Yang Sheng
Reporter, Beijing
Yang Sheng is a chief reporter at the Global Times covering Chinese politics, diplomacy and military.
  • China, US maintain engagement via diverse channels, 'but still far from cooperation'

    China and the US are maintaining communication in different channels after a series of visits by cabinet members of President Joe Biden's administration, as former US treasury secretary Henry Paulson, who represents the interests of Wall Street elites to some extent, met with senior Chinese officials during a trip to Beijing.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/27 21:34:53
  • China releases a white paper on its proposals, actions on building 'a global community of shared future'

    The Chinese government released a white paper on Tuesday to introduce the theoretical base, practice and development of a global community of shared future, as by presenting China's vision of the course of human development, it counters the hegemonic thinking of certain countries that seek supremacy.

    By Yang Sheng and Li Xuanmin | 2023/9/26 21:00:53
  • China refutes Philippine's accusation of 'floating barrier' near Huangyan Island

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday refuted the latest accusation made by the Philippines claiming the Chinese coast guard installing a "floating barrier" that "prevented Filipinos from entering and fishing in the area." Chinese Foreign Ministry said that a Philippine official vessel tried to enter China's territorial waters near Huangyan Island, and the actions of the Chinese coast guard were professional and restrained.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/25 21:50:56
  • Chinese, German media heads meet in Beijing

    The 14th Media Forum China-Germany, hosted by the Global Times and China Media Management Inc, was held in Beijing from Tuesday to Wednesday. During the forum, participants from mainstream media of the two countries discussed topics such as how to avoid decoupling and derailing, seeking exchanges when the world is in turbulence, the challenge of disinformation, as well as the China-proposed Global Development Initiative and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/20 19:39:28
  • Maduro hails China-Venezuela all-weather strategic partnership: 'a new world has arrived'

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros held a press conference at the Venezuelan Embassy in China Thursday before concluding his visit and returning to his country, where he outlined his trip, which covered multiple cities in China, and hailed the China-Venezuela all-weather strategic partnership, saying that the 21st century is the end of hegemonism and imperialism and “a new world” of multi-polarization and fairness has arrived.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Yang | 2023/9/14 21:42:43
  • China issues proposal on reform, devt of global governance

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday issued the Proposal of the People's Republic of China on the Reform and Development of Global Governance, with Chinese analysts saying this comprehensive and far-sighted document reflects China's ideas and stances about almost all hot spot issues worldwide, and that it is crucial for the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/13 23:27:05
  • Russia-N.Korea military cooperation likely to reach new breakthrough; US, allies push Moscow, Pyongyang closer: experts

    Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un met at Vostochny space launch facility in Russia's Far Eastern Amur Region on Wednesday, and experts said the two countries, which both suffer from heavy sanctions and threats from the US-led West, are likely to reach breakthroughs in cooperation over technologies related to rockets or ballistic missiles.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/13 21:43:36
  • Development of the Far East an absolute priority for Russia: Putin at EEF

    Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Guoqing Tuesday on the sidelines of the 8th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) in Vladivostok, Russia, in which Russian president said that with the joint efforts of both Russia and China, the bilateral relationship has entered its best period in history, with smooth development in various fields such as trade and economy, the Xinhua News Agency reported. The development of the Far East has become a new growth point for Russia-China cooperation, said the Russian president.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2023/9/12 23:50:23
  • China confident in Vietnam ties despite US lifting partnership

    As the US raised its ties with Vietnam to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership, President Joe Biden continued to hide his attempt to use the relationship to "de-risk" from potential situations that might occur in the future when the US loses control over its tensions with China, and experts said on Monday that this act of "self-exposure" just makes the real intention behind Washington's developing ties with Hanoi more obvious.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying | 2023/9/11 23:48:04
  • G20 Summit concludes with 'basic unity amid rising divergences'

    The G20 Summit held in India on Saturday eventually adopted a joint declaration with very basic solidarity and a neutral stance on the Ukraine crisis, which caused rising divergences among members, while Chinese analysts said the G20 is still an important multilateral mechanism for global governance despite the group facing more dangers of dysfunction due to complicated struggles among major powers.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/10 22:42:28
  • Premier Li calls for G20 solidarity and cooperation as summit is held amid rising divergences among major powers

    The leaders and representatives of the 20 most powerful economies of the world have gathered in New Delhi, India, amid growing divergences among major powers on issues such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, global economic recovery, food crisis and climate change.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/9/9 20:49:52
  • US 'keeps creating tension' over Taiwan with new arms funding

    The US intends to keep creating the tension of the Taiwan question to provoke China rather than to ease the tension, analysts said on Thursday, as US President Joe Biden's administration has approved a military transfer to the island of Taiwan under the Foreign Military Financing, or FMF, which is normally used for sovereign states.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2023/8/31 20:59:54
  • UK top diplomat's long-awaited China visit 'necessary to recover ties'

    China and the UK have reengaged with each other by face-to-face talks between senior officials for the first time in five years as the British top diplomat James Cleverly visited China on Wednesday. But to what extent this can recover the overall China-UK relations depends on what would the UK do to remove obstacles for the recovery of bilateral ties, and restore communication and exchanges of all sectors.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/30 23:45:09
  • US-Vietnam ties 'have limited impact on China' as Biden is heading to Hanoi

    The US and Vietnam are eyeing developing ties to a higher level, as Washington puts more efforts into using or forcing China's neighbors to join the US-launched Indo-Pacific strategy and major power competition that aim to contain China's development.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/29 22:04:23
  • Foxconn founder Terry Gou announces to run for Taiwan regional leader, 'making anti-DPP camp more divided'

    Taiwan billionaire and Foxconn founder Terry Gou Tai-ming announced on Monday that he will run in the 2024 elections for Taiwan's regional leader, making next year's vote a complicated four-way race. Analysts said that this is likely to further divide the island's opposition camp in favor of secessionist ruling party candidate Lai Ching-te.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/28 21:19:21
  • More countries take actions to handle Japan's nuclear-contaminated water dump, while US 'double-standard exposed hypocrisy'

    In order to prevent any impact caused by Japan's dumping of Fukushima nuclear-contaminated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean, more countries, especially those in the Asia-Pacific like China, Thailand and Russia, are taking actions, including strengthened testing of aquatic products imported from Japan, while more people and organizations from South Korea and the Pacific Island countries are voicing their opposition and concern over Tokyo's decision.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/27 21:05:01
  • Camp David summit serves as hypocritical anti-China pantomime with a 'mini-NATO' in the making: analysts

    Despite the US President Joe Biden claimed that the US-Japan-South Korea summit at the US presidential retreat Camp David "is not about China" afterward, the leaders of the three countries explicitly picked on China under the pretext of "joint efforts to maintain peace and stability" in Taiwan Straits and South China Sea, which once again laid bare anti-China hypocrisy, Chinese observers criticized on Saturday.

    By Deng Xiaoci and Yang Sheng | 2023/8/19 16:33:16
  • Lai's relying on US for 'Taiwan independence' cold-shouldered; Mainland has enough options to counter secessionist moves: analyst

    The separatist deputy regional leader of Taiwan island Lai Ching-te has been snubbed by the US, as he made a "stopover" in San Francisco on Thursday, his second during this trip, as his act of soliciting support from the US for "Taiwan independence" saw no participation of senior US political figures, with experts saying that the Chinese mainland has enough strength and options to take countermeasures against Lai's separatist acts, and these could be seen soon after Lai returns to Taiwan.

    By Yang Sheng in Beijing and Wang Qi in Chengdu | 2023/8/17 23:41:55
  • Lai walks dangerous tightrope in pushing Taiwan separatism with US connivance

    The deputy regional leader of Taiwan island Lai Ching-te, via interviews with media, has tried to reshape his image of being an extreme Taiwan separatist into a "controllable and useful puppet for the US to contain China," as he recently claimed that he supports "maintaining the status quo in the Taiwan Straits." The Chinese mainland countered that his statement proves that he and his ilk in Taiwan want "peaceful separation" - to keep the island separated from China forever and are using "peace" as an pretext, and that the mainland will not tolerate their tricks.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Yuying | 2023/8/16 22:56:45
  • Poor response to Hawaii wildfires make US 'unlike a developed country'

    Deadly wildfires in Hawaii, which caused the biggest death toll in more than a century in the US and forced thousands to evacuate from their homes, expose the incompetence of the US government, said analysts, with many local residents who survived the disaster posting videos on social media criticizing the problematic response of local authorities and poor early warning system. Residents also criticized US mainstream media reports, saying this was not just a natural disaster, but also a man-made calamity.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/15 21:47:53
  • Lai's propaganda in New York 'using terms of democracy, freedom to shield dangerous separatism'

    The deputy regional leader of Taiwan island Lai Ching-te, who is also a candidate of the separatist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for the 2024 Taiwan regional leader's election, has been snubbed by the US during his short stay in New York and his event to propagate separatism was given the cold shoulder as no senior officials or politicians attended, while many people in the US who oppose Taiwan separatism and support peace in the Taiwan Straits came to protest against him.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/14 22:12:13
  • China condemns US' arrangement for Lai Ching-te's 'stopover'; DPP candidate a 'dangerous troublemaker to bilateral ties'

    China sent a firm signal to the US on Sunday as Washington deliberately arranged a "stopover" in the US for the deputy regional leader of Taiwan island Lai Ching-te, who is also a candidate of the separatist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for 2024 Taiwan regional election, with analysts saying that China-US relations face new challenges due to the trouble made by Taiwan separatist forces.

    By Yang Sheng and Chen Qingqing | 2023/8/13 22:32:54
  • BRICS members share 'more common interests than differences'

    With the 2023 BRICS summit set to be held in South Africa later this month, there have recently been some voices from Western media attempting to hype that divergences among members will impact the unity and development of the organization in the future, but these noises have been refuted by the relevant countries.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/3 22:32:19
  • China-US tension may continue despite US invites Chinese FM to visit Washington

    The US State Department announced that it has invited China's newly reappointed Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is also director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs, to visit the US, while the Chinese side released no information about the invitation as of press time despite confirmation of the meeting between a senior Chinese diplomat and senior US officials from the State Department and National Security Council in Washington.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/2 22:11:21
  • DPP candidate Lai's 'stopover' in US to cause new tension

    The Taiwan secessionist Democratic Progressive Party's (DPP) candidate for the 2024 regional election Lai Ching-te, also deputy regional leader, will make "stopovers in New York and San Francisco" during an August 12-18 trip to Paraguay, the Taiwan "external affairs authority" announced on Wednesday, and this will become a new incident to worsen tension in the Taiwan Straits and another evidence of US' encouragement toward Taiwan secessionism, which is an absolute contradiction to US' promises to China on "opposing Taiwan Independence."

