  • Wrong perception


    By Liu Rui | 2024/1/25 20:39:21
  • Under siege

    Is the Middle East on the Verge of a Wider War?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/1/24 21:14:49