Liu Rui
Cartoonist, Beijing
Liu Rui has been a cartoonist for Global Times since 2003. She is interested in political cartoons and illustrations.
  • Double-dealing

    To cease fire or to fire, that's never a question for the US.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/17 20:28:37
  • Trouble abound

    Can the G7 still steer the world toward good governance?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/16 20:32:52
  • Covering up

    How did Japan "whitewash" its war crimes after World War II?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/14 0:09:33
  • Bringing chaos

    The US has dragged the South China Sea region into a vortex of arms race.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/12 21:54:03
  • Crushed

    Japan government inspects Honda headquarters over vehicle test fraud and mazda

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/11 20:38:40
  • Turning right

    The EU elections have ended with a big increase in votes for far-right parties.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/10 21:14:13
  • Under threat

    To keep hunting whales, Japan now has a brand new "mothership".

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/5 19:47:23
  • Giant milestone

    World's first: Chang'e-6 collects samples from far side of the Moon

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/4 19:46:49
  • Ailing planet

    Global heat warning

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/3 20:31:39
  • Stirring up trouble

    The US is the real destabilizer in the Asia-Pacific.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/6/2 20:42:07
  • Endless exploitation

    The US military-industrial complex is devouring the interests of the American people.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/28 19:30:16
  • Inevitable outcome

    How long can the US dollar hegemony last before de-dollarization?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/27 20:52:16
  • Falling apart

    American aircraft manufacturer Boeing has a long way to go in solving quality issues.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/26 20:05:01
  • Delivering death

    The temporary port constructed by the US in central Gaza was inaugurated on May 17, but Gaza residents indicated that it has not significantly alleviated the difficulties in transporting goods. The US claims to save us on one hand while killing us on the other, said Gaza residents.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/23 22:09:54
  • Bloody secrets

    British authorities and the public health service knowingly exposed tens of thousands of patients to deadly infections through contaminated blood and hid the truth for decades, media reported.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/22 20:54:50
  • Insatiable appetite

    After years of missed deadlines, the NATO's European members are expected to spend 2 percent of their gross domestic product on defense in 2024.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/21 19:56:21
  • Militarizing space

    According to US media reports, the US military is implementing a new star wars plan, urgently expanding its space combat capabilities characterized by both offensive and defensive operations.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/20 20:25:54
  • The grip of addiction

    Every year, the vast number of illegal drugs circulating in American society claims the lives of tens of thousands of people.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/19 20:17:10
  • Political show

    The Philippines is making a political show in the South China Sea.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/16 22:45:19
  • Self-harm

    When the US raises tariffs on Chinese green technology products, it is harming itself.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/15 22:09:07
  • Destroying global economy

    The US continues to strengthen the existing hegemonic system centered around the US dollar.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/14 20:39:54
  • US-dominated international orders

    The so-called "rules-based international order" in the US is essentially "US-dominated international orders."

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/13 21:46:38
  • Abusing tariffs

    President Joe Biden is set to announce new China tariffs as soon as next week targeting EVs.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/12 20:19:15
  • Trapped

    UNICEF: Approximately 600,000 children in Raqqa are facing catastrophic risks.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/9 19:08:43
  • Championing peace

    China is willing to launch an initiative with France, on the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games, for a worldwide truce during the Games, Chinese President Xi Jinping said here Monday.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/8 21:03:32
  • 60 years of friendship

    As 2024 marks the 60th anniversary of China-France diplomatic relations, exchanges in core sectors such as aerospace, nuclear energy and trade have already realized fruitful achievements.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/6 19:34:45
  • Hindering progress

    The US rumors about "China's overcapacity" are hindering the global energy transition.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/5/5 19:27:56
  • Longing for peace

    The debris from the Palestinel-Israel conflict in the Gaza Strip is estimated to weigh 37 million tons, and unexploded shells buried in the rubble will make reconstruction work complicated.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/28 18:08:15
  • Planning destruction

    The United States suppresses opponents to maintain its technological hegemony.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/18 20:20:36
  • Exploited

    Japan is exploited by the US to achieve its China containment strategy.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/17 19:31:05
  • Growing fear

    59 percent of public K-12 teachers say they are at least somewhat worried about the possibility of a shooting ever happening at their school.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/14 20:29:58
  • Japan's shortsightedness

    'Relying on US to contain China' brings illusions and dangers to Japan

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/10 18:50:30
  • Bound to fail

    DPP's “dollar diplomacy”

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/9 19:45:46
  • Money overflow

    The overflowing money in the US presidential election

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/7 19:33:52
  • Aiding war

    The US is aiding the war in Gaza.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/6 21:48:56
  • Blocking free trade

    The US is hindering global free trade.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/4/1 19:40:35
  • Behind the scenes

    Guess who's directing this drama behind the scenes?

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/31 20:17:03
  • Barbaric treatment

    The UK High Court announced on March 26 that it has adjourned its final decision on the appeal of WikiLeaks' founder Julian Assange against his extradition to the US. The world is watching what will happen to Assange's human rights conditions.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/28 22:40:29
  • Double-dealing

    The UK and the US falsely accuse China of carrying out cyberattacks despite their own long history of misconduct in terms of cybersecurity.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/26 23:02:32
  • Hindering exchanges

    Incidents of Chinese students being interrogated in "small black rooms" at the US airports are still ongoing. The frequent occurrence of such incidents will hinder the normal cooperation, and impede the healthy and sustainable development of China-US relations.

    By Liu Rui | 2024/3/25 22:44:46