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Qi | 2023/8/2 16:46:49
  • 'Political solution gets more difficult' as drone attacks on Moscow intensify

    After civilian facilities in Moscow have been hit by frequent drone attacks in the past days, Russian authorities have blamed Ukraine for the attacks, although Ukraine has not formally admitted it was behind the strikes.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/8/1 22:37:52
  • Village Super League final lights up national enthusiasm for soccer, demonstrates rural revitalization achievements

    The final game of the "Village Super League," known in Chinese as Cunchao, in Rongjiang county, Southwest China's Guizhou Province, ended on Saturday, with more than 150,000 tourists and soccer fans across the country and overseas heading to the small county for the exciting event.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/30 22:18:06
  • China, N.Korea, Russia commemorate 70th anniversary of Korean War armistice

    China, North Korea and Russia commemorated the 70th anniversary of the armistice agreement that ended the 1950-53 Korean War on Thursday, with Chinese and Russian delegations meeting with the country's top leader Kim Jong-un and other senior officials, and attending a series of festive events in Pyongyang.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/27 22:25:32
  • Kim Jong-un visits cemetery of CPV martyrs as NK celebrates Korean War armistice anniversary

    As China and Russia sent delegations to North Korea to mark the 70th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War, experts warned that the turbulent world today shares some similarities with the world when the Cold War began.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/26 22:51:30
  • China, N.Korea 'to stand close' when US military presence worsens Peninsula tensions

    Li Hongzhong, vice chairman of the National People's Congress Standing Committee, will lead a Chinese Party and government delegation to North Korea on Wednesday, the International Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee announced on Tuesday. The delegation will attend activities in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Korean War Armistice, said the announcement.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/25 23:31:22
  • China deepens traditional ties with African nations, 'not only cooperate on trade, BRI' but also 'mediation of Ukraine crisis': experts

    China's top diplomat Wang Yi's ongoing visit in Africa will further deepen and expand the solid traditional friendship between China and African nations, and strategic cooperation with relevant countries is not just about trade, infrastructure and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), but also coordination and cooperation between developing countries on international hotspot issues like mediating the Ukraine crisis and security problems on the continent like the Sudan conflict.

    By Yang Sheng and Cui Fandi | 2023/7/23 22:14:50
  • US, UK demonize China to 'beautify their own dangerous acts' of abusing AI for military ends

    US politicians on a House Armed Services subcommittee and the UK spy agency chief have recently gone on another round of hyping the "China threat theory" and demonize China in the field of AI technology, with experts saying on Thursday that these acts aim to use ideology to politicize the issue of AI, and to legitimize the acts of Washington and London in containing or cutting off normal cooperation and exchanges between Western companies, science technology institutions and their Chinese counterparts.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/20 21:06:04
  • Biden admin might 'be forced to engage' N.Korea

    Just as tensions on Korean Peninsula have risen due to US deployment of a nuclear submarine to South Korea and the launches of two missiles by North Korea following US provocations, US Forces Korea confirmed that a US soldier "willfully" trespassed into North Korea on Tuesday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/19 20:31:09
  • China, Algeria to inherit, promote traditional friendship for 'better global governance'

    Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune arrived in Beijing on Monday morning, starting his five-day state visit to China. The trip marks the Algerian leader's first visit to China since taking office in 2019. Chinese experts said the visit will develop bilateral ties to a higher level, and the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will continue to benefit the North African region with more comprehensive cooperation projects.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/17 20:56:29
  • Wang, Blinken meet; more high-level talks to be held

    China and the US have been having increasingly frequent talks between senior officials recently and are expected to have more exchanges in various fields, such as diplomacy, finance, trade, climate change and maybe military in the future, but Chinese experts said that if US President Joe Biden wants to stabilize ties with China and hold another China-US summit later this year before the US presidential election, Washington needs to show more concrete sincerity through actions, otherwise the frequent meetings would not be productive.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/13 23:33:00
  • China warns NATO against destabilizing Asia-Pacific

    The NATO Summit communiqué released on Wednesday mentioned China much more than past summit declarations and accused the China-Russia relationship of challenging the so-called rules-based order, which shows a greater level of hostility toward China, Chinese analysts said.

    By Yang Sheng and Fan Anqi | 2023/7/12 23:49:16
  • NATO summit kicks off amid 'rising divergences, potential risks, long-standing challenges'

    The two-day NATO summit kicked off in Vilnius, Lithuania on Tuesday with the gathering of Western leaders, but behind the outward scene of solidarity, experts said there are rising divergences among the members and potential risks for the organization that might cause serious splits and disunity, meaning that long-standing challenges like the Ukraine crisis are unlikely to be resolved in the short term, which will continue to worsen the security and economic situation of Europe.

    By Yang Sheng and Xu Yelu | 2023/7/11 23:44:43
  • US, UK to coordinate on 'further dominating NATO' ahead of summit; turning 'preventing Ukraine crisis from ending' into bloc's consensus: experts

    Ahead of the NATO summit, which is scheduled to be held in Lithuania from Tuesday to Wednesday, US President Joe Biden has visited the UK, a key ally of Washington, and held a meeting with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, with Chinese analysts saying that the US and the UK are trying to coordinate on how to further dominate and retain their dominance of NATO, and they will try to make their strategy of "preventing the Ukraine crisis from ending" the "consensus" of the military organization.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/10 20:54:15
  • Russian warships kick off 7-day visit in Shanghai, to conduct military exercises with PLA

    Two Russian warships, Russian Navy corvettes RFS Sovershennyy (333) and RFS Gromkiy (335), arrived at the Shanghai port on Wednesday for their first friendly visit, the seventh by Russia's naval ships to Shanghai. The warships will conduct a series of drills with their Chinese counterparts, the flagship news paper of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) reported on Thursday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/6 22:04:54
  • France riots 'caused by long-standing problems,' a test for Macron to deal with complex challenges

    The impacts of massive riots across France continue as French President Emmanuel Macron postponed a state visit to Germany that was to begin on Sunday, with 45,000 police being deployed to handle the situation and hundreds of people arrested. Chinese nationals and observers who work and live in France said the damage and impacts are extensive and that French people hope public order can be restored, and that attacks against innocent civilians and public facilities are unacceptable.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/7/3 0:13:21
  • Xi calls for more achievements in Party's theoretical innovation as CPC celebrates 102nd founding anniversary

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, called for more achievements in the Party's theoretical innovation while presiding over a group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee on Friday, a day ahead of CPC's 102nd founding anniversary, which falls on Saturday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/7/1 13:30:26
  • Italy cherishes ties with China; win-win BRI cooperation 'should not be disrupted by US pressure'

    Italy cherishes its ties with China, as the prime minister of the country has tried to preserve friendly and cooperative relations with China while bilateral cooperation under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is being disrupted by US pressure. Chinese analysts said on Thursday that the BRI deal benefits both sides, and there is still time for the two countries to find a solution that withstands external impacts.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/29 21:12:00
  • Xi stresses improving quality of Party's organizational work

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, has called for developing a good grasp of the CPC Central Committee's important theory on Party building, and improving the quality of the Party's organizational work.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/6/29 15:28:30
  • US Congress members' provocation on Taiwan question 'may interrupt Washington's attempt' to engage China

    After US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's visit earlier this month, Washington's senior diplomats and officials are keeping in touch with their Chinese counterparts to seek further engagement, including a reported trip to China in July by Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen, but all these attempts might be derailed by some US politicians, as their provocations on the Taiwan question and moves to push “decoupling” will make it difficult to stabilize the China-US tension, Chinese analysts said on Wednesday.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2023/6/28 21:22:46
  • China's diplomacy to further consolidate and expand 'circle of friends' in summer, with Xi meeting visiting leaders from New Zealand, Barbados, Mongolia, Vietnam

    After realizing significant diplomatic goals like helping the reconciliation between Saudi Arabia and Iran in March, Chinese diplomacy is continually pushing for more achievements in summer with Chinese President Xi Jinping busily meeting with visiting Prime Minister of New Zealand Chris Hipkins, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Amor Mottley, Prime Minister of Vietnam Pham Minh Chinh as well as Prime Minister of Mongolia Luvsannamsrai Oyun-Erdene in Beijing on Tuesday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/27 23:30:24
  • Sensational 'Village Super League' in SW China attracts sizzling influx of tourists, boosts local economy

    Hotels are full, local specialties are nearly sold out, tourists came in droves from all parts of China…Rongjiang, a small county in a remote mountainous area with a population of less than 400,000 in Southwest China, has recently become a hotspot for its "Village Super League [VSL]," creating the sensational sports carnival in China.

    By Xu Keyue in Beijing and Yang Sheng in Qiandongnan | 2023/6/20 20:48:41
  • Premier Li kicks off trip to Germany, France; China, Europe 'need each other for multipolar world order'

    Chinese Premier Li Qiang kicked off on Sunday his five-day trip to Germany and France, two major European powers and leading members of the EU. On the same day, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Beijing for a visit that was long-expected by the US side.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/18 21:00:16
  • Xi's letter to forum inspires cross-Straits exchanges; mainland provides rich opportunities amid global uncertainty

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Chinese president, called on people from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to work together to keep pace with the trends of history, safeguard the overall interests of the Chinese nation and contribute to the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations and the cause of national reunification.

    By Yang Sheng in Xiamen and Zhang Han in Beijing | 2023/6/17 11:49:28
  • Taiwan youth attracted by market, potential, culture of Chinese mainland; confident in 'recovery of cross-Straits exchanges despite DPP's obstruction'

    The 15th Straits Forum, the biggest in-person people-to-people exchange event across the Taiwan Straits since the COVID-19 pandemic, has attracted more than 5,000 attendees from the island, including young people who are now working, studying and living in the mainland, as well as those who are looking forward to opportunities in the mainland despite the cross-Straits tensions caused by the secessionist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and collusion between the Taiwan authorities and Washington.

    By Yang Sheng in Xiamen | 2023/6/16 23:50:36
  • Straits Forum receives more than 5,000 attendees from Taiwan despite obstruction by secessionist DPP authorities

    The 15th Straits Forum held its first press conference on Thursday in Xiamen, East China's Fujian Province. The forum, which aims to promote people-to-people exchanges between the Chinese mainland and the island of Taiwan, will receive delegates of multiple political parties from Taiwan, as well as representatives from fields including business, education, agriculture, religion, public health, culture, sci-tech and finance.

    By Yang Sheng in Xiamen | 2023/6/15 23:06:02
  • China to cement ties with Palestine, 'play greater role to mediate Palestine-Israel conflict'

    President of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas arrived in Beijing on Tuesday, starting a four-day state visit to China.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/13 23:00:20
  • Biden admin's hype over 'Cuba spy base' could become another 'balloon incident' to trouble US plan to reengage with China

    The US has once again showed its "split personality" on foreign affairs, said Chinese experts on Sunday, as the Biden administration on one hand desperately seeks to resume communication between US senior officials and their Chinese counterparts, but on the other hand it keeps hyping the groundless accusation of "China using secrete base in Cuba to spy on the US."

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/11 22:15:36
  • Why Guizhou's village soccer super league is a huge hit in China

    The village super league, which will continue until late July, has attracted 20 teams to participate in.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/9 15:41:36
  • US 'self-contradictory acts' unhelpful to resume high-level communication

    Even as it dispatched senior US State Department and National Security Council officials to China to engage in communication, the White House retains its hostile tone by accusing the Chinese military of "growing aggressiveness" when dealing with US warships and aircraft making provocative maneuvers in the waters and airspace near Chinese territory.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/6 23:58:04
  • Conflict to 'drag on' as Ukraine's offensive thwarted by Russian military

    Russia claimed that a recent offensive launched by the Ukrainian military has been thwarted by Russian forces, while Kiev remained low-profile on its operation. Chinese experts on Monday said that Ukrainian troops are unlikely to bring significant change to the current situation as they have suffered great losses in the previous battle in Bakhmut, and the Western supplies can't effectively help them to achieve major victory against Russia but will only be able to prolong the conflict and maintain the current deadlock on battle grounds.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/6/5 23:30:52
  • Complex security threats call for modern thinking, measures: experts

    As China reiterated its security concepts and initiatives at the 20th Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore about "unprecedented" security challenges facing the Asia-Pacific, Chinese experts on international relations and national security said on Sunday that China's national security is now facing more comprehensive and complex threats not only in traditional fields such as geopolitics, but also in those such as finance and high-tech sectors, so the country needs to form modernized thinking and countermeasures to deal with the new situation. The main threat at the moment has been caused by the US-launched new cold war against China despite Washington refusing to admit it, analysts noted.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/6/5 0:31:03
  • Chinese mainland to promote peaceful exchange with Taiwan compatriots in more effective, precise way

    The Chinese mainland still strives for peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and greatest efforts, even though the secessionist authorities on the island and foreign interference are disappointing the public in the mainland on peaceful exchanges and cooperation. Experts said on Sunday that in the future, the mainland will share the benefits of development with more Taiwan compatriots and in a more precise way, to more effectively promote people on the island to be aware of the benefits of reunification. The Graduate Institute for Taiwan Studies of Xiamen University held an academic activity on Sunday in Xiamen, Southeast China's Fujian Province with the theme “Face-to-Face Talks Between Scholars From the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits.”

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/5/28 22:46:11
  • DeSantis enters US presidential race with second largest war chest

    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced he will run for US president on Wednesday local time. Chinese experts said the Republican politician has similarly hostile and extreme views toward China as Donald Trump, but likely serves as a "backup option" for the GOP if Trump cannot run for election next year due to his legal woes.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/5/25 21:09:23
  • China reaffirms support for core interests amid Russian PM's visit

    Chinese President Xi Jinping said China is willing to promote mutual support with Russia in the fields that involved the respective core interests and enhance coordination on multilateral arenas during a meeting with visiting Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin in Beijing on Wednesday. Experts said the stable development of China-Russia relations is crucial for world peace and the process of multilateralism to withstand the threat of hegemony and unilateralism.

    By Yang Sheng and Du Qiongfang | 2023/5/24 22:32:38
  • Xi sends congratulatory letter to Arab League summit, happy for regional countries to take path of unity and self-development

    China is happy to witness Arab countries taking new steps on the path of unity and self-development with new achievements being made, Chinese President Xi Jinping said in a congratulatory letter sent to the Arab League Summit, which kicked off on Friday in the Saudi city of Jeddah.

    By Liu Caiyu and Yang Sheng | 2023/5/20 0:12:35
  • Chinese commerce minister's planned visit to US lifts trade prospects, but 'result depends on sincerity of US'

    The trade chiefs of China and the US are resuming contacts, with China's commerce minister scheduled to meet next week with his US counterpart and Washington's top trade officials, a latest sign showing that the two largest economies in the world are trying to get back to a normal trade track.

    By Tu Lei, Zhao Juecheng and Yang Sheng | 2023/5/19 20:46:13
  • Sound China-Eritrea ties key to regional peace, international fairness: Xi

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President Isaias Afwerki of the State of Eritrea in Beijing on Monday, with Chinese analysts saying that China-Africa relations are crucial as the world experiences turbulence, and further promoting ties with Eritrea, which is under sanctions from the US and which also holds a geopolitically important location in the continent, is a signal to the world that China will firmly stand with the developing countries in Africa as well as the rest of the world despite pressure and disruption from the hegemonic power.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/5/15 23:33:43
  • G7 communiqué omits mention of China, exposing more rifts

    As a communiqué issued after the three-day Group of Seven (G7) finance ministers and central bank governors meeting that concluded on Saturday made no mention of China at all, experts said that G7 member states are facing more obvious differences, which cast doubts on whether the group will be able to reach a joint statement at the summit on measures to counter China's "economic coercion."

    By Ma Jingjing and Yang Sheng | 2023/5/15 0:38:15
  • Kishida's visit to S.Korea makes Tokyo, Seoul a pair of 'strange bedfellows'

    As the heads of South Korean and Japanese governments met on Sunday for their second summit in less than two months, Chinese analysts said this kind of frequent exchanges show that under US pressure, Tokyo is using the office term of a South Korean leader who is both extremely pro-US and pro-Japan as a "time window" to further push bloc confrontation in the region to serve US strategic needs of containing China.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/5/7 22:02:27
  • Yoon's overwhelming pro-US policy could become nightmare for S.Korea, with losses to outweigh gains, experts say

    South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol's overwhelming pro-US policy, including South Korea's new nuclear deterrence agreement with the US that could allow Washington to dispatch a nuclear ballistic missile submarine to South Korea, has drawn strong criticism from its neighboring countries China, Russia and North Korea, with analysts saying Yoon's increasingly extreme foreign policy has "lost balance" and will likely see losses outweigh gains.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/29 20:59:51
  • US-S.Korea agreements add new danger; 'extended deterrence' could trigger 'another nuclear crisis' in peninsula

    US President Joe Biden and visiting South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol reached a series of strategic agreements on "extended deterrence" against North Korea, as well as the Taiwan question and the South China Sea issue, drawing firm opposition and strong criticism from the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/27 22:24:04
  • S.Korea's Yoon set to face 'strong US coercion' to contain China

    South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol left for the US on Monday for a visit during which he is anticipated to face greater US coercion to serve Washington's strategy to contain China, particularly in the chip sector.

    By Yang Sheng and Xie Jun | 2023/4/24 20:56:23
  • China's diplomacy brings about 'global effect,' to meet world's need for peace, certainty, and recovery

    China has pressed the "accelerator" button, said Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Qin Gang on the sideline of the "two sessions" in March, and it seems that in the first quarter of 2023, China's diplomacy has already had a "global effect," said experts.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/20 23:55:21
  • China-Gabon relations lifted to strategic level

    Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, who is on a state visit to China, at the Great Hall of the People on Wednesday, and the two leaders reached an agreement on the elevation of the comprehensive cooperative partnership between the two countries to a "comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership."

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/19 17:42:07
  • US poisons ties with 'nonsense charges'; its China policy increasingly self-contradictory

    US' China policy is becoming increasingly self-contradictory and ridiculous, experts said, as while Washington wishes to send senior officials to China to seek dialogue on key issues and US military officers complain about obstacles to engaging with their Chinese counterparts, the US recently arrested Chinese Americans and charged some Chinese officials under a nonsense pretext of running a “secret police outpost.” The latest moves have further poisoned the atmosphere for bilateral ties by adding fuel to the fire of Sinophobia in the US.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/4/18 23:30:39
  • China-Russia military ties to enhance amid Chinese defense chief's visit to Moscow, 'key to world peace, containing and deterring hegemony'

    The ongoing visit of Chinese defense chief Li Shangfu to Russia received high standard reception and also drew great attention globally, as Western media try to connect the China-Russia military ties with the ongoing Ukraine crisis, with Chinese analysts saying on Monday the strategic partnership between the two countries has no ill intention or conspiracy to hide and will never target any third party.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2023/4/17 21:43:27
  • Blinken's Asia trip to G7 meeting, Vietnam amid Pentagon leaks reflects 'US difficulties to convince allies, regional countries'

    US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent trip to Asia to attend the G7 foreign ministers' meeting in Japan and to visit Vietnam shows that the US is still trying to use regional issues to hype tensions and contain China, but experts said this attempt won't be welcomed by regional countries and even not by some US allies. They noted that the latest scandal of Pentagon's leaks will embarrass Washington even more and make it difficult to win trust from other countries.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/16 22:25:27
  • US defense contractors' trip to Taiwan region 'provocative,' may worsen China-US tension: expert

    The US is planning a trip to send dozens of defense contractors to the island of Taiwan for another round of provocative arm sales, as analysts said this just proves that Washington has no sincerity to ease tensions with China and the regional situation will remain tense or even worsen.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/12 21:21:47
  • US signals to fix China ties but 'credible sincerity' needed; Washington to be 'lone wolf' in 'new cold war' against China

    The US "decoupling" and containment strategy against China is in trouble - US media recently found that Washington is getting lonely in its clash with Beijing, as many of its key allies, including France, as well as the US' domestic companies like Intel and Tesla, are reluctant to follow the White House's wrong policy toward China.

    By Yang Sheng and Qi Xijia | 2023/4/11 23:16:16
  • Brazil's Lula to visit China; More comprehensive cooperation to be reached, also eyeing participation in BRI

    After recovering from pneumonia, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva will reportedly visit China from Tuesday to Friday, and experts said the visit will greatly raise bilateral ties to a higher level with more comprehensive cooperation in not only traditional areas like trade and investment, but also fields like finance, anti-poverty, cooperation under the frame of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), as well as joint mediation over the world-concerned Ukraine crisis.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Caiyu | 2023/4/10 23:53:46
  • Leaked US, NATO documents on Ukraine's military operation show 'serious disunity within the West'

    The recent leak of classified US and NATO documents on the Ukrainian military and Kiev's much-anticipated "spring counteroffensive" has exposed that disunity, distrust and divergences among the US, the West and Ukraine are serious and keep worsening, said Chinese experts. They noted that the incident further proves that Washington is the biggest obstacle for the international community to promote a cease-fire and peace talks for the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/9 21:22:58
  • Tsai's activities in US will make it 'more difficult' for Biden to engage China

    The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Monday that "China will take firm measures to safeguard its sovereignty and territorial integrity," in response to a question over how it would react if US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy meets Tsai Ing-wen, leader of the separatist authorities on the island of Taiwan.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/3 21:13:06
  • New book reviews struggles, engagements between N.Korea and US

    During a time when the world remains greatly concerned by the ongoing geopolitical crisis in Ukraine, the Korean Peninsula has also been experiencing tension with US and South ­Korean mili-tary drills posing great threats to North Korea and Pyongyang responding by launching missiles. Readers who look to better understand the situation on the peninsula now have a great resource to turn to: A new book reviewing the complex and long-lasting game between Washington and Pyongyang over the past 30 years was published in March.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/3 19:30:31
  • Ma Ying-jeou says mainland's development in all fields very fast, 'some are even undreamed of'

    Ma Ying-jeou, former chairperson of the Chinese Kuomintang (KMT), continued his trip in the Chinese mainland on Sunday, and he told the media that the development of the mainland is fast and some are even "undreamed of" after visiting two heavy equipment enterprises in Changsha, capital of Central China's Hunan Province on Sunday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/4/2 22:42:15
  • US uses 'ideological bias to split world,' aims for confrontation

    As the US will hold its second “Summit for Democracy” from Wednesday to Thursday, Chinese experts said that compared to the first summit in 2021, the latest event shows nothing new in nature – fake democracy but real hegemony, as the standard for inviting the guest countries is based on Washington's diplomatic preferences and serves its hegemonic strategy to split rather than unite the world with ideological bias.

    By Yang Sheng and Xu Yelu | 2023/3/28 22:43:47
  • Singapore, Malaysia PMs to visit China, attend Boao Forum, 'China-ASEAN ties to be reinforced for post-pandemic recovery'

    Leaders from many countries around the globe are heading to China for the annual Boao Forum and official visits, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday confirmed that multiple foreign leaders including prime ministers from Singapore and Malaysia will attend the significant economic event and will pay official visits to China.

    By Yang Sheng and Cui Fandi | 2023/3/27 22:45:45
  • China's diplomacy to make 'more global contributions'; Vision on community with shared future implemented with real actions and notable results

    China's diplomacy has pressed the "accelerate button" and sounded the clarion call in the spring of 2023 with a series of major diplomatic activities that bring positive changes to a world in turbulence. Experts said that China has formally started its new journey after the two sessions and will take on the responsibility of a major country by making more contributions to addressing concerns of the international community.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2023/3/23 23:54:11
  • Xi's successful visit to Russia 'globally significant,' joint statements to guide future comprehensive coordination

    Chinese President Xi Jinping returned to Beijing on Wednesday evening after wrapping up a state visit to Russia, as experts said the two joint statements signed by China and Russia this time show that the strategic partnership remains rock solid and will keep benefiting not only the two peoples on all fronts, but also keep promoting world peace and the improvement of global governance.

    By Bai Yunyi in Moscow and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2023/3/22 23:25:14
  • China, Russia deepen Comprehensive Strategic Partnership of Coordination for the New Era, stress talks as solution to Ukraine crisis in joint statement

    Chinese President Xi Jinping continued his state visit in Russia, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin on Tuesday. Xi invited the two Russian leaders to visit China, as analysts said this shows that high-level mutual-trust and coordination between the two major powers are solid and will be elevated to a higher level despite the turbulence in the world.

    By Bai Yunyi in Moscow and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2023/3/22 1:27:05
  • Xi's visit warmly welcomed by Russia, 'brings hope of peace for Ukraine crisis'

    Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday to kick off his three-day state visit, with the warm hospitality of the Russian side expressed through the high-standard welcoming ceremony arranged for the Chinese president upon his arrival. Experts from both China and Russia said the visit will be symbolic and have global significance, as it will not only greatly promote the development of bilateral ties, but also bring hope and confidence for a peaceful solution to the Ukraine crisis.

    By Bai Yunyi in Moscow and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2023/3/20 22:09:51
  • Iraq War 20 years on: hegemony that threatening world peace should be contained; US decision-makers 'should be held accountable'

    The Iraq War, which started on March 20 of 2003 when the US and its allies launched an invasion against a sovereign country in the Middle East based on fake intelligence about "weapons of mass destruction," has brought destructive and irreversible disasters to the region, and caused much collateral damage to the world.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/3/20 0:04:39
  • Global Civilization Initiative proposed by Xi 'provides hope to heal the world in turbulence'

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chinese president, proposed the Global Civilization Initiative. Experts said following the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, China is trying to share its wisdom and plans to bring new hope for all nations to consider together on how to escape the trap of the "Clash of Civilization" and find a path that can help the world sail through the current turbulence.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/16 21:57:38
  • China's experience in resuming Tehran-Riyadh ties helps mediation for other conflicts worldwide

    China's effort to help the reestablishment of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran has been praised by the UN and the vast majority of the international community, and it was especially welcomed by Middle East and Islamic countries that will be directly affected by the development of the situation, with experts saying that the experience China gained from this case is helpful for its mediation in conflicts and tensions worldwide, including the ongoing Ukraine crisis.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/14 20:33:11
  • China to march on new journey with full confidence, energy, as annual 'two sessions' successfully conclude

    Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed the closing meeting of the first session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC) on Monday. His remarks comprehensively covered key topics, including the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), national rejuvenation, national reunification, development and security, as well as building a community with a shared future for humanity.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/13 21:38:05
  • 'Proposing motions in the name of whole delegation' becomes a more efficient, precise way for NPC delegates to implement whole-process people's democracy

    Many delegations attending the ongoing 14th National People's Congress (NPC) have submitted their motions in the name of the whole delegations instead of individual deputies, which has drawn wide attention.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/12 19:53:32
  • Xi Jinping unanimously elected president, CMC chairman of PRC, leads China on new journey in unity, confidence

    Xi Jinping was unanimously elected president of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) of the PRC on Friday at the session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC).

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/10 11:52:17
  • Government Work Report shows China's confidence in a year of 'stability and development' despite world to face more uncertainties in 2023

    The Government Work Report delivered by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Sunday has drawn attention worldwide after foreign media noticed the report mentioned "stability" dozens of times and focused on realizing feasible economic development targets amid increasing uncertainties and crises around the globe.

    By Yang Sheng and Du Qiongfang | 2023/3/6 22:38:32
  • China stands against 'long-arm jurisdiction,' focuses on legislation for countermeasures: NPC spokesperson

    China stands firmly against "long-arm jurisdiction" practices, said Wang Chao, spokesperson for the first session of the 14th National People's Congress (NPC), at a press conference on Saturday, stressing that it is totally justifiable and necessary for China to make legislation effort to counter containment, suppression and interference from external forces.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/3/4 19:27:27
  • US' aid to Ukraine seriously watered-down, serving 'money laundering': think tank

    One day ahead of the one year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict's outbreak, a Chinese think tank published a report on Thursday, claiming that US aid to Ukraine is seriously "watered-down" as Kiev and Ukrainian people only received very little from the huge amount of the US has promised, while the most of the assistance are actually serving the "money laundering plan" for the US military industrial complex.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/23 22:26:46
  • China to find peace plan for Russia-Ukraine conflict when West failed to mediate but only add fuel to fire

    China is putting in every effort to mediate the complicated and intensifying Russia-Ukraine conflict, as the visiting Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other senior Russian officials in Moscow to discuss a range of issues, including Ukraine, even as the US and Western countries are more interested in sending additional weapons to keep the ongoing fight from ending.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/22 23:04:08
  • China keeps striving for mediation by engaging all relevant parties in Russia-Ukraine conflict, while US only 'adds fuel to fire'

    Chinese top diplomat Wang Yi started his Russia visit on Tuesday after his trip to France, Italy, Hungary and a series of meetings with diplomats from countries including the US and Ukraine in Germany on the sideline of the Munich Security Conference, with analysts saying China is making efforts for mediation by engaging with all relevant parties involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, while the US keeps on adding fuel to the flame and exploiting the conflict to make a political show.

    By Yang Sheng and Fan Anqi | 2023/2/21 23:01:37
  • GT investigates: More than 72% of respondents see US as the biggest obstacle to Ukraine peace process: GT survey

    About one year ago, Chinese people, just like everyone else around the globe, were shocked by a massive military conflict that has profoundly changed international relations and the geopolitical landscape of Europe. Unfortunately, this terrible tragedy between Russia and Ukraine is still far from being over.

    By Yang Sheng and Xu Yelu | 2023/2/20 21:25:06
  • 'Escalation unavoidable' if Russia's call for talks on Ukraine ignored by US

    Before the one-year anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine conflict's outbreak, Moscow sent a message for talks based on the "existing reality" and without "preconditions," while US President Joe Biden is also scheduled to visit Poland to show Washington's unwavering support for Kiev to continue the fight.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2023/2/12 21:22:18
  • China-Cambodia ties to be further improved with Hun Sen's visit, will 'encourage more in region to embrace potential for development, recovery'

    Three years after his important 2020 visit to China that brought great support and encouragement to China while the country was in the midst of a tough fight with COVID-19, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has come to China once again to further boost bilateral ties.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/9 22:11:09
  • US hypes 'China threat' theory again on the number of ICBM launchers to justify attempt to expand nuclear capability

    As tension between China and the US is worsening due to the US' hysterical overreaction in shooting down China's unmanned civilian-use airship, the US military, politicians and media have moved on to hype another issue - that the so-called number of China's intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launchers has surpassed that of the US, which makes the toxic atmosphere of a new cold war swell further, Chinese analysts said on Wednesday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/8 20:01:30
  • Biden keeps hyping airship incident ahead of State of Union address; 'China-US ties increasingly dangerous in 2023'

    Different political forces within the US, including President Joe Biden and the Republican Party, are still hyping up the incident of a Chinese civilian unmanned airship in the US media in order to gain political interests ahead of the annual State of the Union address, rather than making efforts to cool down the matter.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/7 22:03:07
  • China could 'make strategic response' if US deploys medium-range missiles in Japan

    The US and Japan will discuss new weapons deployment, including medium-range missiles, Tomahawk cruise missiles and long-range hypersonic weapons, in some Japanese islands close to China's Taiwan under the pretext of "defense", according to some media reports. Chinese military analysts warn that the plan poses a serious threat to regional countries including China, North Korea and Russia. China is right and capable of making a "strategic response" to counter the potential provocative act, they noted.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2023/2/6 22:40:54
  • China-South Pacific cooperation to withstand impact after US opens new embassy in Solomons

    The US officially announced the opening of its embassy in the Solomon Islands on Thursday, in a move aimed at countering the development of ties between China and the South Pacific nation, Chinese analysts said. The move is a politically motivated action to serve the US' strategy of confronting China in the region, rather than one based on the need for consular services, so they believe the US will use the embassy to bring more disruption to the China-Solomons cooperation projects.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/2 21:20:00
  • US 'not sincere' in fixing ties with China, as Washington still wants to copy 'bloc-to-bloc confrontation' in Asia-Pacific

    Senior officials of the US and US-led military organization NATO are continuing to create hostile atmosphere against China among its allies and partners in the Asia-Pacific region, but at the same time, the US is seeking more engagement with China to better manage the so-called competition and even wish to cooperate with China on some issues of great concern to the US, such as finance and the economy, climate change and the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/2/1 20:42:48
  • US defense chief visits S.Korea to strengthen alliance, 'adds uncertainty to region'

    After securing billions of dollars in additional military supplies to add more fuel to the flames of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his team are shifting their focus to the Indo-Pacific this week. Experts said the US is trying to make their allies in the Asia-Pacific region continue serving its hegemonic purpose to contain China, and Washington's attempt to keep its military influence will add more uncertainties to the complex regional security situation.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/31 20:44:21
  • NATO chief visits Asia, intends to bring 'bloc-to-bloc confrontation in Europe' to region

    NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin began separate visits to Asia recently, leaving Chinese analysts concerned about the strategic purpose of these visits. They believed that the US and NATO are trying to bring to Asia the “bloc-to-bloc confrontation,” which has already led to military conflicts in Europe, and warned that the US intends to use its allies in the region to contain China and disrupt regional integration and economic recovery by spreading their dangerous “Cold War mentality.”

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/30 22:06:01
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict could escalate to 'World War' if NATO directly involves

    The danger of “another World War” in Europe is increasing, said Chinese military experts, as a NATO senior military official said the US-led military bloc is ready for direct confrontation with Russia. Ukraine and Western countries have recently agreed to talk for more weapon supplies including long-range missiles and warplanes. The experts predicted that Russia will launch a new round of offensive before NATO's assistance is transformed into Ukraine's combat capability on the battle fields.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/29 21:34:41
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict eyes more intensity as US-led NATO meeting focuses on supplying weapons rather than mediation

    Top leaders of the US-led NATO are holding in-person meetings from Wednesday to Thursday after military chiefs from the US and Ukraine met in Poland ahead of the meeting. This comes as Russia appointed a new commander of the "special military operation" in Ukraine and declared a military victory in Soledar in eastern Ukraine.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/18 22:27:29
  • China welcomes Blinken's visit; 'time for US to make changes'

    China welcomes US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to visit China and is in communication with the US side on specific arrangements for the visit, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Wenbin said Tuesday, as Chinese experts said it is time for the US to make some changes to actively fix the damaged bilateral ties and bring good news for the fragile global recovery.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/17 23:09:28
  • China-Africa traditional friendship shows 'new characteristic' as FM Qin concludes 8-day visit

    Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang concluded his first official overseas trip since his appointment on December 30, 2022, with visits to five African countries and two regional organizations on his busy eight-day schedule. Experts said the traditional friendship between China and Africa has been further deepened, and in a world in turbulence, the China-Africa relationship is a symbol of developing countries working together to withstand uncertainties and potential crises through cooperation and development.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/16 22:03:50
  • GT survey: More Europeans unsatisfied with US-EU relations since Russia-Ukraine conflict breaks out

    The Global Times Research Center conducted a survey in 13 countries in Europe and Turkey to learn about Europeans' opinions on their relations with the US since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukraine conflict in February, 2022, as well as their concerns over the security situation of the continent and the energy and food crises. Data from 7,536 samples show that more Europeans are unsatisfied with their ties with the US and are concerned that US actions against Russia will bring negative impact to Europe's economy.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2023/1/15 22:59:42
  • Qin Gang meets AUC chairman; both sides show confidence in prospects of China-Africa relations

    Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang is paying his first foreign visit to Africa, with his first stop in Ethiopia, and this also marks the 33rd consecutive year that Africa has been the destination of Chinese foreign ministers' annual first overseas trip. Experts said the China-Africa traditional friendship will continue to help African countries realize sustainable peace and development when the world is in turbulence. After Ethiopia, Qin will visit Gabon, Angola, Benin, Egypt, the African Union Headquarters and the League of Arab States Headquarters upon invitation, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese analysts said this is a thoughtful arrangement, as the trip covers African countries from all regions of the continent with different economic sizes, languages and cultural backgrounds, and this shows that China is dealing with different African partners with an equal attitude, and has a comprehensive and mature diplomatic policy toward the continent.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/11 23:57:16
  • Xi stresses need to promote rigorous Party self-governance; 'system construction' key to long-term anti-corruption campaign

    Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, on Monday stressed ceaseless efforts in promoting full and rigorous Party self-governance and ensuring the implementation of decisions and plans made at the 20th CPC National Congress.

    By Yang Sheng and Yu Xi | 2023/1/9 20:18:41
  • Power struggle in US to result in more 'fragmentation' as Biden 'plans to run' for 2024, may face 'witch-hunt' from Republicans in House

    As US President Joe Biden is already planning his 2024 presidential campaign and Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy was finally elected House Speaker early Saturday local time after an embarrassing 15 rounds of voting, Chinese analysts said the mess in Washington will keep worsening and power struggles between and within the two parties will make US internal governance and foreign policy more and more extreme and problematic.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/8 22:41:57
  • McCarthy's embarrassing victory in speaker election not the end of mess in Washington: analysts

    The US House of Representatives has finally elected Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy as the new speaker early Saturday morning after a historic and embarrassing deadlock and 15 rounds of voting that kept the lower chamber from being fully functional for days after the new Congress convened.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/8 0:21:42
  • China adjusts law-enforcement and judiciary actions toward violations of COVID-19 prevention measures

    Starting from January 8, people who violate COVID-19 prevention measures will not be convicted or punished for obstructing the control of an infectious disease based on current regulations, according to a notification jointly issued by judiciary and law-enforcement authorities, as well as other relevant departments on Saturday.

    By Yang Sheng and Xiong Xinyi | 2023/1/7 22:52:07
  • China-Philippines ties enter 'new golden age,' cooperation to be greatly enhanced

    Chinese President Xi Jinping met visiting Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. in Beijing on Wednesday, with both sides expressing great hope, confidence and determination to further develop bilateral relations to a higher level. Chinese experts said the successful visit proves there is little room for outside forces like the US to meddle in the South China Sea situation and interrupt the two countries' efforts to promote common development.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/4 23:48:38
  • China to receive visits by Filipino, Turkmen presidents

    Presidents of the Philippines and Turkmenistan will visit China this week to further boost their ties with the world's second-biggest economy and major power in Asia that provides certainty for the world in turbulence. Analysts said these diplomatic activities and arrangements show that China attaches great importance to its relations with neighboring regions, and it is making efforts to make "peace and development" remain the mainstream in Asia.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xin | 2023/1/3 21:07:27
  • World faces 'challenges, potential crises' in 2023;China to contribute more certainties

    China is fully prepared for any challenges and uncertainties that might occur in the international arena and the country stands ready to counter any provocations that threaten its national security and core interests. At the same time, China, with an open and inclusive diplomacy and an economy that shows great resilience and potential, will keep contributing certainties to the world in 2023 as it has played a leading role to improve and reform globalization which is being hit by headwinds, experts said.

    By Yang Sheng | 2023/1/2 22:14:20
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict 'could further escalate in 2023;' negotiation impossible before 'key change in battlefield'

    Russia and Ukraine recently accused each other of having no sincerity for negotiations to end the conflict, and Russian President Vladimir Putin said he will sign a decree on retaliatory preventive measures against the introduction of a cap on prices for Russian oil on Monday or Tuesday. Analysts said the confrontation between Russia and the US and the military conflict in Ukraine could be further escalated in 2023.

    By Yang Sheng and Xu Yelu | 2022/12/26 22:02:40
  • Truce 'far off' as US adds fuel with aid plans amid Zelensky's visit

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit to Washington showed that he was making great efforts to make "supporting Ukraine to fight Russia" an "unchallengeable political correctness" in the US, while Republicans and Democrats have shown diverging opinions on the matter recently, said analysts, and since Russia is also preparing for long-term conflict, the crisis is still far from a peaceful solution.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/12/22 22:21:12
  • China-Australia ties 'on fast track to recovery' as leaders agree to initiate, restart dialogues in 6 areas

    Chinese President Xi Jinping told Australian leaders on Wednesday that China is ready to advance relations with Australia based on mutual respect and win-win principles as Australia's top diplomat is paying an “ice-breaking” visit to China to fix the damaged ties.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/12/21 23:19:51
  • Repairing China-Australia ties helps 'meet expectation' of fixing trade ties, 'pave way' for easing China-US tension: expert

    Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong's visit to China from Tuesday to Wednesday has given rise to great expectation from Australian business circle and the groups that hope recovery of the bilateral ties could boost economic recovery, with Chinese analysts saying China welcomes and encourages Australia to correct the mistakes made by the former government. China also said if Canberra keeps such attitude and shows sincerity through concrete actions, the trade ties could be fixed, stressing that the recovery of China-Australia relations could also pave way for the easing of tensions between China and the US.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/12/20 23:58:27
  • Australia's FM to kick off visit to China in 'ice-breaking' diplomatic activity

    Australia's Foreign Minister is scheduled to visit China from Tuesday to Wednesday, with analysts viewing it as an "ice-breaking" diplomatic activity, as this is the first time a ministerial-level senior official from Canberra will visit China since 2019.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/12/19 20:54:07
  • ASEAN-EU summit shows 'Asia-Europe cooperation needs mutual respect, target no third party'

    ASEAN and the EU, two of China's major trade partners, have concluded their first-ever summit in Brussels with a joint statement indicating that Asian and European countries share a common interest in boosting cooperation to overcome common challenges, with Chinese analysts saying that major Western countries will continue seeking solutions to their urgent problems by boosting cooperation with the developing world, and Asian countries will have more opportunities.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/12/15 22:37:38
  • Partisan struggle in Washington makes US commitments to Africa 'laughable lip-service'

    The US is holding a summit with African countries in Washington from Tuesday to Thursday this week and will try to convince Africans that the US offers a “better option” to the continent than other major powers, especially China, but Chinese analysts said Washington's policy toward Africa has been driven by its outdated and unrealistic Cold War mentality with obvious anti-China sentiment, rather than focusing on real development for Africa.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xin | 2022/12/14 22:56:53
  • US urged to show sincerity 'in stabilizing bilateral ties' in delegation's China visit

    The US announced on Saturday that a delegation formed by senior officials on Asia-Pacific affairs will visit China soon, a move which Chinese analysts said shows that the US is seeking stabilization of ties with China more desperately. They urged that if Washington really wants to manage the competition and boost cooperation, it should keep its promises on sensitive topics like the Taiwan question and stop hostile containment approaches against China, otherwise the US will not get what it wants.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/12/11 23:15:42
  • Memorial meeting held to mourn Jiang Zemin; legacy remembered

    A memorial meeting for Jiang Zemin, who passed away on November 30 at the age of 96, was held Tuesday morning at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/12/7 0:37:11
  • EU needs to 'cooperate with China' as concerns of trade war with US rise

    As concerns of a possible trade war between the EU and the US increase, Chinese analysts said major European economies need to make pragmatic and wise decisions to safeguard their own interests rather than following Washington too closely at their own costs while serving the US hegemony.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Qi | 2022/12/5 23:08:04
  • China, Cuba eye deepening BRI cooperation; US' scheme of marginalizing China in Latin America 'failing'

    China and Cuba on Friday vowed to deepen practical cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) cooperation plan, firmly support each other on issues concerning each other's core interests, strengthen coordination in international and regional affairs as well as jointly build socialism with local characteristics, during a meeting between Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and Chinese president, and Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and Cuban president.

    By Zhang Hui, Yang Sheng and Wang Wenwen | 2022/11/25 23:20:03
  • China remains open to defense chief dialogue with US during ADMM-Plus meeting

    The Chinese and US sides are "communicating and coordinating" with each other on bilateral exchanges on the sidelines of the upcoming ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting-Plus (ADMM-Plus), said the Chinese Defense Ministry on Sunday morning, as experts said that to what extent the meeting would bring positive outcomes that could benefit regional and world peace and stability depends on whether or not the US military will implement the US president's reaffirmed promise of not seeking conflict with China.

    By Yang Sheng and Guo Yuandan | 2022/11/20 21:04:40
  • Partisan struggles 'to make China-US ties more uncertain' as Republicans win House

    Intense partisan struggles between Democrats and Republicans in the US will be further intensified, said analysts on Thursday as Republicans captured control of the US House of Representatives.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/11/17 22:09:09
  • G20 concludes striving to seek common ground, push cooperation

    The 2022 G20 Leaders' Summit concluded on Wednesday with member states issuing a joint declaration on cooperation for global development, and analysts said that China's proposals have received worldwide support and contributed wisdom for the turbulent world to deal with common challenges and crises.

    By Wang Cong and Bai Yunyi in Bali, Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2022/11/17 0:59:50
  • Xi calls for unity of international community at G20 summit as world confronts challenges

    Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed the importance of unity among the international community when addressing the G20 summit on Tuesday, saying that the world needs to promote a more inclusive, universally beneficial and resilient global development.

    By Wang Cong, Bai Yunyi in Bali and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2022/11/15 21:44:39
  • Xi, Biden meet as world seeks more certainties

    Current state of China-US relations is not in the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples, and is not what the international community expects, Chinese President Xi Jinping said during his meeting with US President Joe Biden in Bali, Indonesia on Monday, which marked the first face-to-face meeting between the leaders of the world's two biggest economies since Biden took office.

    By Wang Cong, Bai Yunyi in Bali and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2022/11/15 1:03:41
  • Biden needs to handle ties with China 'more cautiously' despite Democrats retains power in Senate

    While the US Democrats will keep their narrow Senate majority for the next two years, the control of the House is still not assured for either party as counting continues in some states.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/11/13 22:12:06
  • New rifle series named Type 20, to improve military's combat capability

    The Chinese military's next-generation service rifle, which used to be called the QBZ191 series, has been formally named the Type 20 series, and the spokesperson of the manufacturer said at the Airshow China 2022 that this shows that the new rifles are just like the 20 aircraft family, which include the J-20 stealth fighter jet, Y-20 transport aircraft and Z-20 helicopter. They will become the next-generation firearms to greatly improve the Chinese military forces' combat capability.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/11/9 21:43:53
  • Caihong UAVs make changes to serve more missions in modern warfare

    With Airshow China 2022 in Zhuhai, East China's Guangdong Province, about to start on Tuesday, exhibitors worldwide have displayed their new products in the exhibition hall, and due to the performance of military drones in ongoing military conflicts worldwide, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) have become a hot topic at the airshow, with Chinese manufacturers displaying multiple types of advanced drones.

    By Yang Sheng and Ma Jun in Zhuhai | 2022/11/7 21:42:27
  • China-Pakistan ironclad ties consolidated; key CPEC projects to advance as 'BRI, Chinese modernization benefit all'

    Chinese President Xi Jinping on Wednesday held talks with visiting Pakistani Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and Sharif is one of the world leaders that has visited China right after the conclusion of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Experts said Sharif's visit showed that the China-Pakistan ironclad friendship will be further deepened and will bring more certainty and stability to the region amid the profound changes that the world is experiencing.

    By Yang Sheng and Fan Anqi | 2022/11/2 22:34:35
  • Nguyen Phu Trong visit highlights inter-party exchanges, closer cooperation: expert

    At the invitation of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and president of China, the visit by Nguyen Phu Trong, general secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC), to China from Sunday to Wednesday, is expected to further deepen the China-Vietnam relations that are guided by the special ties between the two socialist ruling parties, and will boost regional economic recovery and integration while further consolidating peace and stability for the region, said experts.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/10/30 23:25:30
  • Chinese FM informs Russia about 20th CPC National Congress; 'any attempt to stop two countries from marching forward' doomed to fail

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi talked with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov via phone on Thursday, when Wang informed the Russian side about the just-finished 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), and both sides vowed to promote the development of bilateral ties and to provide more stability to the world.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/10/28 2:04:57
  • Russia informs China of concerns over 'dirty bomb' in Ukraine; Moscow 'might turn operation into war on terror' if nukes are used against Russians

    Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe held a video conversation recently with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in which both sides exchanged views on “international and regional issues of shared concern,” as the Russian defense chief also called his counterparts of other major powers on Wednesday to tell them about his concerns over the use of “dirty bombs” in Ukraine.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/10/27 23:08:38
  • China won't export devt model, opposes imposition on others

    The just-concluded 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) elaborated on Chinese modernization, which offers a path for other countries to seek inspiration, senior Party officials at a Monday press conference reiterated that China will not export its model to other countries, nor will it import models from other countries; every country should explore its own way to modernization that suits its own situation, in response to questions and concerns from the West about whether "China might export its ideology or development model."

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/10/25 1:04:26
  • New CPC central leadership set for new journey

    Xi Jinping was elected general secretary of the 20th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) at the committee's first plenary session held on Sunday, according to the communique of the plenary session.

    By Yang Sheng and Chen Qingqing | 2022/10/24 0:42:41
  • Chinese diplomacy guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy to carry forward 'fighting spirit'

    China's determination to safeguard national sovereignty, territorial integrity and fundamental interests of the Chinese nation is unshakable and rock solid, and on the new journey in the future, China's diplomacy will continue to carry forward the fighting spirit and improve the ability to fight, said a senior Chinese diplomat at a press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Thursday.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Caiyu | 2022/10/20 23:47:04
  • Law-enforcement reinforced to safeguard natl security

    Chinese law enforcement agencies have invested great efforts to defend the public order and national security by cracking down on activities launched by hostile forces and they have achieved remarkable achievements since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), an official with the Ministry of Public Security revealed at a Wednesday press conference on the sidelines of the ongoing 20th CPC National Congress.

    By Yang Sheng and Leng Shumei | 2022/10/20 1:23:47
  • Spokespersons from delegations to 20th CPC National Congress make debut, show Party's confidence with openness, transparency

    The Press Center of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held two collective interviews with Chinese and foreign media from around the globe on Tuesday. Senior officials from 14 municipalities and provinces across the country took part, the first time that spokespersons for delegations have met the press on the sidelines of the Party's national congress.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/10/18 23:30:55
  • CPC charts course for modern socialist China in all respects

    The Communist Party of China (CPC) on Sunday unveiled its blueprint for building a modern socialist China in all respects for the next five years and beyond as the 20th CPC National Congress opened.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/10/17 2:02:59
  • Key agenda set for 20th CPC National Congress; CPC Constitution amendment to incorporate major theoretical views, strategic thinking

    Xi Jinping presided over a preparatory meeting for the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held Saturday afternoon at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, and on the same day at a press conference for the upcoming CPC National Congress, a spokesperson said all preparations for the congress were complete.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/10/15 19:13:53
  • 19th CPC Central Committee concludes 7th plenum; communiqué notes achievements made amid grave challenges

    The 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) concluded its seventh plenary session in Beijing on Wednesday with a communiqué issued to thoroughly review the achievements of the Party and the state in the past five years, and also discussed and adopted a report of the 19th Central Committee to the 20th CPC National Congress and an amendment to the CPC Constitution.

    By Yang Sheng and Chen Qingqing | 2022/10/13 0:18:46
  • EU complains high energy bills, to endure cold winter

    European countries are preparing to face a severe and tough winter as the energy crisis further escalate amid the worsening Russia-Ukraine crisis and the explosions of the Nord Stream pipelines, while the US is trying to use high energy prices to further weaken Europe's economy and force manufacturing industries to escape from the continent, said experts. They noted that EU leaders need to consider carefully of the future of EU-US relations. The analysts also said the EU can only ensure a sustainable peace and development of the continent when it keeps solidarity and independent policymaking.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Caiyu | 2022/10/9 22:23:39
  • China urges all sides to leave space for resolving Ukraine crisis via diplomatic talks following escalation of conflict

    Russia and Ukraine conflict has continued to escalate, as Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday signed documents to accept the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions into Russia following referenda while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced a bid for fast-track membership of the NATO military alliance on Friday and ruled out talks with Putin, striking back at Moscow's latest move. Meanwhile, China urged all sides to leave space for diplomatic negotiations in efforts to resolve the Ukraine crisis.

    By Yang Sheng and Xia Wenxin | 2022/10/1 23:21:02
  • Chinese mark National Day with blooming patriotism, pride and confidence ahead of key Party congress

    Chinese are celebrating the 73rd birthday of the People's Republic of China on Saturday, which is also the first day of the week-long National Day holidays, with more than 200 thousand people gathering at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing for the national flag-raising ceremony beaming with excitement and pride.

    By Yang Sheng and Qi Xijia | 2022/10/1 20:46:52
  • 50 years on, China and Japan aspire to overcome rifts, bring relations forward

    Chinese leaders on Thursday exchanged congratulatory messages with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida over the 50th anniversary of the normalization of China-Japan diplomatic relations, with analysts saying China and Japan show great sincerity to each other for keep developing the ties in a world with increasing uncertainties, despite the two sides have differences on many issues.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/9/29 21:41:32
  • Russia-Ukraine conflict 'to enter new stage' after referendums

    The majority of people in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson Region and Zaporozhye Region have "voted to join Russia in referendums" that were held between September 23 and 27, with observers believing the conflict is certain to intensify and the West will increase military support for Ukraine, while Russia will seek complete control of these regions.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/9/28 22:45:49
  • Referenda in 4 Ukrainian regions bring 'pressure' to West on how to deal with Russia next

    Referenda on "joining Russia" in four Ukrainian regions - Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson - are scheduled to conclude on Tuesday, as Chinese analysts said this may make Russia consolidate what it has gained from the conflict since February, bringing new pressure to the West on how to assist Ukraine and making peace negotiations more difficult.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/9/27 23:34:38
  • China hopes new Italian govt will stay pragmatic in handling strategic ties

    The leader of Italian political party Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni looks set to become the country's first woman prime minister at the head of its most right-wing government since World War II, according to many mainstream Western media outlets, after she led a conservative alliance to triumph at Sunday's election. The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Monday said China hopes the new Italian government can continue to insist on a positive and pragmatic policy toward China.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/9/26 23:27:32
  • China's voice at UNGA 'brings confidence to world in turbulence'

    Despite the world being in a phase of "turbulence and transformation," we have reasons for hope amid broadening cooperation and deepening economic globalization, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said at the general debate of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/9/26 0:56:58
  • Xi's key visit to C.Asia shows China's strategic vision, charms SCO summit with 'hopes, opportunities and certainty'

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is now paying his first foreign visit since the COVID-19 pandemic to Central Asia, and to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit. This major diplomatic activity has drawn attention around the globe and charmed the key multilateral event in Samarkand with frequent bilateral meetings with the leaders of other SCO members and key partners across the Eurasia continent.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/9/15 23:31:01
  • India keeps independent diplomacy as Modi to attend SCO summit while New Delhi walks away from US-led IPEF

    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has confirmed his attendance at the upcoming Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) Summit which will be held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan from Thursday to Friday, just days after India's decision to walk away from part of the US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) last week. Analysts said India is sticking to an independent and autonomous diplomacy and they hope India will be more united with other SCO members including China and Russia, and play a more positive role to promote multipolarization of the world together.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/9/14 21:25:55
  • China, Russia to strengthen cooperation on the way to a 'multipolar world'

    China will strengthen cooperation with Russia and work together with other members of the international community to boost the multipolarization of the world, Chinese experts said, as the 7th Eastern Economic Forum (EEF) is being held in Vladivostok, Russia. Russia also harshly criticized Western sanctions against it over the Ukraine crisis as they have brought great damage to everyone around the world including their own people in the West.

    By Yang Sheng and Chu Daye | 2022/9/7 21:19:51
  • China-Russia drills to safeguard regional peace, deter 'troublemakers in the region'

    Russian President Vladimir Putin inspected the military exercise participated by multiple countries, including China and India, in Russia on Tuesday, just one day after Japan protested the drills conducted near the Japan-claimed islands. Analysts said Moscow is warning Tokyo with tough actions that Japan's opportunistic diplomacy – forcing Russia to compromise on sovereignty disputes by following the US closely in sanctioning Russia – is wishful and doomed to fail.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2022/9/6 21:28:42
  • Liz Truss elected UK's new PM, faces tough job amid huge mess; 'pragmatic China ties crucial to overcome challenge'

    Liz Truss will move in 10 Downing Street as she beat Rishi Sunak in the election on Monday to become the new leader of the Conservative Party and the new UK Prime Minister. Analysts believed that this would be a tough job for her as Britain is now facing complicated and serious internal and external challenges, such as inflation and the problem caused by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/9/5 21:04:38
  • Biden, Trump trade verbal attacks, escalate partisan struggle; 'democracy fairy tale' shattered

    In US history, the war of words between Democrats and Republicans normally focuses on differences of policies and political ideas, but now it seems like the two sides are treating each other, and even ordinary voters, as “the enemy of the state,” a “threat to democracy,” and even as displaying “semi-fascism,” as US President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump are escalating their struggle to unite their supporters to serve their goals in the upcoming midterm elections and the 2024 presidential election.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/9/4 22:27:14
  • China's role in helping Middle East realize strategic autonomy, devt hailed at Beijing event

    The US war crimes and human right abuses in the Middle East make more and more Middle East countries, especially those major regional powers, realized the importance of strategic autonomy and development, and they are now looking toward China for deeper cooperation as China is able to help the Middle East nations to dominate their own destinies and get rid of the long-standing US hegemonic control, said Chinese experts at a press salon held in Beijing on Monday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/8/29 23:50:22
  • US' old warships sailing through Taiwan Straits can't deter PLA at all, only confirms US' hostility toward China's reunification

    The US on Sunday, more than 20 days after the PLA's massive drills encircled Taiwan island to respond to the provocative visit by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the island, sent two Ticonderoga-class cruisers to sail through Taiwan Straits, with the PLA announced that the entire passage of the US warships have been monitored and everything is under control.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/8/28 18:35:30
  • China lays out 11 facts to firmly rebut US chicanery on Taiwan question after Pelosi's provocative trip

    After China-US relations seriously worsen due to the provocative trip to Taiwan made by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi earlier this month, Washington, instead of reflecting on its own mistakes and correcting them, continues to provoke China with the latest reported trip by US lawmakers to Taiwan on Thursday night. It keeps its chicanery and tries to make the world believe that China's legitimate actions, including military drills that encircled the island, to safeguard its sovereignty are "overreaction," and to cover the fact that it was the US who ignored China's repeated serious warnings to damage the regional peace and stability to serve Washington's selfish and hegemonic anti-China strategy. China on Thursday released 11 facts to clearly refute the US lies and reaffirmed China's rights to take military countermeasures.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Qi | 2022/8/25 22:51:45
  • Six months on, US adds fuel to Ukraine crisis with $3b aid as world order alters, West hegemony weakens

    The conflict has inflicted huge pressure to the world economy. Europe has been the most affected victim with shortage crises emerging in both food and energy sectors. Even if Europe is trying hard to reduce dependence on Russian energy, it cannot be done in a short time, Cui pointed out.

    By Yang Sheng and Deng Xiaoci | 2022/8/24 23:35:43
  • China lodges stern demarche over US politicians' latest Taiwan visit; 'nation to steadily advance reunification process' amid frequent provocations

    Politicians and officials from the US, as well as some other Western countries, keep making or planning more visits to the island of Taiwan to further provoke China, as a delegation including Eric Holcomb, the governor of the US state of Indiana, arrived in Taiwan on Sunday for "trade talks," for which China has made serious demarches, as such provocation caused regional tensions to continue intensifying rather than easing, bringing increasing concerns among the international community.

    By Yang Sheng and Zhang Changyue | 2022/8/22 21:19:39
  • Chinese Embassy in Cambodia helps scam victims from Taiwan island; DPP incompetence policy failure exposed

    After thousands of Taiwan compatriots were defrauded and trapped in Cambodia, the incompetence of the Taiwan secessionist authorities has been exposed again while the Chinese mainland government is now taking the responsibility of protecting and assisting overseas Chinese nationals, including those from Taiwan.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Lin | 2022/8/22 1:10:34
  • Trump's legal jeopardy could 'misguide US midterm elections' into partisan conflict rather than solving urgent economic problems

    Former US president Donald Trump is facing serious legal jeopardy after the FBI search of his residence Mar-a-Lago in Florida found classified documents, with observers saying that as the investigation develops, it is likely to strangle the possibility that Trump can run for election again. Democrats might take a sigh of relief as they might have chance to eliminate their biggest threat in domestic politics once and for all.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/8/14 22:02:54
  • 'One country, two systems' to be 'recognized' by Taiwan island; smearing of DPP authorities cannot deny goodwill of the mainland

    China's newly published white paper titled “The Taiwan Question and China's Reunification in the New Era” has drawn attention not only from two sides of the Taiwan Straits but also the international community, as it has outlined China's plan for post-reunification governance over the island and shown China's confidence in promoting and implementing “one country, two systems” in the island after reunification, said analysts on Thursday.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Qi | 2022/8/11 23:52:23
  • China releases white paper on Taiwan question and reunification, outlines irreversible historical process, stronger capability and rock-solid resolution in new era

    The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council and the State Council Information Office of China published a white paper titled "The Taiwan Question and China's Reunification in the New Era" on Wednesday, following the tensions triggered by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's provocative visit to Taiwan island last week.

    By Wang Qi, Yang Sheng and Bai Yunyi | 2022/8/10 10:05:44
  • US partisan struggle further escalates, 'political system more dysfunctional' as Trump's Mar-a-Lago searched by FBI

    The US partisan struggle between Democrats and Republicans has been further escalated after Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump's resident in Florida, was searched by the FBI on Monday local time as part of an investigation into whether the former president “took classified records from the White House” during his term. Chinese experts and netizens are also paying close attention to the case with analysts saying the US democratic system might be more dysfunctional and the chaos like the Capitol Hill incident in 2021 will likely repeat with the upcoming midterm elections as well as the next presidential election in 2024.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/8/9 20:51:38
  • China frequently introduces historical context and the merits of Taiwan question to the world, reinforces 'one-China principle' as internationally recognized consensus

    As Chinese military forces have been conducting massive drills around the island of Taiwan in response to the serious provocations made by the US on the Taiwan question in recent days, Chinese diplomats around the globe are also make great efforts to introduce the historical context and the merit of the Taiwan question to reinforce the one-China principle as an international consensus. This is to let the world understand how the tensions emerged and why the US is one who provoked first, and to let the world be prepared to understand the national reunification of China which will be realized one day in the near future.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/8/7 22:35:44
  • US receives limited endorsements from allies on its groundless accusation against China on Taiwan Straits tension, proving one-China principle a strong international consensus

    The US is trying to piece together its limited influence to gather endorsements from its allies to follow its stance on condemning China's legitimate military actions around the island of Taiwan recently in responding to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's provocative trip to the island.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/8/6 20:46:53
  • PLA launches missile drill to east of Taiwan as Pelosi arrives; China to turn on a new status quo for Taiwan situation as 'US has broken the old one'

    The People's Liberation Army (PLA), on the night that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi landed in Taiwan for her provocative visit that violates the US promise of opposing "Taiwan independence" secessionism, launched massive military drills around the island of Taiwan, including a long-range live fire drill in the Taiwan Straits and a live fire conventional missile drill to the east of the island, with analysts saying China is not merely targeting a visiting 82-year-old US politician, but is eyeing the anti-secession campaign against the secessionist Taiwan authorities and is to concretely speed up the reunification process.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2022/8/3 2:07:40
  • China to speed up reunification process with comprehensive action as it ramps up military readiness against Pelosi's Taiwan visit

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to arrive on the island of Taiwan on Tuesday night according to foreign media reports, with rising concerns and opposition over her trip within the island and increasing military activities by the Chinese mainland, the Taiwan authorities and the US military in the region. Analysts from both sides of the Taiwan Straits said this risky move will totally change the situation in the region, while the mainland will more actively dominate and speed up the reunification process with comprehensive measures including military and political actions, and these actions will let the US and the secessionist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities feel the pain.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/8/2 21:00:28
  • US, world key figures warn Pelosi against risky trip, as her Asia itinerary has no mention of Taiwan

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has finally announced her Asia trip plan on Sunday that includes Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan with no mention of Taiwan, but this is still far from being able to give a sigh of relief and the potential danger still exists, said experts, as she might also try to make surprise visit to the island during her Asia trip, noting that no matter what happens, China will keep on high alert to be fully prepared for military conflict.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Caiyu | 2022/7/31 23:25:53
  • China reinforces bilateral 'guardrail' to US; Partisan struggle may 'bring crisis to Taiwan Straits'

    US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's unconfirmed plan of a trip to the island of Taiwan keeps troubling the US as Pelosi, US President Joe Biden and Democrats are now facing pressure instead of "encouragements" from the Republicans on the matter, with Chinese experts warning that if the US eventually let the partisan struggle and internal politics hijack its strategic decision-making, it would definitely bring a new crisis in the Taiwan Straits.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2022/7/28 0:20:10
  • China's contribution to promoting global human rights hailed at Beijing forum; unilateralism, sanctions by West denounced as challenging global governance

    The Beijing Forum on Human Rights was held on Tuesday with about 200 attendees from nearly 70 countries around the globe and international organizations meeting to discuss issues that affect global human rights, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ukraine crisis, as well as the unilateral sanctions launched by the West which brought great concerns worldwide. Political leaders, scholars and representatives from the UN praised China's contribution to safeguarding and promoting human rights domestically and internationally.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/7/26 21:24:50
  • UK PM candidates race for toughness against China 'to cover domestic mess'

    The remaining two candidates for the leadership of the Conservative Party and the new prime minister of the UK are competing with each other on who can play tougher against China during the election, and Rishi Sunak, the candidate who is perceived to support a balanced policy, is also making tough comments.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/7/26 1:03:21
  • Pelosi could spark 'more serious' Taiwan Straits crisis; China-US ties would fall off cliff if Washington intended to crash 'guardrails'

    Once again, media has reported that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to visit Taiwan in August after an aborted April visit to Asia that might include a trip to China's island due to testing positive for COVID-19, with analysts saying that if she intends to make a blatant provocation against China, she would spark a much more dangerous incident than the Taiwan Straits Crisis in 1996, and it would cause a huge setback for China-US ties.

    By Yang Sheng and Wang Qi | 2022/7/19 22:38:29
  • Why Western predictions on China were mostly wrong in past decade

    When commenting on China, some in the West only see a country constantly at the cusp of crisis, ranging from predictions of a "China hard landing" or "China collapse," to "COVID is China's Chernobyl moment" and "the end of Communist Party of China's (CPC) rule." Over the past decade, whenever China encountered difficulties and challenges, some Western politicians, scholars and so-called China experts always repeat wild prophecies about the fate of China and the CPC. Needless to say, none was even remotely right.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/7/17 22:03:28
  • China-UK ties 'might improve' with arrival of new PM

    The UK's Conservative Party is voting for its new leader who will become the successor to Boris Johnson as the country's new prime minister. Most of the candidates hold a tough stance on China, only one of them has a clear and pragmatic view on developing UK-China ties. Chinese experts said the new British prime minister won't make big changes to the current foreign policy, but there is a chance for the UK to fix ties with China and maximize its advantages to prevent an economic downturn.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/7/14 19:53:52
  • Biden's Mideast trip would find 'dilemma between confronting Iran and sanctioning Russia'

    US President Joe Biden arrived in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, kicking off his trip to the Middle East as observers expect that the US could launch a "Middle East NATO" to counter Iran and to convince Gulf states to increase global oil supplies to ease the energy crisis caused by the Ukraine crisis and the Western sanctions against Russia.

    By Yang Sheng and Cui Fandi | 2022/7/13 21:46:08
  • UK loses global influence with declining national strength, shaky internal politics

    After UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, the country could enter a stage without a long-term prime minister, as the country has failed to find a way to keep its national strength from declining after Brexit and there is no politician who can effectively fix the country's internal divergences, while trying to use the Ukraine crisis as an opportunity to maintain UK influence has proved unhelpful for London to solve its internal problems, analysts said on Monday, as a number of politicians jostle to replace Johnson in a packed race.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/7/11 21:47:09
  • China-US five-hour meeting in Bali thoroughly communicated; 'frequent dialogues help solve prominent issues'

    After having a five-hour long meeting and candid talk with Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Bali, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is continuing his trip in Asia. According to his latest remarks in Thailand on Sunday, it seems like the US will keep pushing its China containment strategy in the region despite the frequent dialogues between senior officials.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/7/11 0:14:35
  • China among fastest, biggest earthquake relief donor to Afghanistan with $8m cash, materials: FM

    The last shipment of earthquake relief supplies donated by the Chinese government will be sent to Afghanistan on Thursday, after China has already donated cash and materials worth 54 million yuan ($8 million) to the country, with Y-20 transport aircraft among transport vehicles conducting multiple transportation missions in the past two weeks, said the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Wednesday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/7/6 23:30:21
  • US seeks China's help to ease inflation in latest interaction

    The US is seeking help from China to ease its economic pressure, hinting that it may ease tariffs on Chinese goods and engage in dialogue with senior Chinese officials more often. However, analysts said Beijing will approach Washington's overtures with caution, as it is still trying use the tariffs as bargaining chips rather than sincerely correcting its mistakes that have harmed both sides.

    By Yang Sheng and Xie Jun | 2022/7/6 0:12:29
  • China to contribute wisdom, solution, enhance unity as its diplomacy enters 'Asian moment' in second half of 2022

    A series of major regional or global events are scheduled to be held in Asian countries starting this month through to the end of the year, ushering in an Asian moment for their role in global governance, with the upcoming Lancang-Mekong regional meeting in Myanmar and the G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting in Indonesia in the coming week as well as G20 Summit in Indonesia and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting in Thailand in November.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/7/4 0:27:38
  • HK youth keen to embrace opportunities under broad natl devt plan amid city's deeper integration with mainland

    The celebration of the 25th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland marked not only a historic moment full of joy and pride shared by the Chinese people, but also a hard-fought recovery of the city since the 2019 turmoil, which deeply influenced and harmed the young people who live, work and study in the city.

    By Fan Lingzhi in Hong Kong and Yang Sheng in Beijing | 2022/6/30 21:05:26
  • Chinese VP to attend Philippine presidential inauguration; experts say ties likely to remain friendly under Marcos, Jr

    As the special representative for Chinese President Xi Jinping, Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan will attend the inauguration ceremony for the Philippines' president-elect Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos in Manila on June 30, the Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Tuesday, with experts saying the positive development of China-Philippine relations in the past six years made ties enter a mature stage, despite some uncertainties and the impact from the US, and the two countries will keep managing the differences, and continue developing beneficial relations in the era of Marcos, Jr.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/6/28 23:40:35
  • Xi calls on BRICS to form one big family to reject small circles

    Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted the 14th BRICS Summit in Beijing via video link on the evening of June 23, with virtual participation from the leaders of Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil.

    By Yang Sheng and Wan Hengyi | 2022/6/24 0:55:03
  • US seeks dialogue with China to ease inflation pressure, 'lifting additional tariffs is not a gift for bargaining'

    As the US is facing the most serious inflation challenge in 40 years and extremely heavy economic pressure, it seems like Washington is looking to China for some hope, as US President Joe Biden recently told media he is seeking dialogue with China's top leader and is in the process of making his mind up on the tariff issue.

    By Yang Sheng and Shen Weiduo | 2022/6/20 0:24:14
  • US anxiety to push decoupling with China in mineral supply chains 'a dangerous signal'

    Since NATO will adopt a new Strategic Concept for the coming decade at its summit in Madrid later this month, the US is getting increasingly anxious on the issue of critical mineral supply, especially on mineral resources that it heavily relies on China and Russia. Some voices in the US are calling for decoupling with China in relevant fields, and seeking a replacement to ensure US demand due to "the risk of war."

    By Yang Sheng and Yin Yeping | 2022/6/16 0:36:03
  • US sends special envoy to Pacific island nations with competition with China in mind

    Since China is boosting cooperation for development and security with the island nations in the South Pacific, the US and its Western allies in the region are getting increasingly anxious as Washington sent a special envoy to visit the region on Tuesday.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/6/14 22:59:42
  • Chinese defense chief sends 'strongest warning' to US on Taiwan question; 'Indo-Pacific strategy will fail to divide region'

    The Chinese armed forces will fight to the very end if anyone dares to split Taiwan from China, said the Chinese defense chief in a speech delivered at the Shangri-La Dialogue on Sunday. Chinese analysts said this is the strongest warning China has sent to the US, as Washington has frequently used the Taiwan question to provoke China and encourage the separatist authorities on the island to worsen the region's security situation.

    By Yang Sheng and Liu Xuanzun | 2022/6/12 23:29:28
  • China engages US and regional countries at Shangri-La dialogue 'with confidence, determination to safeguard sovereignty, national interest, regional peace'

    The Chinese military delegation engaged in a series of dialogue and meetings with the US and other Asian countries including South Korea and Singapore, as well as the leader of Singapore, during the ongoing Shangri-La Dialogue, which successfully made clear China's stance on safeguarding regional peace and its determination to defend itself against all offensive attempts that could harm China's sovereignty and national interests.

    By Yang Sheng | 2022/6/11 19:06:34
  • Japan hijacks Asia with NATO collusion push, endangers region

    Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida is set to deliver a keynote speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore on Friday, during which he will reportedly use Russia-Ukraine conflict as an example to oppose unilateral changes to the status quo by force and unveil a plan to raise Japan's defense budget, three days after Japan agreed to step up military ties with NATO due to concerns of the Russia-Ukraine conflict and extended an olive branch to NATO's involvement in the Asia-Pacific region.

    By Yang Sheng and Yu Xi | 2022/6/10 0:45:19